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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date8 – 9 February 2014
LocationKompleks Dlya Pryzhkov Na Lyzhakh s Tramplina "Russkiye Gorki", Mountain Cluster, Esto-Sadok
Participants61 from 20 countries
Judge #1Yuri KalininRUS
Judge #2Hermann KothleitnerAUT
Judge #3Pascal MalecFRA
Judge #4Stefan ThomaITA
Judge #5Ole WalsethNOR
DetailsK-Point: 95 m

Because a number of jumpers won World Cup events early in the winter, there was no clear favorite for the first ski jumping event. After the first round in the final, World Cup leader Kamil Stoch from Poland took the lead with 105.5 m, followed by the Norwegian world champion [Anders Bardal] (/athletes/101142) and Slovenian Peter Prevc.

Germany’s Andreas Wellinger, who was only ranked 14th after the first round, scored 257.1 points and led the contest with only five jumpers remaining. Thomas Diethart (AUT) later passed him with 258.3 points to place fourth overall. The top three after the first round finally took the medals. Bardal, already bronze medalist with the team in Vancouver, finished third with 264.1 points and Prevc moving from third to second with 265.3 points. Suffering from a headache, stomach ache and high temperature earlier in the day, Stoch had again the longest jump with 103.5 m, finishing with a total score of 278.0 points to take the gold medal with a large margin.

For other favorites, the outcome of this event was a major disappointment: Last year’s World Cup winner Gregor Schlierenzauer from Austria finished 11th after placing 18th in the first round. One of the top jumpers in recent years, triple Olympic Champion Thomas Morgenstern, suffered a terrible crash in training on 10 January. His participation was a last-minute decision and many observers criticized the medical staff for giving him the green light to compete, and he never seriously challenged the medalists and finished 14th. Simon Ammann, winner of four individual ski-jumping gold medals for Switzerland in 2002 and 2010, could place only 17th.

1Kamil StochPOLGold
2Peter PrevcSLOSilver
3Anders BardalNORBronze
4Thomas DiethartAUT
5Michael HayböckAUT
6Andreas WellingerGER
7Maciej KotPOL
8Noriaki KasaiJPN
9Jernej DamjanSLO
10Andreas WankGER
11Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT
12Anssi KoivurantaFIN
13Jan ZiobroPOL
14Thomas MorgensternAUT
15Anders FannemelNOR
16Roman KoudelkaCZE
17Simon AmmannSUI
18Reruhi ShimizuJPN
19Jakub JandaCZE
20Richard FreitagGER
21Yuta WataseJPN
22Rune VeltaNOR
23Jan MaturaCZE
24Taku TakeuchiJPN
25Gregor DeschwandenSUI
26Jurij TepešSLO
27Anders JacobsenNOR
28Sebastian ColloredoITA
29Janne AhonenFIN
30Mikhail MaksimochkinRUS
31Severin FreundGER
32Dawid KubackiPOL
33Jarkko MäättäFIN
34Choi Seo-WuKOR
35Nick AlexanderUSA
36Ilmir KhazetdinovRUS
37Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN
38Kaarel NurmsaluEST
39Olli MuotkaFIN
40Dusty KorekCAN
41Ronan Lamy ChappuisFRA
42Kim Hyeon-GiKOR
43Choi Heung-CheolKOR
44Aleksey RomashovRUS
45Peter FrenetteUSA
46Lukáš HlavaCZE
47Anders JohnsonUSA
48Denis KornilovRUS
AC r2/2Davide BresadolaITADQ
DNS r2/2Robert KranjecSLO
51Matthew RowleyCAN
52Gang Chil-GuKOR
53Roberto DellasegaITA
54Vladi ZografskiBUL
55Sorin PîteaROU
56Aleksey PchelintsevKAZ
57Trevor MorriceCAN
58Nikos PolychronidisGRE
59Marat ZhaparovKAZ
60Nick FairallUSA
61Siim-Tanel SammelselgEST

Qualifying Round (8 February 2014 — 20:30)

Top 40 finishers advance to final. Ten jumpers pre-qualified based on World Cup points.

143Michael HayböckAUT128.6Q
237Andreas WankGER127.9Q
333Reruhi ShimizuJPN126.2Q
442Anders FannemelNOR124.6Q
546Maciej KotPOL123.7Q
67Roman KoudelkaCZE121.3Q
750Taku TakeuchiJPN119.1Q
844Jan MaturaCZE118.5Q
951Thomas MorgensternAUT118.3Q
1038Jakub JandaCZE117.0Q
1110Sebastian ColloredoITA116.9Q
1230Anders JacobsenNOR115.9Q
1332Dawid KubackiPOL115.7Q
1449Jernej DamjanSLO115.6Q
1539Rune VeltaNOR115.1Q
=1645Richard FreitagGER114.4Q
=1615Kim Hyeon-GiKOR114.4Q
=1817Choi Seo-WuKOR113.7Q
=1816Ilmir KhazetdinovRUS113.7Q
2035Yuta WataseJPN113.5Q
2131Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN113.4Q
2248Jan ZiobroPOL113.2Q
2336Gregor DeschwandenSUI111.7Q
2427Denis KornilovRUS109.6Q
2528Lukáš HlavaCZE108.7Q
2613Anders JohnsonUSA107.9Q
2740Janne AhonenFIN107.8Q
2814Dusty KorekCAN107.4Q
2934Mikhail MaksimochkinRUS107.2Q
3024Olli MuotkaFIN107.0Q
3147Jurij TepešSLO106.9Q
3221Kaarel NurmsaluEST106.6Q
3326Ronan Lamy ChappuisFRA106.2Q
349Choi Heung-CheolKOR105.9Q
3519Peter FrenetteUSA105.3Q
3629Jarkko MäättäFIN112.0Q
3741Anssi KoivurantaFIN100.4Q
3825Davide BresadolaITA104.3Q
3922Aleksey RomashovRUS102.6Q
401Nick AlexanderUSA100.7Q
415Matthew RowleyCAN100.0
426Gang Chil-GuKOR99.3
4323Roberto DellasegaITA98.4
444Vladi ZografskiBUL97.8
453Sorin PîteaROU90.2
4618Aleksey PchelintsevKAZ89.9
4711Trevor MorriceCAN88.7
488Nikos PolychronidisGRE85.0
4912Marat ZhaparovKAZ84.9
5020Nick FairallUSA77.3
512Siim-Tanel SammelselgEST66.2
PRQSeverin FreundGER
PRQGregor SchlierenzauerAUT
PRQPeter PrevcSLO
PRQRobert KranjecSLO
PRQSimon AmmannSUI
PRQKamil StochPOL
PRQThomas DiethartAUT
PRQAnders BardalNOR
PRQNoriaki KasaiJPN
PRQAndreas WellingerGER

Final Round (9 February 2014 — 21:30)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

150Kamil StochPOL278.0
249Peter PrevcSLO265.3
344Anders BardalNOR264.1
442Thomas DiethartAUT258.3
532Michael HayböckAUT258.0
643Andreas WellingerGER257.1
735Maciej KotPOL255.8
848Noriaki KasaiJPN255.2
938Jernej DamjanSLO254.7
1026Andreas WankGER253.4
1147Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT253.3
1230Anssi KoivurantaFIN252.8
1337Jan ZiobroPOL252.4
1440Thomas MorgensternAUT251.6
1531Anders FannemelNOR249.1
162Roman KoudelkaCZE246.8
1745Simon AmmannSUI246.6
1822Reruhi ShimizuJPN246.4
1927Jakub JandaCZE243.8
2034Richard FreitagGER243.7
2124Yuta WataseJPN243.0
2228Rune VeltaNOR241.4
2333Jan MaturaCZE239.5
2439Taku TakeuchiJPN239.4
2525Gregor DeschwandenSUI239.3
2636Jurij TepešSLO236.7
2719Anders JacobsenNOR234.3
284Sebastian ColloredoITA232.6
2929Janne AhonenFIN229.2
3023Mikhail MaksimochkinRUS227.9
3146Severin FreundGER217.7
3221Dawid KubackiPOL118.3
3318Jarkko MäättäFIN116.9
349Choi Seo-WuKOR116.2
351Nick AlexanderUSA116.0
368Ilmir KhazetdinovRUS114.8
3720Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN114.4
3811Kaarel NurmsaluEST113.3
3913Olli MuotkaFIN113.0
406Dusty KorekCAN111.1
4115Ronan Lamy ChappuisFRA111.0
427Kim Hyeon-GiKOR109.2
433Choi Heung-CheolKOR109.1
4412Aleksey RomashovRUS109.0
4510Peter FrenetteUSA107.2
4617Lukáš HlavaCZE105.7
475Anders JohnsonUSA104.2
4816Denis KornilovRUS103.2
DQ14Davide BresadolaITA[99.6]1
DNS41Robert KranjecSLO