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Lightweight (≤60 kilograms), Men

Date16 – 29 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Pygmakhias Peristeriou, Peristeri
Participants28 from 28 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Cuba’s Mario Kindelán could not have been a clearer favourite for the Olympic title if his feet had been nailed to the top step of the podium since the Sydney Games. The Cuban was a master of the technical side of boxing and had won every major competition he had entered since 1999. His chances were further helped when world silver medallist Pichai Sayota failed to qualify for Athens.

The wildcard in the draw was British fighter Amir Khan who, at 17, was too young to even contest his national championships. His victory at the World Junior Championship had forced the hand of Great Britain’s selectors and he duly repaid them by winning the final qualifying tournament. Khan then defeated the champions of Europe and Asia in his unexpected progression to the Olympic final.

The young Briton fought well but the experience gained by the Cuban in his years at the top of amateur boxing proved far too much for Khan and Kindelan’s expertise helped him retain the Olympic title with a margin of 8 points. An illustration of the two fighters’ relative experience was that while the Olympic final was only Khan’s 14th senior fight it was the 330th of Kindelan’s career. This was the to be the last major fight of the Cuban’s career and he then moved into coaching and was for a time involved in the British coaching programme. Khan on the other hand turned professional and became a world champion in the light-welterweight division.

1Mario KindelánCUBGold
2Amir KhanGBRSilver
=3Serik YeleuovKAZBronze
=3Murat KhrachovRUSBronze
=5Domenico ValentinoITA
=5Baek Jong-SeopKOR
=5Rövşən HüseynovAZE
=5Sam RukundoUGA
=9Mohamed AsheriIRI
=9Félix DíazDOM
=9Dimitar ShtilyanovBUL
=9Uranchimegiin Mönkh-ErdeneMGL
=9Vicente EscobedoUSA
=9Syed Asghar Ali ShahPAK
=9Alex de JesúsPUR
=9Anthony LittleAUS
=17Selçuk AydınTUR
=17Marios KaperonisGRE
=17Gyula KátéHUN
=17Michael MedorMRI
=17José David MosqueraCOL
=17Bongani MahlanguRSA
=17Volodymyr KravetsUKR
=17Ahmed SadiqNGR
=17Tahar TamsamaniMAR
=17Myke de CarvalhoBRA
=17Taoufik ChobbaTUN
=17Chen TongzhouCHN

Round One

Date16 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #1Mohamed AsheriIRI
Match #2Domenico ValentinoITA
Match #3Félix DíazDOM
Match #4Serik YeleuovKAZ
Match #516 Aug 15:00Dimitar ShtilyanovBULDecisionSelçuk AydınTUR
Match #616 Aug 15:18Amir KhanGBRReferee stops contest (outscored)Marios KaperonisGRE
Match #716 Aug 15:30Baek Jong-SeopKORDecisionGyula KátéHUN
Match #816 Aug 15:47Uranchimegiin Mönkh-ErdeneMGLDecisionMichael MedorMRI
Match #916 Aug 16:03Vicente EscobedoUSAReferee stops contest (outscored)José David MosqueraCOL
Match #1016 Aug 16:14Rövşən HüseynovAZEDecisionBongani MahlanguRSA
Match #1116 Aug 20:50Syed Asghar Ali ShahPAKDecisionVolodymyr KravetsUKR
Match #1216 Aug 21:06Mario KindelánCUBReferee stops contest (outscored)Ahmed SadiqNGR
Match #1316 Aug 21:17Sam RukundoUGADecisionTahar TamsamaniMAR
Match #1416 Aug 21:32Alex de JesúsPURDecisionMyke de CarvalhoBRA
Match #1516 Aug 21:48Anthony LittleAUSDecisionTaoufik ChobbaTUN
Match #1616 Aug 22:05Murat KhrachovRUSDecisionChen TongzhouCHN

Round Two

Date20 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #120 Aug 14:35Domenico ValentinoITADecisionMohamed AsheriIRI
Match #220 Aug 14:51Serik YeleuovKAZDecisionFélix DíazDOM
Match #320 Aug 15:07Amir KhanGBRDecisionDimitar ShtilyanovBUL
Match #420 Aug 15:24Baek Jong-SeopKORDecisionUranchimegiin Mönkh-ErdeneMGL
Match #520 Aug 15:40Rövşən HüseynovAZEDecisionVicente EscobedoUSA
Match #620 Aug 15:56Mario KindelánCUBDecisionSyed Asghar Ali ShahPAK
Match #720 Aug 16:12Sam RukundoUGADecisionAlex de JesúsPUR
Match #820 Aug 16:27Murat KhrachovRUSReferee stops contest (outscored)Anthony LittleAUS


Date24 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #124 Aug 20:38Serik YeleuovKAZDecisionDomenico ValentinoITA
Match #224 Aug 20:55Amir KhanGBRReferee stops contest (head blow)Baek Jong-SeopKOR
Match #324 Aug 21:12Mario KindelánCUBDecisionRövşən HüseynovAZE
Match #424 Aug 21:29Murat KhrachovRUSDecisionSam RukundoUGA


Date27 August 2004
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #127 Aug 20:38Amir KhanGBRDecisionSerik YeleuovKAZ
Match #227 Aug 20:55Mario KindelánCUBDecisionMurat KhrachovRUS

Final Round

Date29 August 2004
Match 1/229 Aug 14:44Mario KindelánCUBDecisionAmir KhanGBR