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Horse Vault, Women

Date7 – 14 August 2016
LocationArena Olímpica do Rio, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants19 from 16 countries

Dipa Karmakar made history as the first Indian woman to compete in gymnastics at the Olympics and the first Indian in the sport since 1964. In qualifying for the vault final she became the first Indian of either sex ever to qualify for an individual final since the qualification process of limiting the number of gymnasts on each piece of apparatus was introduced at Rome in 1960. Even if she finished eighth it would be the best ever finish by an Indian gymnast. She won the bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and her performance was enhanced by her execution of the very difficult and dangerous Produnova vault. At the time of the Rio Olympics, Karmakar was one of only five gymnasts to have successfully completed this vault.

The Indian was not fancied for a gold medal, which looked certain to go to the new gymnastic sensation Simone Biles of the USA, who was winner of the all-round competition four days earlier. Strangely, Biles only came third on the horse vault at the 2015 World Championships and the two women who finished above her, Hong Un-jong of North Korea and Mariya Paseka of Russia, were likely to collect the other two medals in Rio. Paseka was the 2015 World Champion and bronze medallist in London 2012. Un-jong was the 2014 World Champion.

Un-jong set the mark, as she was the first to compete, with a score of 14.900, which was not likely to keep her in the lead for long. Remarkably after the next two gymnasts, Shallon Olsen of Canada and Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan had completed their vaults, Un-jong was still in the lead but then Wang Yan of China topped her score with 14.999. Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland, who qualified as third best vaulter, became the new leader with 15.216. Then Karmakar went into second place after a Tsukahama gave her 14.866 points and then the Produnova and its difficulty rating of 7.00 gave her 15.266 for a score of 15.066. She was in the silver medal position with just two to go – but what a two; Paseka and Biles.

The Russian was up next and Paseka put in two vaults that yielded similar scores for an average 15.253. Biles headed the qualifiers with 16.050 but couldn’t match that in the final after her very difficult Amanar vault was not quite up to her high standard. Her 15.966, however, still gave her victory by 0.713 points and make it three golds out of three events. To put her winning margin into perspective, the difference between second placed Maria Paseka’s 15.253 and last placed Shallon Olsen’s 14.816 was only 0.437. For bronze medal winner Steingruber, she had the distinction of becoming the first Swiss gymnast, male or female to win an Olympic medal.

1391Simone BilesUSA16.050 (1)15.966 (1)Gold
2381Mariya PasekaRUS15.049 (4)15.253 (2)Silver
3385Giulia SteingruberSUI15.266 (3)15.216 (3)Bronze
4351Dipa KarmakarIND14.850 (8)15.066 (4)
5327Wang YanCHN14.949 (7)14.999 (5)
6377Hong Un-JongPRK15.683 (2)14.900 (6)
7396Oksana ChusovitinaUZB14.999 (5)14.833 (7)
8318Shallon OlsenCAN14.950 (6)14.816 (8)
9 r1/2320Brittany RogersCAN14.783 (9)
10 r1/2383Seda TutkhalyanRUS14.733 (10)
11 r1/2339Ellie DownieGBR14.683 (11)
12 r1/2366Alexa MorenoMEX14.633 (12)
13 r1/2372Courtney McGregorNZL14.533 (13)
14 r1/2350Zsófia KovácsHUN14.512 (14)
15 r1/2317Ellie BlackCAN14.499 (15)
16 r1/2360Sae MiyakawaJPN14.366 (16)
17 r1/2398Phan Thị Hà ThanhVIE14.233 (17)
18 r1/2330Marcia VidiauxCUB14.183 (18)
19 r1/2384Teja BelakSLO13.650 (19)

Qualification (7 August 2016 — 09:30)

Top eight (maximum two per nation) qualified for the final. Mean score of two final jumps determined placement.

Difficulty Judge 1Zhu JieyaCHN
Difficulty Judge 2Anca GrigorașROU
Execution Judge 1Lisbet HeinoFIN
Execution Judge 2Mairéad KavanaghIRL
Execution Judge 3Patricia ChadwickRSA
Execution Judge 4Anabeth VargasPAN
Execution Judge 5Neli TankuchevaBUL
Execution Reference Judge 1Vesna Stare CrnjacSLO
Execution Reference Judge 2Oksana Omelianchyk-ZiurkalovaUKR
Line JudgeEliane MartinsBRA
PosGymnastNOCPointsVault 1Vault 2
1Simone BilesUSA16.05016.000 (1)16.100 (1)Q
2Hong Un-JongPRK15.68315.766 (2)15.600 (2)Q
3Giulia SteingruberSUI15.26615.600 (3)14.933 (=5)Q
4Mariya PasekaRUS15.04914.733 (=12)15.366 (3)Q
5Oksana ChusovitinaUZB14.99915.166 (5)14.833 (9)Q
6Shallon OlsenCAN14.95015.300 (4)14.600 (=11)Q
7Wang YanCHN14.94914.933 (8)14.966 (4)Q
8Dipa KarmakarIND14.85015.100 (6)14.600 (=11)Q
9Brittany RogersCAN14.78314.666 (=15)14.900 (7)
10Seda TutkhalyanRUS14.73314.733 (=12)14.733 (10)
11Ellie DownieGBR14.68314.833 (10)14.533 (13)
12Alexa MorenoMEX14.63314.400 (17)14.866 (8)
13Courtney McGregorNZL14.53314.666 (=15)14.400 (14)
14Zsófia KovácsHUN14.51214.866 (9)14.158 (16)
15Ellie BlackCAN14.49914.766 (11)14.233 (15)
16Sae MiyakawaJPN14.36614.966 (7)13.766 (=18)
17Phan Thị Hà ThanhVIE14.23314.700 (14)13.766 (=18)
18Marcia VidiauxCUB14.18313.433 (19)14.933 (=5)
19Teja BelakSLO13.65013.500 (18)13.800 (17)

Final (14 August 2016 — 14:47)

Difficulty Judge 1Zhu JieyaCHN
Difficulty Judge 2Anca GrigorașROU
Execution Judge 1Orna ShaiISR
Execution Judge 2Radiye KizilgunSYR
Execution Judge 3Mairéad KavanaghIRL
Execution Judge 4Tamara BelousovaKAZ
Execution Judge 5Sabrina KläsbergGER
Execution Reference Judge 1Dunja LedererCRO
Execution Reference Judge 2Nadežda SeileLAT
Line JudgeEliane MartinsBRA
PosGymnastNOCPointsVault 1Vault 2
1Simone BilesUSA15.96615.900 (1)16.033 (1)
2Mariya PasekaRUS15.25315.266 (4)15.241 (3)
3Giulia SteingruberSUI15.21615.533 (2)14.900 (5)
4Dipa KarmakarIND15.06614.866 (=7)15.266 (2)
5Wang YanCHN14.99914.866 (=7)15.133 (4)
6Hong Un-JongPRK14.90015.400 (3)14.400 (8)
7Oksana ChusovitinaUZB14.83314.933 (6)14.733 (6)
8Shallon OlsenCAN14.81614.966 (5)14.666 (7)