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Team All-Around, Men

Date6 – 8 August 2016
LocationArena Olímpica do Rio, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants60 from 12 countries

Despite finishing third behind Japan and Great Britain at the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow, China was looking to win the all-round team title for the third successive Olympics, particularly after heading the list of qualifiers, albeit a mere 0.056 points ahead of the USA, who were then closely followed by Russia, Japan and Great Britain. The qualification was marred by an horrific injury to French gymnast Samir Ait Said, the 2013 European Rings Champion, who broke his leg in his vault landing. Sadly for Said he had already qualified for the individual rings competition, which he was forced to miss.

Rio heralded the world’s best gymnast Kohei Uchimura and he was the inspiration behind Japan’s first Olympic team title since 2004, as they ranked first in the floor, vault and high bars. It was Russia, however, who started the better with good performances on the horse and rings, thanks to a 15.7 from Denis Ablyazin on the latter. The Chinese dominance in this event was looking shaky from early on when You Hao stumbled on his rings landing, and then more mistakes followed before You gave an outstanding performance on the parallel bars, scoring 16.166, the best of the competition, to bring China back into contention and chase Russia and Japan for the medal places, with Great Britain not far behind after ranking first on the pommel horse thanks to a 15.991 score from Max Whitlock. Going into the sixth and final rotation, Japan headed Russia by just 0.208 of a point and the two went head-to-head on the floor. Thanks to a 16.133 from Kenzo Shirai and a score of 15.600 from Uchimura, Japan secured the gold medal, ahead of the Russians with China in third and Great Britain closely behind in fourth. It was a disappointing competition for the United States, who were one of the fancied teams, but they too were struck by a series of errors which cost them and they had to settle for fifth place. It was the first time China had won a bronze medal; previously they had won only either gold or silver.

1JapanJPN269.294 (4)274.094 (1)Gold
Ryohei KatoKenzo ShiraiYusuke TanakaKohei UchimuraKoji Yamamuro
2Russian FederationRUS269.612 (3)271.453 (2)Silver
Denis AblyazinDavid BelyavskyIvan StretovichNikolay KuksenkovNikita Nagorny
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN270.461 (1)271.122 (3)Bronze
Deng ShudiLin ChaopanLiu YangYou HaoZhang Chenglong
4Great BritainGBR268.670 (5)269.752 (4)
Brinn BevanLouis SmithKristian ThomasMax WhitlockNile Wilson
5United StatesUSA270.405 (2)268.560 (5)
Chris BrooksJake DaltonDanell LeyvaSam MikulakAlex Naddour
6BrazilBRA268.078 (6)263.728 (6)
Francisco Barretto JúniorDiego HypólitoArthur MarianoSérgio SasakiArthur Zanetti
7GermanyGER261.518 (8)261.275 (7)
Andreas BretschneiderLukas DauserFabian HambüchenMarcel NguyenAndreas Toba
8UkraineUKR263.002 (7)202.078 (8)
Vladyslav HrykoIhor RadivilovMaksym SemiankivAndriy SienichkinOleh Verniaiev
9 r1/2SwitzerlandSUI260.262 (9)
Christian BaumannPablo BräggerBenjamin GischardOliver HegiEddy Yusof
10 r1/2NetherlandsNED257.686 (10)
Bart DeurlooFrank RijkenYuri van GelderJeffrey WammesEpke Zonderland
11 r1/2Republic of KoreaKOR257.645 (11)
Kim Han-SolLee Sang-UkPark Min-SuSin Dong-HyeonYu Won-Cheol
12 r1/2FranceFRA257.211 (12)
Samir Aït SaïdAxel AugisJulien GobauxDanny RodriguesCyril Tommasone

Qualification (6 August 2016 — 11:00)

Five-person teams, four to compete on each apparatus, with best three of four scores counting for each apparatus. Top eight teams advanced to the final round.

PosGymnastNOCPointsFloor ExercisePommelled HorseRingsHorse VaultParallel BarsHorizontal Bar
1People's Republic of ChinaCHN270.46143.599 (7)44.865 (3)46.000 (1)45.466 (3)47.233 (1)43.298 (9)
Deng Shudi15.03314.86614.30015.30015.80014.366
Lin Chaopan13.66615.03314.13315.23315.70014.866
Liu Yang12.93315.90014.683
You Hao14.96615.80015.73314.066
Zhang Chenglong14.90014.93315.16613.966
2United StatesUSA270.40546.100 (1)42.999 (8)44.466 (4)45.333 (4)46.275 (3)45.232 (1)Q
Chris Brooks14.53312.76614.56614.40015.30014.766
Jake Dalton15.60014.90015.13315.16614.333
Danell Leyva14.53315.60015.333
Sam Mikulak15.80013.10014.53315.10015.37515.133
Alex Naddour14.70015.36615.00015.100
3Russian FederationRUS269.61243.966 (6)45.249 (2)45.066 (3)45.566 (2)46.499 (2)43.266 (10)Q
Denis Ablyazin14.70015.63315.400
David Belyavsky14.60015.30014.53314.90015.93314.533
Ivan Stretovich14.56615.20014.633
Nikolay Kuksenkov14.66615.38314.43314.90015.36614.100
Nikita Nagorny14.06614.54114.90015.26613.13312.733
4JapanJPN269.29446.099 (2)44.299 (5)44.133 (6)45.932 (1)44.832 (6)43.999 (5)Q
Ryohei Kato15.03314.80013.96614.93315.50015.000
Kenzo Shirai15.33315.466
Yusuke Tanaka15.23313.36614.73313.86614.666
Kohei Uchimura15.53314.96614.70015.53315.46614.300
Koji Yamamuro14.53314.70013.20012.73314.333
5Great BritainGBR268.67045.799 (3)46.233 (1)43.874 (7)43.066 (11)44.932 (5)44.766 (3)Q
Brinn Bevan14.23314.73314.33314.13314.96614.366
Louis Smith15.700
Kristian Thomas15.23314.16614.23314.900
Max Whitlock15.50015.80014.60013.70015.06613.566
Nile Wilson15.06614.13314.94114.70014.90015.500
6BrazilBRA268.07845.600 (4)43.799 (7)43.866 (8)45.182 (5)44.766 (7)44.865 (2)Q
Francisco Barretto Júnior13.43314.53314.20014.20014.90015.266
Diego Hypólito15.50014.816
Arthur Mariano15.20014.43314.03315.10014.93314.766
Sérgio Sasaki14.90014.83314.13315.26614.93314.833
Arthur Zanetti15.533
7UkraineUKR263.00242.699 (9)43.865 (6)44.208 (5)44.899 (6)43.966 (11)43.365 (8)Q
Vladyslav Hryko13.66613.76613.70014.50013.666
Ihor Radivilov13.66615.30815.43313.500
Maksym Semiankiv14.20013.70013.66613.63313.30014.566
Andriy Sienichkin14.53314.40012.766
Oleh Verniaiev14.83315.56615.20015.06616.16615.133
8GermanyGER261.51843.341 (8)41.607 (10)42.807 (11)44.399 (7)45.565 (4)43.799 (6)Q
Andreas Bretschneider14.80013.64114.15814.63314.83313.633
Lukas Dauser13.73313.91613.83315.266
Fabian Hambüchen14.04115.16615.533
Marcel Nguyen14.50013.43314.73314.60015.46613.366
Andreas Toba1.63314.23314.633
9SwitzerlandSUI260.26244.599 (5)42.532 (9)42.866 (10)44.000 (8)44.099 (10)42.166 (12)
Christian Baumann14.33314.13314.93313.700
Pablo Brägger14.50013.93314.03313.80014.83315.100
Benjamin Gischard15.06614.300
Oliver Hegi13.96614.06614.20014.50014.33313.366
Eddy Yusof15.03314.13314.53315.20013.30013.166
10NetherlandsNED257.68642.399 (11)40.099 (12)43.299 (9)43.958 (9)43.399 (12)44.532 (4)
Bart Deurloo14.00014.20014.26614.85814.56615.100
Frank Rijken13.86613.96613.70014.20014.50014.033
Yuri van Gelder15.333
Jeffrey Wammes14.53311.93312.94114.90014.33314.066
Epke Zonderland15.366
11Republic of KoreaKOR257.64542.565 (10)41.408 (11)42.633 (12)43.466 (10)44.107 (9)43.466 (7)
Kim Han-Sol14.26612.90012.63311.666
Lee Sang-Uk14.33314.03313.50014.63314.066
Park Min-Su13.40013.60014.40014.03315.03314.800
Sin Dong-Hyeon13.96613.77515.10013.800
Yu Won-Cheol14.73314.33314.44114.600
12FranceFRA257.21141.065 (12)44.383 (4)45.299 (2)39.732 (12)44.299 (8)42.433 (11)
Samir Aït Saïd15.53312.866
Axel Augis14.03314.50014.33313.16615.30014.700
Julien Gobaux13.06614.23314.50013.70014.76614.300
Danny Rodrigues13.13315.26614.23313.433
Cyril Tommasone13.96615.65014.100

Final (8 August 2016 — 16:00)

Five-person teams, three to compete on each apparatus, with all three scores counting for each apparatus.

PosGymnastNOCPointsFloor ExercisePommelled HorseRingsHorse VaultParallel BarsHorizontal Bar
1JapanJPN274.09447.199 (1)43.933 (4)44.599 (3)46.199 (1)46.766 (2)45.398 (1)
Kenzo Shirai16.13315.633
Kohei Uchimura15.60015.10014.80015.56615.36615.166
Koji Yamamuro13.90014.866
Ryohei Kato15.46614.93315.00015.50015.066
Yusuke Tanaka14.93315.90015.166
2Russian FederationRUS271.45344.766 (3)45.299 (2)45.432 (1)46.033 (2)46.033 (4)43.890 (6)
David Belyavsky14.66615.50015.03315.80014.958
Denis Ablyazin15.10015.70015.600
Ivan Stretovich14.76615.10014.766
Nikita Nagorny15.00014.86615.400
Nikolay Kuksenkov15.03314.86615.13314.166
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN271.12243.799 (4)44.258 (3)45.233 (2)45.000 (6)47.866 (1)44.966 (3)
Lin Chaopan14.83314.90014.40015.90015.000
Zhang Chenglong15.13315.40015.566
You Hao14.40014.80016.166
Deng Shudi13.83314.95814.60015.20015.80014.400
Liu Yang15.833
4Great BritainGBR269.75245.099 (2)45.623 (1)44.066 (6)45.399 (4)44.566 (6)44.999 (2)
Brinn Bevan14.86614.46615.03314.933
Kristian Thomas15.03315.40014.833
Louis Smith14.766
Max Whitlock15.40015.99114.50014.96614.50014.500
Nile Wilson14.66615.10015.13315.666
5United StatesUSA268.56043.757 (5)43.699 (5)44.465 (4)45.865 (3)46.333 (3)44.441 (5)
Alex Naddour13.56614.63314.96615.033
Chris Brooks14.66615.10015.108
Danell Leyva14.33315.53314.333
Jake Dalton15.32514.83315.466
Sam Mikulak14.86614.73315.36615.70015.000
6BrazilBRA263.72841.733 (7)43.433 (7)44.332 (5)45.032 (5)44.533 (7)44.665 (4)
Arthur Mariano14.50014.40015.06614.70014.933
Arthur Zanetti15.566
Diego Hypólito15.13314.833
Sérgio Sasaki12.10014.63314.36615.13315.13314.566
Francisco Barretto Júnior14.40014.40014.70015.166
7GermanyGER261.27543.532 (6)40.948 (8)43.132 (7)44.540 (7)45.391 (5)43.732 (7)
Andreas Bretschneider14.53313.51614.46614.42513.666
Fabian Hambüchen14.66615.09115.666
Lukas Dauser14.06613.80014.78315.500
Marcel Nguyen14.33313.36614.86614.66615.46614.400
8UkraineUKR202.07827.766 (8)43.632 (6)29.299 (8)44.015 (8)30.366 (8)27.000 (8)
Andriy Sienichkin15.33314.441
Ihor Radivilov14.60015.43315.33313.300
Oleh Verniaiev15.63315.900
Vladyslav Hryko13.16612.66613.86614.24114.46613.700