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Middle-Heavyweight (≤90 kilograms), Men

Date18 October 1968 — 10:00-16:00
LocationTeatro de los Insurgentes, Ciudad de México
Participants29 from 22 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

This class was unusual as the favorite was a Finn, Kaarlo Kangasniemi, the current world record holder with 522.5 kg. He was expected to be challenged by Soviet Jaan Talts, who in 1967 had become the first middle-heavy to break the 500 kg barrier. In the end, Kangasniemi was simply too strong. He led Talts by 12.5 kg after the press, and by 20 kg after the snatch, and although Talts broke the world clean & jerk record with 197.5 kg, the gold went to the Finn by 10 kg, with Talts taking silver. Bronze went to Poland’s Marek Gołąb, who had also won bronze at the 1966 World Championships and the 1964 and 1966 European Championships. Talts would move up in class and won the gold medal at München in the new heavyweight class (≤110.0 kg), while Kangasniemi would move down to the light-heavyweights, but finished only sixth in 1972.

1Kaarlo KangasniemiFIN517.5ORGold
2Jaan TaltsURS507.5Silver
3Marek GołąbPOL495.0Bronze
4Bo JohanssonSWE492.5
5Jaakko KailajärviFIN485.0
6Árpád NemessányiHUN482.5
7Phil GrippaldiUSA477.5
8Vítězslav OrszághTCH462.5
9Bart BartholomewUSA457.5
10Pierre GourrierFRA455.0
11Bakr BassamEGY455.0
12Yun Seok-WonKOR455.0
13Jean-Pierre Van LerbergheBEL447.5
14Stergios TsoukasGRE435.0
15Efraín GusquizaPER430.0
16Andrés MartínezCUB427.5
17Gaber HafezEGY425.0
18Cheng Sheng-TehTPE425.0
19Leong Chim SeongMAS422.5
20Sylvanus BlackmanGBR420.0
21Paul BjarnasonCAN407.5
22Fernando TorresPUR405.0
23Fernando EsquivelCRC370.0
ACÓscar NobuaARG125.0
ACÓskar SigurpálssonISL145.0
ACLouis MartinGBR305.0
ACJuan BenavidesCUBDNF
ACAlfred SteinerFRADNF