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High Jump, Women

Date9 – 11 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants34 from 27 countries

Croatian Blanka Vlašić had been the world’s top high jumper over the last few years, winning silver at Beijing, and the 2011 World Championships, after winning the 2007 and 2009 Worlds. But she was out of the Olympics in 2012 with an injury, opening it up a little bit. The surprise Beijing gold medalist had been Belgian Tia Hellebaut, who promptly retired to have a baby, but she returned to jumping in late 2011, although she was less of a factor. With those two not available at top form, the favorite going in was Anna Chicherova, the Russian who had won the 2011 Worlds. Her biggest competition was expected to be American Chaunté Lowe.

In the end it was all Chicherova who started with an opening clearance at 1.89, and was perfect through 2.03. Lowe struggled, going out at 2.00 and would finish only sixth due to misses. Surprising young American Brigetta Barrett cleared 2.03 on her second attempt, to place her second at that time, and Russian Svetlana Shkolina also cleared, on her third attempt, placing her third. All three attempted 2.05, but only Chicherova was successful, after one miss, giving her the gold medal. Barrett secured the silver and Shkolina the bronze. Hellebaut placed fifth.

In February 2019 the bronze medalist, Svetlana Shkolina (RUS), was disqualified by a ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for an anti-doping rules violation (ADRV). In November 2021 the IOC announced that Spain’s Ruth Beitía had been advanced to the bronze medal position.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
12850Anna ChicherovaRUS1.93 (=2)2.05 (1)Gold
23268Brigetta BarrettUSA1.93 (=9)2.03 (2)Silver
31642Ruth BeitíaESP1.93 (=2)2.00 (3)Bronze
41145Tia HellebautBEL1.93 (=2)1.97 (4)
53305Chaunté LoweUSA1.93 (=2)1.97 (5)
63337Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.96 (1)1.97 (6)
73005Emma Green-TregaroSWE1.93 (=2)1.93 (7)
81787Melanie MelfortFRA1.93 (=2)1.93 (8)
92860Irina GordeyevaRUS1.93 (=9)1.93 (9)
102437Airinė PalšytėLTU1.93 (=9)1.89 (10)
113082Burcu AyhanTUR1.93 (8)1.89 (11)
12 r1/22000Antonia StergiouGRE1.93 (12)
13 r1/21934Ariane FriedrichGER1.93 (13)
=14 r1/23163Olena KholoshaUKR1.90 (=14)
=14 r1/21672Anna IljuštšenkoEST1.90 (=14)
16 r1/22577Doreen AmataNGR1.90 (16)
17 r1/21397Zheng XingjuanCHN1.90 (17)
18 r1/22416Levern SpencerLCA1.90 (18)
=19 r1/23266Amy AcuffUSA1.85 (=19)
=19 r1/23333Nadiya DusanovaUZB1.85 (=19)
=19 r1/23007Ebba JungmarkSWE1.85 (=19)
=19 r1/22916Lissa LabicheSEY1.85 (=19)
=19 r1/21498Lesyaní MayorCUB1.85 (=19)
=19 r1/22771Esthera PetreROU1.85 (=19)
=19 r1/21271Venelina Veneva-MateevaBUL1.85 (=19)
26 r1/22113Deirdre RyanIRL1.85 (26)
27 r1/22601Tonje AngelsenNOR1.85 (27)
=28 r1/23021Wanida BoonwanTHA1.80 (=28)
=28 r1/23358Dương Thị Việt AnhVIE1.80 (=28)
=28 r1/22073Sahana KumariIND1.80 (=28)
=28 r1/21535Oldřiška MarešováCZE1.80 (=28)
=28 r1/21459Ana ŠimićCRO1.80 (=28)
33 r1/23194Vita StopinaUKR1.80 (33)
DQ2894Svetlana ShkolinaRUS[1.93] (DQ)[2.03] (DQ)1
DNS2275Marina AitovaKAZ– (DNS)NM

Qualifying Round (9 August 2012 — 9:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 1.96 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
1Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.9602Q
=2Ruth BeitíaESP1.9300q
=2Anna ChicherovaRUS1.9300q
=2Emma Green-TregaroSWE1.9300q
=2Tia HellebautBEL1.9300q
=2Chaunté LoweUSA1.9300q
=2Melanie MelfortFRA1.9300q
8Burcu AyhanTUR1.9301q
=9Brigetta BarrettUSA1.9311q
=9Irina GordeyevaRUS1.9311q
=9Airinė PalšytėLTU1.9311q
12Antonia StergiouGRE1.9314
13Ariane FriedrichGER1.9322
=14Olena KholoshaUKR1.9000
=14Anna IljuštšenkoEST1.9000
16Doreen AmataNGR1.9001
17Zheng XingjuanCHN1.9022
18Levern SpencerLCA1.9023
=19Amy AcuffUSA1.8500
=19Nadiya DusanovaUZB1.8500
=19Ebba JungmarkSWE1.8500
=19Lissa LabicheSEY1.8500
=19Lesyaní MayorCUB1.8500
=19Esthera PetreROU1.8500
=19Venelina Veneva-MateevaBUL1.8500
26Deirdre RyanIRL1.8511
27Tonje AngelsenNOR1.8522
=28Wanida BoonwanTHA1.8000
=28Dương Thị Việt AnhVIE1.8000
=28Sahana KumariIND1.8000
=28Oldřiška MarešováCZE1.8000
=28Ana ŠimićCRO1.8000
33Vita StopinaUKR1.8012
DQSvetlana ShkolinaRUS[1.93][0][0]Q2
DNSMarina AitovaKAZ

Qualifying Round, Group A (9 August 2012 — 9:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.75 m1.80 m1.85 m1.90 m1.93 m1.96 m
=1Ruth BeitíaESP1.9300--ooo-
=1Anna ChicherovaRUS1.9300--ooo-
=1Emma Green-TregaroSWE1.9300--ooo-
=1Melanie MelfortFRA1.9300ooooo-
5Burcu AyhanTUR1.9301oo-xoo-
=6Brigetta BarrettUSA1.9311ooooxo-
=6Airinė PalšytėLTU1.9311ooooxo-
8Ariane FriedrichGER1.9322--ooxxoxxx
9Olena KholoshaUKR1.9000-oooxxx
10Zheng XingjuanCHN1.9022-ooxxoxxx
=11Nadiya DusanovaUZB1.8500-ooxxx
=11Esthera PetreROU1.8500oooxxx
13Deirdre RyanIRL1.8511-oxoxxx
14Tonje AngelsenNOR1.8522-oxxoxxx
=15Wanida BoonwanTHA1.8000ooxxx
=15Dương Thị Việt AnhVIE1.8000ooxxx
=15Oldřiška MarešováCZE1.8000ooxxx

Qualifying Round, Group B (9 August 2012 — 9:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.75 m1.80 m1.85 m1.90 m1.93 m1.96 m
1Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.9602ooooxxoo
=2Tia HellebautBEL1.9300--ooo-
=2Chaunté LoweUSA1.9300-oooo-
4Irina GordeyevaRUS1.9311-oooxoxx
5Antonia StergiouGRE1.9314oxooxxoxoxxx
6Anna IljuštšenkoEST1.9000-oooxxx
7Doreen AmataNGR1.9001-ox-oxxx
8Levern SpencerLCA1.9023-oxoxxoxxx
=9Amy AcuffUSA1.8500oooxxx
=9Ebba JungmarkSWE1.8500-ooxxx
=9Lissa LabicheSEY1.8500oooxxx
=9Lesyaní MayorCUB1.8500oooxxx
=9Venelina Veneva-MateevaBUL1.8500-ooxxx
=14Sahana KumariIND1.8000-oxxx
=14Ana ŠimićCRO1.8000-oxxx
16Vita StopinaUKR1.8012xoxoxx-
DQSvetlana ShkolinaRUS[1.93][0][0][-][-][o][o][o][-]3
DNSMarina AitovaKAZ

Final Round (11 August 2012 — 19:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses1.89 m1.93 m1.97 m2.00 m2.03 m2.05 m
1Anna ChicherovaRUS2.0511oooooxo
2Brigetta BarrettUSA2.0313ooxoxoxoxxx
3Ruth BeitíaESP2.0001ooxooxxx
4Tia HellebautBEL1.9702oxxooxxx
5Chaunté LoweUSA1.9711ooxoxxx
6Svetlana RadzivilUZB1.9724oxxoxxoxxx
7Emma Green-TregaroSWE1.9300ooxxx
8Melanie MelfortFRA1.9311oxoxxx
9Irina GordeyevaRUS1.9322oxxoxxx
10Airinė PalšytėLTU1.8900oxxx
11Burcu AyhanTUR1.8922xxoxxx
DQSvetlana ShkolinaRUS[2.03][2][2][o][o][o][o][xxo][xxx]4