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200 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date31 July – 1 August 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants34 from 28 countries

Kosuke Kitajima of Japan had won gold in this event in 2004 and 2008, but had lost the 2011 World Championships to Hungarian Dániel Gyurta, who was also 2009 World Champion. Gyurta had finished second to Kitajima in 2004 at Athens but was fifth in Beijing. Kitajima was attempting to become the first man to three-peat in swimming at the Olympics, something he would attempted in the London 100 breaststroke.

Both qualified easily for the final in London. In the final Kitajima took it out fast, leading at 50 metres in 28.64, under the world record split. On the second lap, he was caught by Gyurta and Britain’s Michael Jamieson, and Gyurta did not let up. He continued to push the pace and would finish in a world record 2:07.28. Kitajima could not maintain contact, but Jamieson remained close throughout, finishing for silver in 2:07.43, the fourth-fastest time ever. Kitajima was outtouched at the final wall for the bronze medal by his teammate Ryo Tateishi. Kitajima’s attempt to three-peat in the 100 breast also came up short of the podium when he finished fifth.

1Dániel GyurtaHUN2:08.71 (1 h3)2:08.32 (1 h2)2:07.28 (1)Gold
2Michael JamiesonGBR2:08.98 (2 h3)2:08.20 (1 h1)2:07.43 (2)Silver
3Ryo TateishiJPN2:09.37 (1 h4)2:09.13 (3 h1)2:08.29 (3)Bronze
4Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:09.43 (2 h5)2:09.03 (4 h2)2:08.35 (4)
5Scott WeltzUSA2:09.67 (3 h3)2:08.99 (3 h2)2:09.02 (5)
6Clark BurckleUSA2:09.55 (2 h4)2:09.11 (2 h1)2:09.25 (6)
7Brenton RickardAUS2:11.41 (6 h5)2:09.31 (5 h2)2:09.28 (7)
8Andrew WillisGBR2:09.33 (1 h5)2:08.47 (2 h2)2:09.44 (8)
9Tales CerdeiraBRA2:11.05 (4 h4)2:09.77 (4 h1)
10Vyacheslav SinkevichRUS2:10.48 (3 h4)2:09.90 (6 h2)
11Giedrius TitenisLTU2:10.36 (3 h5)2:09.95 (5 h1)
12Christian vom LehnGER2:11.66 (5 h4)2:10.50 (6 h1)
13Marco KochGER2:10.61 (4 h5)2:10.73 (7 h2)
14Glenn SnydersNZL2:10.55 (4 h3)2:11.14 (7 h1)
15Laurent CarnolLUX2:10.83 (5 h5)2:11.17 (8 h1)
16Scott DickensCAN2:10.95 (1 h2)2:11.71 (8 h2)
17Matti MattssonFIN2:11.81 (5 h3)
18Lennart StekelenburgNED2:12.02 (7 h5)
19Henrique BarbosaBRA2:12.05 (6 h4)
20Ákos MolnárHUN2:12.42 (7 h4)
21Sławomir KuczkoPOL2:12.51 (2 h2)
22Ihor BorysykUKR2:12.61 (6 h3)
23Tomáš KlobučníkSVK2:13.40 (3 h2)
24Yannick KäserSUI2:13.49 (8 h4)
25Choi Gyu-UngKOR2:13.57 (7 h3)
26Christian SchurrMEX2:14.16 (4 h2)
27Panagiotis SamilidisGRE2:14.82 (8 h3)
28Irak'li BolkvadzeGEO2:15.86 (1 h1)
29Hunor MateAUT2:15.98 (5 h2)
30Nuttapong KetinTHA2:16.07 (6 h2)
31Jakob SveinssonISL2:16.72 (7 h2)
32Dmitry AleksandrovKGZ2:17.92 (2 h1)
33Chen ChengCHN2:19.83 (8 h5)
34Mamitina Ramantsoa TsilavinaMAD– (DQ h1)

Round One (31 July 2012 — 10:40)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (10:40)

14Irak'li BolkvadzeGEO2:15.860.75
25Dmitry AleksandrovKGZ2:17.920.74
DQ3Mamitina Ramantsoa TsilavinaMAD[0.66]

Heat Two (10:44)

14Scott DickensCAN2:10.950.69Q
25Sławomir KuczkoPOL2:12.510.74
32Tomáš KlobučníkSVK2:13.400.69
43Christian SchurrMEX2:14.160.70
57Hunor MateAUT2:15.980.71
66Nuttapong KetinTHA2:16.070.82
71Jakob SveinssonISL2:16.720.72

Heat Three (10:48)

14Dániel GyurtaHUN2:08.710.75Q
26Michael JamiesonGBR2:08.980.79Q
35Scott WeltzUSA2:09.670.76Q
42Glenn SnydersNZL2:10.550.61Q
58Matti MattssonFIN2:11.810.73
61Ihor BorysykUKR2:12.610.78
77Choi Gyu-UngKOR2:13.570.71
83Panagiotis SamilidisGRE2:14.820.70

Heat Four (10:52)

14Ryo TateishiJPN2:09.370.65Q
23Clark BurckleUSA2:09.550.60Q
37Vyacheslav SinkevichRUS2:10.480.68Q
42Tales CerdeiraBRA2:11.050.71Q
55Christian vom LehnGER2:11.660.74Q
66Henrique BarbosaBRA2:12.050.73
71Ákos MolnárHUN2:12.420.75
88Yannick KäserSUI2:13.490.73

Heat Five (10:56)

13Andrew WillisGBR2:09.330.72Q
24Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:09.430.67Q
32Giedrius TitenisLTU2:10.360.75Q
45Marco KochGER2:10.610.75Q
56Laurent CarnolLUX2:10.830.74Q
67Brenton RickardAUS2:11.410.74Q
71Lennart StekelenburgNED2:12.020.70
88Chen ChengCHN2:19.830.73

Semi-Finals (31 July 2012 — 20:20)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (20:20)

14Michael JamiesonGBR2:08.200.82Q
23Clark BurckleUSA2:09.110.64Q
35Ryo TateishiJPN2:09.130.64Q
41Tales CerdeiraBRA2:09.770.67
56Giedrius TitenisLTU2:09.950.76
68Christian vom LehnGER2:10.500.74
72Glenn SnydersNZL2:11.140.65
87Laurent CarnolLUX2:11.170.76

Heat Two (20:28)

14Dániel GyurtaHUN2:08.320.73Q
25Andrew WillisGBR2:08.470.73Q
36Scott WeltzUSA2:08.990.72Q
43Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:09.030.68Q
58Brenton RickardAUS2:09.310.75Q
62Vyacheslav SinkevichRUS2:09.900.70
77Marco KochGER2:10.730.74
81Scott DickensCAN2:11.710.72

Final (1 August 2012 — 19:30)

15Dániel GyurtaHUN2:07.280.75WR
24Michael JamiesonGBR2:07.430.78
31Ryo TateishiJPN2:08.290.64
42Kosuke KitajimaJPN2:08.350.64
56Scott WeltzUSA2:09.020.72
67Clark BurckleUSA2:09.250.68
78Brenton RickardAUS2:09.280.73
83Andrew WillisGBR2:09.440.74