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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date11 – 13 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants38 from 29 countries

The long range favourite for the Olympic title was undoubtedly America’s Katie Hoff but the events of the first days of Olympic competition suggested that the double world champion in this event might not be the force she was expected to be. Allied to that was the fact that her crowded schedule meant that this was to be her second final within an hour. The final turned into a carbon copy of the 400 metres medley that had taken place three days earlier with Australia’s Steph Rice and Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe vying to be Olympic champion. Like the 400 Coventry opened up a lead but was pegged back and overtaken by Rice in the closing stages. This was the second of Rice’s three Olympic gold medals and the third silver medal won by Coventry in Beijing. Natalie Coughlin, who had made a last minute to race this event at the US trials, finished ahead of Hoff for the bronze medal.

1Steph RiceAUS2:12.07 (2 h5)2:10.58 (2 h1)2:08.45 (1)Gold
2Kirsty CoventryZIM2:12.18 (3 h5)2:09.53 (1 h1)2:08.59 (2)Silver
3Natalie CoughlinUSA2:11.63 (1 h3)2:11.84 (1 h2)2:10.34 (3)Bronze
4Katie HoffUSA2:11.58 (2 h4)2:10.90 (3 h1)2:10.68 (4)
5Alicia CouttsAUS2:11.55 (1 h4)2:12.03 (=2 h2)2:11.43 (5)
6Asami KitagawaJPN2:12.47 (3 h3)2:12.18 (=4 h2)2:11.56 (6)
7Julia WilkinsonCAN2:12.56 (5 h3)2:12.03 (=2 h2)2:12.43 (7)
8Kasia BaranowskaPOL2:12.47 (4 h5)2:12.13 (4 h1)2:13.36 (8)
9Evelyn VerrasztóHUN2:12.52 (5 h5)2:12.18 (=4 h2)
10Julie Hjorth-HansenDEN2:11.99 (2 h3)2:12.26 (6 h2)
11Hannah MileyGBR2:11.72 (1 h5)2:12.35 (5 h1)
12Camille MuffatFRA2:12.16 (3 h4)2:12.36 (7 h2)
13Svetlana KarpeyevaRUS2:12.94 (4 h4)2:13.26 (6 h1)
14Mireia BelmonteESP2:12.75 (6 h3)2:13.45 (7 h1)
15Li JiaxingCHN2:12.53 (4 h3)2:13.47 (8 h1)
16Keri-Anne PayneGBR2:12.78 (7 h3)2:14.14 (8 h2)
17Katinka HosszúHUN2:13.05 (5 h4)
18Helen NorfolkNZL2:13.50 (6 h5)
19Erica MorningstarCAN2:14.11 (7 h5)
20Qi HuiCHN2:14.25 (6 h4)
21Cylia VabreFRA2:14.34 (7 h4)
22Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:14.97 (1 h2)
23Sara NordenstamNOR2:15.13 (2 h2)
24Choi Hye-RaKOR2:15.26 (3 h2)
25Anja KlinarSLO2:15.39 (4 h2)
26Jessica PengellyRSA2:15.80 (5 h2)
27María PeláezESP2:15.97 (8 h3)
28Femke HeemskerkNED2:16.28 (6 h2)
29Siow Yi TingMAS2:17.11 (7 h2)
30Katharina SchillerGER2:18.00 (8 h4)
31Hanna DzerkalUKR2:18.25 (1 h1)
32Erika StewartCOL2:18.54 (2 h1)
33Sherry TsaiHKG2:18.91 (3 h1)
34Sonja SchöberGER2:20.18 (8 h5)
35Erla HaraldsdóttirISL2:20.53 (4 h1)
36Lin Man-HsuTPE2:23.29 (5 h1)
37Georgina BardachARG2:25.74 (8 h2)
38Fibriani MaritaINA2:28.18 (6 h1)
DNSMaroua MathlouthiTUN– (DNS h1)

Round One (11 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (19:41)

16Hanna DzerkalUKR2:18.250.85
22Erika StewartCOL2:18.540.71
33Sherry TsaiHKG2:18.910.73
44Erla HaraldsdóttirISL2:20.530.86
57Lin Man-HsuTPE2:23.290.74
61Fibriani MaritaINA2:28.180.92
DNS5Maroua MathlouthiTUN

Heat Two (19:45)

17Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:14.970.75
21Sara NordenstamNOR2:15.130.86
32Choi Hye-RaKOR2:15.260.80
43Anja KlinarSLO2:15.390.90
55Jessica PengellyRSA2:15.800.69
66Femke HeemskerkNED2:16.280.90
78Siow Yi TingMAS2:17.110.74
84Georgina BardachARG2:25.740.83

Heat Three (19:51)

14Natalie CoughlinUSA2:11.630.69Q
26Julie Hjorth-HansenDEN2:11.990.78Q
32Asami KitagawaJPN2:12.470.82Q
41Li JiaxingCHN2:12.530.75Q
57Julia WilkinsonCAN2:12.560.80Q
65Mireia BelmonteESP2:12.750.87Q
73Keri-Anne PayneGBR2:12.780.72Q
88María PeláezESP2:15.970.76

Heat Four (19:56)

13Alicia CouttsAUS2:11.550.87Q
24Katie HoffUSA2:11.580.81Q
35Camille MuffatFRA2:12.160.84Q
41Svetlana KarpeyevaRUS2:12.940.75Q
58Katinka HosszúHUN2:13.050.87
66Qi HuiCHN2:14.250.78
72Cylia VabreFRA2:14.340.73
87Katharina SchillerGER2:18.000.82

Heat Five (20:01)

13Hannah MileyGBR2:11.720.75Q
24Steph RiceAUS2:12.070.92Q
35Kirsty CoventryZIM2:12.180.74Q
46Kasia BaranowskaPOL2:12.470.78Q
52Evelyn VerrasztóHUN2:12.520.85Q
61Helen NorfolkNZL2:13.500.82
77Erica MorningstarCAN2:14.110.81
88Sonja SchöberGER2:20.180.80

Semi-Finals (12 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (11:27)

16Kirsty CoventryZIM2:09.530.72QOR
23Steph RiceAUS2:10.580.98Q
34Katie HoffUSA2:10.900.77Q
42Kasia BaranowskaPOL2:12.130.78Q
55Hannah MileyGBR2:12.350.73
68Svetlana KarpeyevaRUS2:13.260.80
71Mireia BelmonteESP2:13.450.88
87Li JiaxingCHN2:13.470.75

Heat Two (11:33)

15Natalie CoughlinUSA2:11.840.68Q
=21Julia WilkinsonCAN2:12.030.81Q
=24Alicia CouttsAUS2:12.030.79Q
=42Asami KitagawaJPN2:12.180.75Q
=47Evelyn VerrasztóHUN2:12.180.82
63Julie Hjorth-HansenDEN2:12.260.84
76Camille MuffatFRA2:12.360.81
88Keri-Anne PayneGBR2:14.140.70

Swim-Off (12:10)

15Asami KitagawaJPN2:12.020.77Q
24Evelyn VerrasztóHUN2:14.960.85

Final (13 August 2008 — 11:14)

15Steph RiceAUS2:08.450.85WR
24Kirsty CoventryZIM2:08.590.73
36Natalie CoughlinUSA2:10.340.68
43Katie HoffUSA2:10.680.78
52Alicia CouttsAUS2:11.430.81
68Asami KitagawaJPN2:11.560.75
77Julia WilkinsonCAN2:12.430.76
81Kasia BaranowskaPOL2:13.360.77