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100 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date10 – 12 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants49 from 39 countries

Since winning a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics as a fifteen year old, Leisel Jones of Australia had clearly been the dominant force in this event. Despite this doubts still remained about her ability to cope with the big occasion as she been favourite for both the 2003 World Championships and 2004 Olympics but had been defeated on both occasions. She had rebounded by winning both 100 and 200 metre world breaststroke titles in 2005 and 2007 but the Beijing Olympics would be the acid test on her capabilities of dealing with pressure. Starting with an Olympic record in the heats Jones found redemption for her performance in the Athens Games by being a class above her opposition in each of the her three races. The biggest surprise was that she failed to challenge her own world record.

Finishing second behind Jones was American Rebecca Soni. Although had qualified for the US team at 200 metres breaststroke she had originally missed a place at the 100 after finishing 4th at the US trials. She inherited her place after Jessica Hardy was withdrawn following a doping irregularity but only because the qualifying rules would not allow alternate Tara Kirk to be called into the Olympic team. Mirna Jukic’s bronze was the first by a Austrian woman in an individual swimming event.

1Leisel JonesAUS1:05.64 (1 h7)1:05.80 (1 h2)1:05.17 (1)Gold
2Rebecca SoniUSA1:07.44 (2 h5)1:07.07 (1 h1)1:06.73 (2)Silver
3Mirna JukicAUT1:07.06 (1 h5)1:07.27 (2 h2)1:07.34 (3)Bronze
4Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:06.08 (2 h7)1:07.50 (2 h1)1:07.43 (4)
5Megan JendrickUSA1:08.07 (5 h7)1:08.07 (4 h2)1:07.62 (5)
6Tarnee WhiteAUS1:07.83 (2 h6)1:07.48 (3 h2)1:07.63 (6)
7Sun YeCHN1:07.81 (1 h6)1:07.72 (3 h1)1:08.08 (7)
8Asami KitagawaJPN1:08.36 (6 h5)1:08.23 (5 h2)1:08.43 (8)
9Joline HöstmanSWE1:07.91 (4 h7)1:08.26 (4 h1)
10Annamay PierseCAN1:08.25 (5 h5)1:08.27 (6 h2)
11Kate HaywoodGBR1:08.18 (3 h6)1:08.36 (7 h2)
12Chen HuijiaCHN1:08.24 (4 h5)1:08.60 (5 h1)
=13Jillian TylerCAN1:08.13 (3 h5)1:09.00 (=6 h1)
=13Elise MatthysenBEL1:08.37 (6 h7)1:09.00 (=6 h1)
15Kirsty BalfourGBR1:08.30 (4 h6)1:09.23 (8 h1)
16Suzaan van BiljonRSA1:07.55 (3 h7)1:09.56 (8 h2)
17Megumi TanedaJPN1:08.45 (5 h6)
18Yelena BogomazovaRUS1:08.63 (7 h7)
19Sara El-BekriMAR1:08.66 (1 h3)
20Sarah PoeweGER1:08.69 (6 h6)
21Hanna WestrinSWE1:08.80 (7 h6)
22Roberta PanaraITA1:08.90 (1 h4)
23Jeong Seul-GiKOR1:09.26 (2 h4)
24Yuliya PidlisnaUKR1:09.72 (8 h6)
25Hanna KhlistunovaUKR1:09.95 (7 h5)
26Diana GomesPOR1:10.02 (3 h4)
27Ina KapishinaBLR1:10.15 (4 h4)
28Buse GünaydınTUR1:10.45 (5 h4)
29Sophie de RonchiFRA1:10.46 (8 h5)
30Angeliki ExarchouGRE1:10.47 (6 h4)
31Adriana MarmolejoMEX1:10.73 (2 h3)
32Nicolette TeoSGP1:10.75 (7 h4)
33Smiljana MarinovićCRO1:10.94 (3 h3)
34Yekaterina SadovnikKAZ1:11.14 (1 h2)
35Jolijn van ValkengoedNED1:11.26 (8 h4)
36Sonja SchöberGER1:11.36 (8 h7)
37Liliana GuiscardoARG1:11.43 (4 h3)
38Valeria SilvaPER1:11.64 (2 h2)
39Tatiane SakemiBRA1:11.75 (5 h3)
40Erla HaraldsdóttirISL1:11.78 (6 h3)
41Réka PeczHUN1:12.17 (7 h3)
42Danielle BeaubrunLCA1:12.85 (3 h2)
43Nađa HiglSRB1:13.19 (8 h3)
44Mayumi RaheemSRI1:15.33 (4 h2)
45Nibal YamoutLBN1:16.17 (5 h2)
46Oksana HətəmxanovaAZE1:20.22 (6 h2)
47Asmahan FarhatLBA1:21.68 (1 h1)
48Ana Salnik'ovaGEO1:21.70 (2 h1)
49Mariam KeitaMLI1:24.26 (3 h1)

Round One (10 August 2008)

Heat One (19:26)

15Asmahan FarhatLBA1:21.680.73
24Ana Salnik'ovaGEO1:21.700.80
33Mariam KeitaMLI1:24.260.75

Heat Two (19:28)

14Yekaterina SadovnikKAZ1:11.140.95
25Valeria SilvaPER1:11.640.84
36Danielle BeaubrunLCA1:12.850.78
43Mayumi RaheemSRI1:15.330.90
52Nibal YamoutLBN1:16.170.76
67Oksana HətəmxanovaAZE1:20.220.92

Heat Three (19:32)

12Sara El-BekriMAR1:08.660.74
26Adriana MarmolejoMEX1:10.730.69
33Smiljana MarinovićCRO1:10.940.88
44Liliana GuiscardoARG1:11.430.78
58Tatiane SakemiBRA1:11.750.65
65Erla HaraldsdóttirISL1:11.780.84
71Réka PeczHUN1:12.170.83
87Nađa HiglSRB1:13.190.84

Heat Four (19:35)

14Roberta PanaraITA1:08.900.82
25Jeong Seul-GiKOR1:09.260.87
32Diana GomesPOR1:10.020.77
43Ina KapishinaBLR1:10.150.73
51Buse GünaydınTUR1:10.450.75
66Angeliki ExarchouGRE1:10.470.78
77Nicolette TeoSGP1:10.750.77
88Jolijn van ValkengoedNED1:11.260.87

Heat Five (19:37)

16Mirna JukicAUT1:07.060.73Q
24Rebecca SoniUSA1:07.440.74Q
37Jillian TylerCAN1:08.130.79Q
42Chen HuijiaCHN1:08.240.76Q
53Annamay PierseCAN1:08.250.80Q
61Asami KitagawaJPN1:08.360.81Q
75Hanna KhlistunovaUKR1:09.950.86
88Sophie de RonchiFRA1:10.460.76

Heat Six (19:41)

11Sun YeCHN1:07.810.72Q
24Tarnee WhiteAUS1:07.830.75Q
33Kate HaywoodGBR1:08.180.93Q
42Kirsty BalfourGBR1:08.300.77Q
56Megumi TanedaJPN1:08.450.83
65Sarah PoeweGER1:08.690.68
77Hanna WestrinSWE1:08.800.83
88Yuliya PidlisnaUKR1:09.720.77

Heat Seven (19:44)

14Leisel JonesAUS1:05.640.85QOR
23Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:06.080.80Q
31Suzaan van BiljonRSA1:07.550.74Q
46Joline HöstmanSWE1:07.910.80Q
55Megan JendrickUSA1:08.070.72Q
68Elise MatthysenBEL1:08.370.81Q
72Yelena BogomazovaRUS1:08.630.76
87Sonja SchöberGER1:11.360.79

Semi-Finals (11 August 2008)

Heat One (10:36)

15Rebecca SoniUSA1:07.070.70Q
24Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:07.500.75Q
33Sun YeCHN1:07.720.73Q
46Joline HöstmanSWE1:08.260.75
57Chen HuijiaCHN1:08.600.76
=62Jillian TylerCAN1:09.000.79
=68Elise MatthysenBEL1:09.000.77
81Kirsty BalfourGBR1:09.230.78

Heat Two (10:41)

14Leisel JonesAUS1:05.800.83Q
25Mirna JukicAUT1:07.270.75Q
36Tarnee WhiteAUS1:07.480.75Q
42Megan JendrickUSA1:08.070.64Q
58Asami KitagawaJPN1:08.230.78Q
61Annamay PierseCAN1:08.270.78
77Kate HaywoodGBR1:08.360.85
83Suzaan van BiljonRSA1:09.560.73

Final (12 August 2008 — 10:23)

14Leisel JonesAUS1:05.170.82OR
25Rebecca SoniUSA1:06.730.73
33Mirna JukicAUT1:07.340.81
42Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:07.430.78
51Megan JendrickUSA1:07.620.67
66Tarnee WhiteAUS1:07.630.77
77Sun YeCHN1:08.080.72
88Asami KitagawaJPN1:08.430.74