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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date29 July 2012
LocationExCeL, Newham, London
Participants37 from 21 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Between Beijing and London, Germany’s Nicolas Limbach had been the top sabre fencer in the world and had reached all three World Championships in this period. Unsurprisingly Limbach was the number one seed in London.

The opening rounds of competition passed off rather uneventfully but the round of 16 heralded the start of a massacre of the top seeded combatants. Recently crowned European champion Aleksey Yakimenko of Russia, #3 seed Gu Bon-Gil of Korea and former Olympic champions Aldo Montano and Zhong Man were all eliminated in quick succession. This left Limbach as an even clearer favourite for the Olympic title but his hopes only lasted as far as his next contest where he was upset by the third string Russian Nikolay Kovalyov.

The foil event in London saw the full emergence of Asia and Africa as new powers in the sport but sabre remained true to its European heartland and the final was played out between representatives of Hungary and Italy, traditionally two of the historic powerhouses of sabre fencing. Áron Szilágyi of Hungary and Italian Diego Occhiuzzi had been successful as individuals but their major championship medals had mostly been achieved in team events. At #6 and #14 in the rankings few would have predicted they would face other for the gold medal in London.

As a contest the Olympic final was over by the half way stage. The Hungarian showed a dazzling turn of speed to win 8 of the first 9 points and, try as he might; Occhiuzzi was unable to claw back the deficit. Szilágyi’s win was the 13th victory for Hungary in the event but the first since the Barcelona Games of 1992.

15Áron SzilágyiHUNGold
214Diego OcchiuzziITASilver
39Nikolay KovalyovRUSBronze
47Rareș DumitrescuROU
=51Nicolas LimbachGER
=520Max HartungGER
=527Tim MorehouseUSA
=518Daryl HomerUSA
=916Benedikt WagnerGER
=98Won U-YeongKOR
=921Zhong ManCHN
=94Gu Bon-GilKOR
=93Aldo MontanoITA
=911Dzmitry LapkesBLR
=923Aliaksandr BuikevichBLR
=92Aleksey YakimenkoRUS
=1732Adam SkrodzkiPOL
=1717Renzo AgrestaBRA
=1724James WilliamsUSA
=1725Wang JingzhiCHN
=1737Yu Peng KeanMAS
=1712Kim Jeong-HwanKOR
=1713Luigi TarantinoITA
=1729Florin ZalomirROU
=1730Valery PryiemkaBLR
=1719Liu XiaoCHN
=1722Philippe BeaudryCAN
=176Veniamin ReshetnikovRUS
=1726Dmytro BoikoUKR
=1710Boladé ApithyFRA
=1715Tiberiu DolniceanuROU
=1734Hernán JansenVEN
=3333Lam Hin ChungHKG
=3328Mannad GhaziEGY
=3336Mojtaba AbediniIRI
=3335James HoneyboneGBR
=3331Hichem SamandiTUN

Round One

Date29 July 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #129 JulNicolas Limbach (1)GERbye
Bout #229 Jul 10:30Piste BlueAdam Skrodzki (32)POL15 – 10Lam Hin Chung (33)HKG
Bout #329 JulRenzo Agresta (17)BRAbye
Bout #429 JulBenedikt Wagner (16)GERbye
Bout #529 JulNikolay Kovalyov (9)RUSbye
Bout #629 JulJames Williams (24)USAbye
Bout #729 JulWang Jingzhi (25)CHNbye
Bout #829 JulWon U-Yeong (8)KORbye
Bout #929 JulÁron Szilágyi (5)HUNbye
Bout #1029 Jul 10:30Piste YellowYu Peng Kean (37)MAS15 – 12Mannad Ghazi (28)EGY
Bout #1129 JulZhong Man (21)CHNbye
Bout #1229 JulKim Jeong-Hwan (12)KORbye
Bout #1329 JulLuigi Tarantino (13)ITAbye
Bout #1429 JulMax Hartung (20)GERbye
Bout #1529 Jul 10:50Piste YellowFlorin Zalomir (29)ROU15 – 7Mojtaba Abedini (36)IRI
Bout #1629 JulGu Bon-Gil (4)KORbye
Bout #1729 JulAldo Montano (3)ITAbye
Bout #1829 Jul 10:30Piste GreenValery Pryiemka (30)BLR15 – 9James Honeybone (35)GBR
Bout #1929 JulLiu Xiao (19)CHNbye
Bout #2029 JulDiego Occhiuzzi (14)ITAbye
Bout #2129 JulDzmitry Lapkes (11)BLRbye
Bout #2229 JulPhilippe Beaudry (22)CANbye
Bout #2329 JulTim Morehouse (27)USAbye
Bout #2429 JulVeniamin Reshetnikov (6)RUSbye
Bout #2529 JulRareș Dumitrescu (7)ROUbye
Bout #2629 JulDmytro Boiko (26)UKRbye
Bout #2729 JulAliaksandr Buikevich (23)BLRbye
Bout #2829 JulBoladé Apithy (10)FRAbye
Bout #2929 JulTiberiu Dolniceanu (15)ROUbye
Bout #3029 JulDaryl Homer (18)USAbye
Bout #3129 Jul 10:30Piste RedHernán Jansen (34)VEN15 – 13Hichem Samandi (31)TUN
Bout #3229 JulAleksey Yakimenko (2)RUSbye

Round Two

Date29 July 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #129 Jul 11:30Piste BlueNicolas Limbach (1)GER15 – 8Adam Skrodzki (32)POL
Bout #229 Jul 11:50Piste BlueBenedikt Wagner (16)GER15 – 6Renzo Agresta (17)BRA
Bout #329 Jul 12:10Piste BlueNikolay Kovalyov (9)RUS15 – 12James Williams (24)USA
Bout #429 Jul 12:30Piste BlueWon U-Yeong (8)KOR15 – 6Wang Jingzhi (25)CHN
Bout #529 Jul 11:30Piste YellowÁron Szilágyi (5)HUN15 – 1Yu Peng Kean (37)MAS
Bout #629 Jul 11:50Piste YellowZhong Man (21)CHN15 – 14Kim Jeong-Hwan (12)KOR
Bout #729 Jul 12:10Piste YellowMax Hartung (20)GER15 – 14Luigi Tarantino (13)ITA
Bout #829 Jul 12:30Piste YellowGu Bon-Gil (4)KOR15 – 12Florin Zalomir (29)ROU
Bout #929 Jul 11:30Piste GreenAldo Montano (3)ITA15 – 9Valery Pryiemka (30)BLR
Bout #1029 Jul 11:50Piste GreenDiego Occhiuzzi (14)ITA15 – 9Liu Xiao (19)CHN
Bout #1129 Jul 12:10Piste GreenDzmitry Lapkes (11)BLR15 – 10Philippe Beaudry (22)CAN
Bout #1229 Jul 12:30Piste GreenTim Morehouse (27)USA15 – 6Veniamin Reshetnikov (6)RUS
Bout #1329 Jul 11:30Piste RedRareș Dumitrescu (7)ROU15 – 12Dmytro Boiko (26)UKR
Bout #1429 Jul 11:50Piste RedAliaksandr Buikevich (23)BLR15 – 11Boladé Apithy (10)FRA
Bout #1529 Jul 12:10Piste RedDaryl Homer (18)USA15 – 11Tiberiu Dolniceanu (15)ROU
Bout #1629 Jul 12:30Piste RedAleksey Yakimenko (2)RUS15 – 4Hernán Jansen (34)VEN

Round Three

Date29 July 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #129 Jul 13:10Piste BlueNicolas Limbach (1)GER15 – 7Benedikt Wagner (16)GER
Bout #229 Jul 13:30Piste BlueNikolay Kovalyov (9)RUS15 – 11Won U-Yeong (8)KOR
Bout #329 Jul 13:10Piste YellowÁron Szilágyi (5)HUN15 – 10Zhong Man (21)CHN
Bout #429 Jul 13:30Piste YellowMax Hartung (20)GER15 – 14Gu Bon-Gil (4)KOR
Bout #529 Jul 13:10Piste GreenDiego Occhiuzzi (14)ITA15 – 13Aldo Montano (3)ITA
Bout #629 Jul 13:30Piste GreenTim Morehouse (27)USA15 – 13Dzmitry Lapkes (11)BLR
Bout #729 Jul 13:10Piste RedRareș Dumitrescu (7)ROU15 – 6Aliaksandr Buikevich (23)BLR
Bout #829 Jul 13:30Piste RedDaryl Homer (18)USA15 – 14Aleksey Yakimenko (2)RUS


Date29 July 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #129 Jul 14:10Piste BlueNikolay Kovalyov (9)RUS15 – 12Nicolas Limbach (1)GER
Bout #229 Jul 14:10Piste YellowÁron Szilágyi (5)HUN15 – 13Max Hartung (20)GER
Bout #329 Jul 14:10Piste GreenDiego Occhiuzzi (14)ITA15 – 9Tim Morehouse (27)USA
Bout #429 Jul 14:10Piste RedRareș Dumitrescu (7)ROU15 – 13Daryl Homer (18)USA


Date29 July 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final pool.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #129 Jul 18:00Piste FinalÁron Szilágyi (5)HUN15 – 7Nikolay Kovalyov (9)RUS
Bout #229 Jul 18:20Piste FinalDiego Occhiuzzi (14)ITA15 – 11Rareș Dumitrescu (7)ROU

Final Round

Date29 July 2012
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/229 Jul 19:10Piste FinalÁron Szilágyi (5)HUN15 – 8Diego Occhiuzzi (14)ITA
Bout 3/429 Jul 18:50Piste FinalNikolay Kovalyov (9)RUS15 – 10Rareș Dumitrescu (7)ROU