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Trap, Women

Date 4 August 2012
LocationRoyal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, London
Participants22 from 21 countries

Italy’s Jessica Rossi dominated this event with a 75 possible in the qualifier, equaling the world record, and 24 targets in the final round, setting a world record for the final total. Rossi missed only her 17th clay in the final round. The other medals were decided in a three-way shoot-off among Slovakian Zuzana Stefecková, the 2000 Olympic bronze medalist Delphine Reau of France, and San Marino’s Alessandra Perilli, ranked #7 in the world coming into London 2012. All three tied with 93 targets hit with Perilli moving up from fifth place after qualifying with 71 clays. But she was the unlucky loser, missing her second shot in the medal shoot-off, as Stefeckova hit three targets for the silver, Reau winning her second bronze in the event.

The qualifying saw a three-way tie for sixth place which required a very long shoot-off. Spain’s Fatima Galvez won this with 12 hits, as Finland’s Satu Makela-Nummela lost out after hitting 11 targets, and Russian Yelena Tkach went after missing her seventh clay.

11461Jessica RossiITA9975 (1)24 (1)Gold
21791Zuzana ŠtefečekováSVK9373 (2)20 (2)Silver
31307Delphine ReauFRA9372 (4)21 (3)Bronze
41750Alessandra PerilliSMR9371 (5)22 (4)
51267Fátima GálvezESP8770 (6)17 (5)
61032Suzy BaloghAUS8772 (3)15 (6)
71289Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN7070 (7)
81728Yelena TkachRUS7070 (8)
91897Kim RhodeUSA6868 (9)
101829Lin Yi-ChunTPE6868 (10)
111886Corey CogdellUSA6868 (11)
121156Liu YingziCHN6767 (12)
131850Nihan KantarcıTUR6666 (13)
141537Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU6666 (14)
151471Yukie NakayamaJPN6565 (15)
161322Charlotte KerwoodGBR6464 (16)
171350Sonja ScheiblGER6464 (17)
181531Ray BassilLBN6464 (18)
191497Gang Ji-EunKOR6262 (19)
201402Shagun ChowdharyIND6161 (20)
211549Yasmina MesfiouiMAR6161 (21)
221601Gaby AhrensNAM5959 (22)

Qualifying Round

Date4 August 2012 — 9:00
Format75 targets in three rounds of 25 targets. 75 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target Final.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSeries 1 PointsSeries 2 PointsSeries 3 PointsShoot-off Points
11-4Jessica RossiITA75252525QWR
23-1Zuzana ŠtefečekováSVK73242524Q
33-4Suzy BaloghAUS72242325Q
41-6Delphine ReauFRA72252522Q
52-4Alessandra PerilliSMR71252422Q
62-2Fátima GálvezESP7023252212Q
74-1Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN7022242411
81-5Yelena TkachRUS702322256
91-3Kim RhodeUSA68232124
104-5Lin Yi-ChunTPE68222323
112-5Corey CogdellUSA68252221
122-1Liu YingziCHN67232222
133-3Nihan KantarcıTUR66242121
142-6Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU66242220
151-1Yukie NakayamaJPN65202322
162-3Charlotte KerwoodGBR64221923
174-3Sonja ScheiblGER64202222
181-2Ray BassilLBN64222220
193-5Gang Ji-EunKOR62192221
203-2Shagun ChowdharyIND61231721
214-2Yasmina MesfiouiMAR61172420
224-4Gaby AhrensNAM59202118


Date4 August 2012 — 15:00
FormatTop six from Qualification advanced to the Final.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTotal PointsQualification PointsShoot-off Points
16Jessica RossiITA249975WR
25Zuzana ŠtefečekováSVK2093733
33Delphine ReauFRA2193722
42Alessandra PerilliSMR2293711
51Fátima GálvezESP178770
64Suzy BaloghAUS158772