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Small-Bore Rifle, Three Positions, 50 metres, Men

Date17 August 2008
LocationBeijing Shejiguan, Beijing
Participants49 from 31 countries
Olympic Record (1,200 maximum)1,177 / Rajmond Debevec SLO / 23 September 2000
Olympic Record (1,309.0 maximum)1,275.1 / Rajmond Debevec SLO / 23 September 2000
Olympic Record (109.0 maximum)102.0 / Kirill Ivanov URS / 22 September 1988
Olympic Record (Kneeling, 400 maximum)392 / Nemanja Mirosavljev IOA / 31 July 1992
Olympic Record (Prone, 400 maximum)400 WR / Nils Petter Håkedal NOR / 31 July 1992
400 WR / Glenn Dubis USA / 22 September 1988
400 WR / Malcolm Cooper GBR / 22 September 1988
400 WR / Ed Etzel USA / 1 August 1984
400 WR / Harald Stenvaag NOR / 1 August 1984
400 WR / Henning Clausen DEN / 23 July 1980
400 WR / Gil Boa CAN / 4 December 1956
400 WR / Iosif Sîrbu ROU / 29 July 1952
400 WR / Boris Andreyev URS / 29 July 1952
Olympic Record (Standing, 400 maximum)387 / Rajmond Debevec SLO / 31 July 1992
387 / Ryohei Koba JPN / 31 July 1992

In 2004, Matt Emmons (USA) won gold in the English match and looked set to win a historic small-bore double in the three position event when he led going into the final shot. But on the final shot, he cross-fired – shooting at the wrong target – and was awarded a score of 0 for the final shot, which dropped him to last place among the finalists. In Beijing he won a silver in the small-bore prone event two days before starting the three-position event. In qualifying he was second with 1,175, trailing Slovenia’s Rajmond Debevec by one point. But in the final, he was easily the best shooter for nine shots, posting 90.9 for those nine shots, well ahead of the other finalists. He looked set to redeem himself for the problems in Athina when it happened again. He did not cross-fire, but his finger slipped on the final shot and he scored only a 4.4. This dropped him to fourth place and out of the medals. The gold medal was won by China’s Qiu Jian, which was considered a major upset. China’s defending gold medalist, Jia Zhanbo, placed only 24th.

1Qiu JianCHN1.272,5Gold
2Yuriy SukhorukovUKR1.272,4Silver
3Rajmond DebevecSLO1.271,7Bronze
4Matt EmmonsUSA1.270,3
5Thomas FarnikAUT1.268,9
6Mario KnöglerAUT1.268,4
7Valérian SauveplaneFRA1.267,1
8Vebjørn BergNOR1.266,5
9Marco De NicoloITA1.169
10Maik EckhardtGER1.169
11Stevan PletikosićSRB1.168
12Juha HirviFIN1.168
13Gagan NarangIND1.167
14Artyom KhadzhibekovRUS1.167
15Han Jin-SeopKOR1.167
16Toshikazu YamashitaJPN1.167
17Michael WinterGER1.166
18Sergey KovalenkoRUS1.166
19Artur AivazianUKR1.165
20Nemanja MirosavljevSRB1.165
21Beat MüllerSUI1.164
22Jason ParkerUSA1.164
23Václav HamanCZE1.163
24Jia ZhanboCHN1.163
25Péter SidiHUN1.163
26Sanjeev RajputIND1.162
27Yury YurkovKAZ1.162
28Henri HäkkinenFIN1.161
29Vitali BubnovichBLR1.161
30Espen Berg-KnutsenNOR1.160
31Park Bong-DeokKOR1.159
32Vitaly DovgunKAZ1.158
33Robert KraskowskiPOL1.156
34Siarhei MartynauBLR1.156
35Marcel BürgeSUI1.155
36Doron EgoziISR1.155
37Jozef GönciSVK1.154
38Gil SimkovitchISR1.153
39Niccolò CamprianiITA1.153
40Benjamin BurgeAUS1.152
41Josselin HenryFRA1.151
42Jonathan HammondGBR1.148
43Nedžad FazlijaBIH1.148
44Petar GoršaCRO1.148
45Matthew InabinetAUS1.141
46Mohamed AmerEGY1.135
47Eliécer PérezCUB1.134
48Ruslan IsmailovKGZ1.130
49Siddique UmarPAK1.116

Preliminary Round (17 August 2008 — 09:00)

50 metres. 120 shots, 40 shots prone, 40 kneeling, and 40 standing. 400 possible at each distance, 1,200 posible overall.

1Rajmond DebevecSLO1.176399386391
2Matt EmmonsUSA1.175399389387
3Yuriy SukhorukovUKR1.174398384392
4Qiu JianCHN1.173394387392
=5Valérian SauveplaneFRA1.172396384392
=5Vebjørn BergNOR1.172398383391
7Thomas FarnikAUT1.171391386394
8Mario KnöglerAUT1.170395386389
9Marco De NicoloITA1.169396389384
10Maik EckhardtGER1.169398380391
11Stevan PletikosićSRB1.168398378392
12Juha HirviFIN1.168397385386
13Gagan NarangIND1.167394389384
14Artyom KhadzhibekovRUS1.167391383393
15Han Jin-SeopKOR1.167392384391
16Toshikazu YamashitaJPN1.167399382386
17Michael WinterGER1.166396385385
18Sergey KovalenkoRUS1.166394382390
19Artur AivazianUKR1.165394385386
20Nemanja MirosavljevSRB1.165398381386
21Beat MüllerSUI1.164395380389
22Jason ParkerUSA1.164393384387
23Václav HamanCZE1.163391380392
24Jia ZhanboCHN1.163394378391
25Péter SidiHUN1.163394385384
26Sanjeev RajputIND1.162395380387
27Yury YurkovKAZ1.162395382385
28Henri HäkkinenFIN1.161390381390
29Vitali BubnovichBLR1.161394380387
30Espen Berg-KnutsenNOR1.160396374390
31Park Bong-DeokKOR1.159398373388
32Vitaly DovgunKAZ1.158398381379
33Robert KraskowskiPOL1.156395373388
34Siarhei MartynauBLR1.156398376382
35Marcel BürgeSUI1.155396373386
36Doron EgoziISR1.155396375384
37Jozef GönciSVK1.154394376384
38Gil SimkovitchISR1.153395368390
39Niccolò CamprianiITA1.153395377381
40Benjamin BurgeAUS1.152392373387
41Josselin HenryFRA1.151388373390
42Jonathan HammondGBR1.148395370383
43Nedžad FazlijaBIH1.148393376379
44Petar GoršaCRO1.148393377378
45Matthew InabinetAUS1.141389376376
46Mohamed AmerEGY1.135390369376
47Eliécer PérezCUB1.134394373367
48Ruslan IsmailovKGZ1.130388367375
49Siddique UmarPAK1.116390359367

Final Round (17 August 2008 — 13:30)

Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Qiu JianCHN1.272,51.17399,5
2Yuriy SukhorukovUKR1.272,41.17498,4
3Rajmond DebevecSLO1.271,71.17695,7
4Matt EmmonsUSA1.270,31.17595,3
5Thomas FarnikAUT1.268,91.17197,9
6Mario KnöglerAUT1.268,41.17098,4
7Valérian SauveplaneFRA1.267,11.17295,1
8Vebjørn BergNOR1.266,51.17294,5