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Trap, Women

Date11 August 2008
LocationBeijing Shejichang Feidie Bachang, Beijing
Participants20 from 20 countries

The 2006 World Champion was Canadian Sue Nattrass, who was competing in her sixth Olympic Games, first appearing in 1976 when trap shooting was a mixed event. She competed in Beijing but placed 11th in qualifying and did not make the final. Two other favorites, China’s Liu Yingzi and San Marino’s Daniela Del Din, failed to make the final round, placing 12th and 15th, respectively. The qualifying leader was Zuzana Štefečeková (SVK), who was also the world record holder. She was tied at 70 targets with Finland’s Satu Mäkelä-Nummela. In the final Mäkelä-Nummela hit 21 of 25 targets to win the gold medal in a big upset, with Štefečeková dropping back to the silver.

1Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN91ORGold
2Zuzana ŠtefečekováSVK89Silver
3Corey CogdellUSA86Bronze
4Yukie NakayamaJPN86
5Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU86
6Yelena StruchayevaKAZ86
7Deborah GelisioITA66
8Susanne KiermayerGER65
9Irina LarichevaRUS64
10Nadine StantonNZL63
11Sue NattrassCAN63
12Liu YingziCHN63
13Delphine RacinetFRA62
14Stacy RoiallAUS62
15Daniela Del DinSMR62
16Charlotte KerwoodGBR58
17Diane SwantonRSA57
18Park Yong-HuiPRK56
19Lee Bo-NaKOR55
20Gaby AhrensNAM52

Preliminary Round (11 August 2008 — 09:00)

75 targets in three rounds of 25 targets. 75 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.

1Zuzana ŠtefečekováSVK70242125
2Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN70242323
3Yelena StruchayevaKAZ69212424
4Corey CogdellUSA69232323
5Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU69232422
6Yukie NakayamaJPN67222322
7Deborah GelisioITA66202323
8Susanne KiermayerGER65222122
9Irina LarichevaRUS64202222
10Nadine StantonNZL63192222
11Sue NattrassCAN63222318
12Liu YingziCHN63232218
13Delphine RacinetFRA62182024
14Stacy RoiallAUS62221723
15Daniela Del DinSMR62202121
16Charlotte KerwoodGBR58182317
17Diane SwantonRSA57182118
18Park Yong-HuiPRK56151922
19Lee Bo-NaKOR55211519
20Gaby AhrensNAM52181420

Final Round (11 August 2008 — 15:00)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN917021OR
2Zuzana ŠtefečekováSVK897019
3Corey CogdellUSA8669171
4Yukie NakayamaJPN8667191
5Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU8669172
6Yelena StruchayevaKAZ8669171