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Doubles, Mixed

Date28 July – 3 August 2012
LocationWembley Arena, Wembley, London
Participants32 from 14 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei of China were the defending World Champions and number one in the world rankings going into the badminton mixed doubles event at the 2012 Olympics. The nation also had the number two ranked team of Xu Chen and Ma Jin, while Indonesia’s Tontowi Ahmad and Lilyana Natsir, the latter a silver medalist from the 2008 Games, rounded off the top three giving Asia, as in most badminton events, the best shot at all three podium spots. Ranked fourth was Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen of Denmark, who would be competing alongside compatriots and 2009 World Champions Thomas Laybourn and Kamilla Rytter Juhl, giving that nation Europe’s best shot at winning a medal. Not to be counted out were the hometown favorites of Chris Adcock and Imogen Bankier, who were surprise runners-up at the 2011 World Championships, and Robert Mateusiak and Nadia Kostiuczyk-Zieba of Poland, former world number one and current European champions. Finally, one of the defending Olympic champions, Lee Yong-Dae of Korea was in London, but his squad had fallen to seventh in the world rankings with new partner Ha Jeong-Eun.

There were few surprises in the group stage of the event; Adcock and Bankier were eliminated after failing to win a single match, as were Lee and Ha of Korea, who captured only one victory. In the quarter and semi-finals, Zhang and Zhao went up against the Danes back-to-back, defeating Layborn and Juhl in two rounds, and then Nielsen and Pedersen in three. This set up a match between the two Chinese teams for the gold, as Xu and Ma had eliminated the Polish, and then the Indonesian, duos in three rounds each. In the final, it became clear early on that Zhang and Zhao’s talents easily outmatched that of their compatriots, winning in two rounds at 21-11 and 21-17. Nielsen and Pedersen had a similarly dominant run, defeating the Indonesians 21-12 and 21-12 for the bronze.

1Zhang Nan / Zhao YunleiCHNGold
2Xu Chen / Ma JinCHNSilver
3Joachim Fischer Nielsen / Christinna PedersenDENBronze
4Tontowi Ahmad / Liliyana NatsirINA
=5Thomas Laybourn / Kamilla Rytter JuhlDEN
=5Sudket Prapakamol / Saralee ThungthongkamTHA
=5Michael Fuchs / Birgit MichelsGER
=5Robert Mateusiak / Nadia Kostiuczyk-ZiebaPOL
=9Aleksandr Nikolayenko / Valeriya SorokinaRUS
=9Shintaro Ikeda / Reiko ShiotaJPN
=9Lee Yong-Dae / Ha Jeong-EunKOR
=9Chen Hung-Ling / Cheng Wen-HsingTPE
=13Chris Adcock / Imogen BankierGBR
=13Toby Ng / Grace GaoCAN
=13V. Diju / Jwala GuttaIND
=13Chan Peng Soon / Goh Liu YingMAS

Round One

Date28 – 31 July 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Group A

Date28 – 31 July 2012
11Zhang Nan / Zhao YunleiCHN3306-0126-67Q
2Michael Fuchs / Birgit MichelsGER3214-4120-152Q
3Aleksandr Nikolayenko / Valeriya SorokinaRUS3123-5141-144
4Chris Adcock / Imogen BankierGBR3032-6127-151
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #628 Jul 9:40Court 1Nikolayenko / SorokinaRUS14-21, 21-9, 21-18Adcock / BankierGBR
Match #528 Jul 18:30Court 1Zhang / Zhao (1)CHN21-6, 21-7Fuchs / MichelsGER
Match #429 Jul 8:30Court 1Fuchs / MichelsGER11-21, 21-17, 21-14Adcock / BankierGBR
Match #329 Jul 12:30Court 1Zhang / Zhao (1)CHN21-9, 21-18Nikolayenko / SorokinaRUS
Match #230 Jul 18:30Court 1Fuchs / MichelsGER21-18, 12-21, 21-19Nikolayenko / SorokinaRUS
Match #131 Jul 15:20Court 1Zhang / Zhao (1)CHN21-13, 21-14Adcock / BankierGBR

Group B

Date28 – 31 July 2012
14Joachim Fischer Nielsen / Christinna PedersenDEN3306-1140-91Q
2Robert Mateusiak / Nadia Kostiuczyk-ZiebaPOL3215-2132-123Q
3Shintaro Ikeda / Reiko ShiotaJPN3122-5112-131
4Toby Ng / Grace GaoCAN3031-698-137
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #628 Jul 8:30Court 1Mateusiak / Kostiuczyk-ZiebaPOL21-18, 22-20Ikeda / ShiotaJPN
Match #528 Jul 14:19Court 3Nielsen / Pedersen (4)DEN21-12, 21-11Ng / GaoCAN
Match #429 Jul 20:50Court 1Ikeda / ShiotaJPN21-10, 11-21, 21-15Ng / GaoCAN
Match #330 Jul 9:42Court 2Nielsen / Pedersen (4)DEN21-9, 14-21, 21-17Mateusiak / Kostiuczyk-ZiebaPOL
Match #131 Jul 19:40Court 1Nielsen / Pedersen (4)DEN21-11, 21-10Ikeda / ShiotaJPN
Match #231 Jul 20:17Court 2Mateusiak / Kostiuczyk-ZiebaPOL21-13, 21-16Ng / GaoCAN

Group C

Date28 – 31 July 2012
13Tontowi Ahmad / Liliyana NatsirINA3306-0129-97Q
2Thomas Laybourn / Kamilla Rytter JuhlDEN3214-2122-100Q
3Lee Yong-Dae / Ha Jeong-EunKOR3122-4100-114
4V. Diju / Jwala GuttaIND3030-686-126
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #528 Jul 8:30Court 2Ahmad / Natsir (3)INA21-16, 21-12Diju / GuttaIND
Match #329 Jul 9:07Court 2Ahmad / Natsir (3)INA21-19, 21-12Lee / HaKOR
Match #429 Jul 13:05Court 1Laybourn / JuhlDEN21-12, 21-16Diju / GuttaIND
Match #630 Jul 12:30Court 1Laybourn / JuhlDEN21-15, 21-12Lee / HaKOR
Match #231 Jul 9:42Court 2Lee / HaKOR21-15, 21-15Diju / GuttaIND
Match #131 Jul 18:30Court 2Ahmad / Natsir (3)INA24-22, 21-16Laybourn / JuhlDEN

Group D

Date28 – 31 July 2012
12Xu Chen / Ma JinCHN3306-0127-89Q
2Sudket Prapakamol / Saralee ThungthongkamTHA3214-2115-104Q
3Chen Hung-Ling / Cheng Wen-HsingTPE3122-5115-133
4Chan Peng Soon / Goh Liu YingMAS3031-6101-132
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #428 Jul 12:30Court 2Chen / ChengTPE21-12, 6-21, 21-15Chan / GohMAS
Match #629 Jul 12:30Court 2Prapakamol / ThungthongkamTHA21-15, 21-16Chen / ChengTPE
Match #529 Jul 19:09Court 3Xu / Ma (2)CHN21-14, 21-8Chan / GohMAS
Match #330 Jul 13:40Court 1Xu / Ma (2)CHN21-19, 21-12Prapakamol / ThungthongkamTHA
Match #231 Jul 8:30Court 2Prapakamol / ThungthongkamTHA21-16, 21-15Chan / GohMAS
Match #131 Jul 20:15Court 1Xu / Ma (2)CHN21-16, 22-20Chen / ChengTPE


Date1 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #301 Aug 9:47Court 2Ahmad / Natsir (3)INA21-15, 21-9Fuchs / MichelsGER
Match #101 Aug 9:49Court 3Zhang / Zhao (1)CHN21-13, 21-17Laybourn / JuhlDEN
Match #201 Aug 12:30Court 1Nielsen / Pedersen (4)DEN21-15, 21-13Prapakamol / ThungthongkamTHA
Match #401 Aug 13:19Court 3Xu / Ma (2)CHN19-21, 21-16, 23-21Mateusiak / Kostiuczyk-ZiebaPOL


Date2 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match, losers advanced to the bronze medal match.
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match #202 Aug 12:30Court 1Xu / Ma (2)CHN21-23, 21-18, 21-13Ahmad / Natsir (3)INA
Match #102 Aug 12:32Court 2Zhang / Zhao (1)CHN17-21, 21-17, 21-19Nielsen / Pedersen (4)DEN

Final Round

Date3 August 2012
MatchDate/TimeLocationPair (Seed)NOCResultPair (Seed)NOC
Match 3/403 Aug 10:30Court 1Nielsen / Pedersen (4)DEN21-12, 21-12Ahmad / Natsir (3)INA
Match 1/203 Aug 15:00Court 1Zhang / Zhao (1)CHN21-11, 21-17Xu / Ma (2)CHN