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Heavyweight I (≤100 kilograms), Men

Date 2 August 1992 — 15:00 (B) (A)
LocationPabellón de la España Industrial, Barcelona
Participants25 from 21 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

This class was wide open as nobody had been able dominate since the 1988 Olympics. The gold medal eventually went to Russian Viktor Tregubov, competing for the Unified Team. Tregubov had the best lift in both the snatch and clean & jerk, defeating his Unified teamate Tymur Taimazov by 7.5 kg. Tregubov had no previous international reputation but did win the 1993 World Championships for Russia as a middle-heavyweight. Taimazov was also an international newcomer but won the World Championships in this class in 1993-94. The bronze medal went to Poland’s Waldemar Malak, who sadly died in an automobile accident only three months after the Barcelona Olympics ended.

1Viktor TregubovEUN410.0Gold
2Tymur TaimazovEUN402.5Silver
3Waldemar MalakPOL400.0Bronze
4Francis TournefierFRA387.5
5Petar StefanovBUL380.0
6Andrei DenisovISR377.5
7Udo GuseGER377.5
8Yoshimitsu NishimotoJPN372.5
9Nazar KadirIRQ370.0
10Bijan RezaeiSWE365.0
11Denis GaronCAN365.0
12Petr KrolTCH362.5
13Jeong Dae-JinKOR362.5
14Jaroslav JokeľTCH355.0
15Wes BarnettUSA352.5
16Choi Dong-GilKOR345.0
17Abdollah Fatemi RikaIRI340.0
18 DimasBRA340.0
19Kim Lynge PedersenDEN335.0
20Jeremiah WallworkSAM290.0
21Redha ShaabanKUW250.0
ACPanagiotis DrakopoulosGRE167.5
ACAndor SzanyiHUN175.0
DNFSam Nunuke PeraCOK
DNFDavid LangonUSA