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Shot Put, Men

Date 3 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants40 from 34 countries
Olympic Record 22.47 / Ulf Timmermann GDR / 23 September 1988

Poland’s Tomasz Majewski was back and expected to contend for gold, along with Canada’s Dylan Armstrong, who was ranked #1 in the world in 2011, and David Storl of Germany, the 2011 World Champion. The American threesome of Reese Hoffa, Christian Cantwell, and Ryan Whiting was also expected to contend for medals, but American putters had had difficulty winning gold recently at major internationals, although Whiting had won the 2012 World Indoors.

In the first round Storl took the lead with 21.84, followed by Majewski with 21.19 and Hoffa in third with 20.98. Majewski improved in round two with 21.72 but Storl also did so, posting 21.86. In round three Majewski would get the shot out to 21.87, a mark that would be good enough for gold, although he would improve in the final round to 21.89. The competition for medals was effectively over after round three as Majewski would win gold, Storl silver, and Hoffa bronze, his best mark of 21.23 coming in round three. Of the leaders, only Majewski improved in the final three rounds, save for Cantwell, who was fourth going into the final rounds, and solidified that in round six with 21.19. Storl fouled on all three of his final throws.

Majewski became only the third person to defend an Olympic shot put gold medal, after Ralph Rose in 1904 and 1908 and Parry O’Brien in 1952 and 1956.

12659Tomasz MajewskiPOL21.03 (3)21.89 (1)Gold
21924David StorlGER21.15 (2)21.86 (2)Silver
33221Reese HoffaUSA21.36 (1)21.23 (3)Bronze
43209Christian CantwellUSA20.41 (9)21.19 (4)
51280Dylan ArmstrongCAN20.49 (7)20.93 (5)
61023Germán LauroARG20.75 (5)20.84 (6)
72951Asmir KolašinacSRB20.44 (8)20.71 (7)
81163Paval LyzhynBLR20.57 (6)20.69 (8)
93262Ryan WhitingUSA20.78 (4)20.64 (9)
102187Dorian ScottJAM20.31 (11)20.61 (10)
112831Maksim SidorovRUS20.40 (10)20.41 (11)
123031Chang Ming-HuangTPE20.25 (12)19.99 (12)
13 r1/22836Soslan TsirikhovRUS20.17 (13)
14 r1/22550Rutger SmithNED20.08 (14)
15 r1/22711Marco FortesPOR20.06 (15)
16 r1/21891Ralf BartelsGER20.00 (16)
17 r1/21455Nedžad MulabegovićCRO19.86 (17)
18 r1/22069Om Prakash Singh KarhanaIND19.86 (18)
19 r1/23074Hüseyin AtıcıTUR19.74 (19)
20 r1/22046Lajos KürthyHUN19.65 (20)
21 r1/21264Georgi IvanovBUL19.63 (21)
22 r1/21527Antonín ŽalskýCZE19.62 (22)
23 r1/21153Kemal MešićBIH19.60 (23)
24 r1/21986Mikhalis StamatogiannisGRE19.24 (24)
25 r1/21063Dale StevensonAUS19.17 (25)
26 r1/22395Māris UrtānsLAT19.13 (26)
27 r1/21547Kim Juhl ChristensenDEN19.13 (27)
28 r1/21825Carl MyerscoughGBR18.95 (28)
29 r1/21671Raigo ToompuuEST18.91 (29)
30 r1/21639Borja VivasESP18.88 (30)
31 r1/22505Stephen SáenzMEX18.65 (31)
32 r1/22087Amin NikfarIRI18.62 (32)
33 r1/21484Carlos VélizCUB18.57 (33)
34 r1/22907Emanuele FuamatuSAM17.78 (34)
35 r1/22118Óðinn Björn ÞorsteinssonISL17.62 (35)
36 r1/21003Adriatik HoxhaALB17.58 (36)
AC1297Justin RodheCAN– (AC)NM
AC1367Andriy SemenovUKR– (AC)NM
AC3145Zhang JunCHN– (AC)NM
AC1165Andrei MikhnievichBLR19.89 (AC)DQ1

Qualifying Round (3 August 2012 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 20.65 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Reese HoffaUSA21.36Q
2David StorlGER21.15Q
3Tomasz MajewskiPOL21.03Q
4Ryan WhitingUSA20.78Q
5Germán LauroARG20.75Q
6Paval LyzhynBLR20.57q
7Dylan ArmstrongCAN20.49q
8Asmir KolašinacSRB20.44q
9Christian CantwellUSA20.41q
10Maksim SidorovRUS20.40q
11Dorian ScottJAM20.31q
12Chang Ming-HuangTPE20.25q
13Soslan TsirikhovRUS20.17
14Rutger SmithNED20.08
15Marco FortesPOR20.06
16Ralf BartelsGER20.00
17Nedžad MulabegovićCRO19.8619.72
18Om Prakash Singh KarhanaIND19.8619.40
19Hüseyin AtıcıTUR19.74
20Lajos KürthyHUN19.65
21Georgi IvanovBUL19.63
22Antonín ŽalskýCZE19.62
23Kemal MešićBIH19.60
24Mikhalis StamatogiannisGRE19.24
25Dale StevensonAUS19.17
26Māris UrtānsLAT19.1318.92
27Kim Juhl ChristensenDEN19.1318.40
28Carl MyerscoughGBR18.95
29Raigo ToompuuEST18.91
30Borja VivasESP18.88
31Stephen SáenzMEX18.65
32Amin NikfarIRI18.62
33Carlos VélizCUB18.57
34Emanuele FuamatuSAM17.78
35Óðinn Björn ÞorsteinssonISL17.62
36Adriatik HoxhaALB17.58
ACJustin RodheCANNM
ACAndriy SemenovUKRNM
ACAndrei MikhnievichBLR19.89DQ2

Qualifying Round, Group A (3 August 2012 — 10:00)

115David StorlGER21.1521.15
212Tomasz MajewskiPOL21.0321.03
36Germán LauroARG20.7520.10×20.75
416Paval LyzhynBLR20.5719.8520.1020.57
51Christian CantwellUSA20.4120.4120.3019.88
619Dorian ScottJAM20.3120.1820.3020.31
72Soslan TsirikhovRUS20.1719.2519.7820.17
89Rutger SmithNED20.0820.08×19.55
94Marco FortesPOR20.0619.5920.0619.50
1010Lajos KürthyHUN19.6519.65××
1118Georgi IvanovBUL19.6319.4219.4019.63
1211Kemal MešićBIH19.6019.49×19.60
1314Mikhalis StamatogiannisGRE19.2418.67×19.24
1420Dale StevensonAUS19.1718.3819.1719.01
158Māris UrtānsLAT19.1318.9219.13×
1617Borja VivasESP18.8818.46×18.88
173Stephen SáenzMEX18.65×18.65×
187Óðinn Björn ÞorsteinssonISL17.62×17.0417.62
195Adriatik HoxhaALB17.5817.58×17.13
AC13Justin RodheCAN×××NM

Qualifying Round, Group B (3 August 2012 — 10:00)

13Reese HoffaUSA21.3621.36
212Ryan WhitingUSA20.7820.2920.2520.78
313Dylan ArmstrongCAN20.4919.99×20.49
41Asmir KolašinacSRB20.4420.44--
515Maksim SidorovRUS20.40×19.5920.40
68Chang Ming-HuangTPE20.2519.14×20.25
716Ralf BartelsGER20.00×20.0019.89
87Nedžad MulabegovićCRO19.8619.1819.8619.72
918Om Prakash Singh KarhanaIND19.8619.4019.86×
109Hüseyin AtıcıTUR19.7419.4719.4919.74
1117Antonín ŽalskýCZE19.62×19.6219.49
125Kim Juhl ChristensenDEN19.1318.40×19.13
1314Carl MyerscoughGBR18.9518.7518.95×
146Raigo ToompuuEST18.9118.8718.91×
1510Amin NikfarIRI18.6218.62××
162Carlos VélizCUB18.5718.26×18.57
174Emanuele FuamatuSAM17.7817.78××
AC19Andriy SemenovUKR×××NM
AC20Zhang JunCHN×××NM
AC11Andrei MikhnievichBLR19.8919.8119.5519.89DQ3

Final Round (3 August 2012 — 20:30)

13/8Tomasz MajewskiPOL21.8921.1921.7221.87×21.7221.89
29/7David StorlGER21.8621.8421.8621.46×××
36/6Reese HoffaUSA21.2320.9820.9521.2321.1119.53×
41/5Christian CantwellUSA21.1920.2120.95××20.6521.19
52/4Dylan ArmstrongCAN20.9320.1620.9320.74××20.34
64/3Germán LauroARG20.8419.4020.8220.8420.3420.65×
77/2Asmir KolašinacSRB20.7120.1820.71×20.5420.46×
811/1Paval LyzhynBLR20.6920.69××19.9320.04×
98Ryan WhitingUSA20.6420.2120.2120.64
1012Dorian ScottJAM20.6119.5120.61×
115Maksim SidorovRUS20.41×20.41×
1210Chang Ming-HuangTPE19.9919.99×19.64