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1,500 metres, Men

Date15 February 2014 — 17:30
LocationAdler-Arena, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants40 from 17 countries
Olympic Record 1:43.95 WR / Derek Parra USA / 19 February 2002
StarterYoshihiro KitazawaJPN
RefereeDan ImmerfallUSA

As in the 500 m, there were no lack of favorites in this race, as, looking at the season’s World Cup winners, there were four main contenders: Dutch skater Koen Verweij, two-time Olympic 1,000 m Champion Shani Davis, 2013 World Champion Denis Yuskov of Russia and US inline skating convert Joey Mantia. A full list would be hard to replicate, but we’ll mention 2012 World Champion and 1,000 m silver medallist Denny Morrison, 2011 World Champion Håvard Bøkko, defending Olympic champion Mark Tuitert, 2013 World Cup winner Zbigniew Bródka and 1,000 m winner Stefan Groothuis.

The race got serious in pair 13, when defending champion Tuitert put 1:45.42 on the clock, a major attempt to defend his title. It was beaten two pairs later, as Morrison bettered it to 1:45.22, leaving Bøkko behind him. Pair 17 saw Davis take the ice against Bródka. With all eyes on the American, it was the Pole who won that pair. Eager to beat his pairmate, he recorded a typical race that saw him lose 1 second of pace with every full lap, but his 1:45.00 was a new track record. The time remained unassailed until the last pair, which pitted Verweij and Mantia against each other. Mantia was quickly out of contention, but not Verweij. Having started a little slower than Bródka, he closed in on the Pole in his last lap, which would be the fastest closing lap, save for 4th place finisher Yuskov. At the finish line, the clock again stopped at 1:45.00 - a tie for first. Verweij and Bródka looked at the scoreboard in doubt to wait for the verdict on the thousandths of seconds. After nervewrecking moments for both, Verweij was recorded at 1:45.009, exactly 0.003 slower than Bródka. The latter celebrated his country’s first ever Olympic gold in the sport, earned by the smallest ever margin between gold and silver in Olympic speed skating.

117OZbigniew BródkaPOL1:45.00Gold1
220IKoen VerweijNED1:45.00Silver2
315ODenny MorrisonCAN1:45.22Bronze
419IDenis YuskovRUS1:45.37
513OMark TuitertNED1:45.42
615IHåvard BøkkoNOR1:45.48
716IBrian HansenUSA1:45.59
819OSverre Lunde PedersenNOR1:45.66
918ODenis KuzinKAZ1:45.69
1014OBart SwingsBEL1:45.95
1117IShani DavisUSA1:45.98
127OStefan GroothuisNED1:46.08
132IJan BlokhuijsenNED1:46.50
1413IHaralds SilovsLAT1:46.79
1512IJan SzymańskiPOL1:46.86
1616OHåvard Holmefjord LorentzenNOR1:47.27
172OMirko NenziITA1:47.48
1814IIvan SkobrevRUS1:47.623
1912OMathieu GirouxCAN1:47.65
2018IKonrad NiedźwiedzkiPOL1:47.77
214OTian GuojunCHN1:47.95
2220OJoey MantiaUSA1:48.01
2311IPatrick BeckertGER1:48.08
2411OAleksey YesinRUS1:48.10
259IAleksey SuvorovRUS1:48.11
268IKonrád NagyHUN1:48.12
278ORobert LehmannGER1:48.24
283OLucas MakowskyCAN1:48.51
294IJu Hyeong-JunKOR1:48.59
3010ODmitry BabenkoKAZ1:48.67
313ITaro KondoJPN1:49.31
3210IBenjamin MacéFRA1:49.34
331OVincent de HaîtreCAN1:49.42
347IAleksandr ZhiginKAZ1:49.48
355OFyodor MezentsevKAZ1:49.70
365ISimen Spieler NilsenNOR1:49.88
379OJonathan KuckUSA1:50.19
381IDavid AnderssonSWE1:50.29
396OMatteo AnesiITA1:50.59
406IEwen FernandezFRA1:52.70