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200 metres Freestyle, Men

Date7 – 8 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants47 from 36 countries
Olympic Record 1:42.96 WR / Michael Phelps USA / 12 August 2008

British swimmer James Guy had won this event at the 2015 World Championships, but Sun Yang of China led the world list coming into Rio. Defending gold medalist Yannick Agnel of France was back, although he had only finished third in the French Olympic trials and was controversially added to the team for this event. German Paul Biedermann was the world record holder, but set that mark in the high-tech suit era, and had never won an Olympic medal.

Sun won the gold medal, swimming 1:44.65, ahead of the surprising Chad le Clos of South Africa, who set an African record with 1:45.20. Bronze went to American Conor Dwyer as Guy finished fourth and Biedermann sixth.

1Sun YangCHN1:45.75 (1 h5)1:44.63 (1 h2)1:44.65 (1)Gold
2Chad le ClosRSA1:45.89 (2 h5)1:45.94 (5 h2)1:45.20 (2)Silver
3Conor DwyerUSA1:45.95 (1 h6)1:45.55 (1 h1)1:45.23 (3)Bronze
4James GuyGBR1:46.13 (2 h6)1:46.23 (3 h1)1:45.49 (4)
5Townley HaasUSA1:46.13 (2 h4)1:45.92 (4 h2)1:45.58 (5)
6Paul BiedermannGER1:45.78 (1 h4)1:45.69 (2 h1)1:45.84 (6)
7Kosuke HaginoJPN1:46.19 (3 h6)1:45.45 (2 h2)1:45.90 (7)
8Aleksandr KrasnykhRUS1:47.15 (5 h6)1:45.69 (3 h2)1:45.91 (8)
9Thomas Fraser-HolmesAUS1:46.49 (4 h5)1:46.24 (6 h2)
10Kacper MajchrzakPOL1:47.12 (6 h5)1:46.30 (4 h1)
11Sebastiaan VerschurenNED1:46.32 (3 h5)1:46.34 (5 h1)
12Myles BrownRSA1:46.78 (5 h5)1:46.57 (6 h1)
13Velimir StjepanovićSRB1:46.64 (4 h6)1:47.28 (7 h1)
14Glenn SurgelooseBEL1:47.19 (5 h4)1:47.36 (8 h1)
15Dominik KozmaHUN1:46.68 (4 h4)1:47.53 (7 h2)
16Cristian QuinteroVEN1:47.02 (1 h2)1:48.00 (8 h2)
17Jérémy StraviusFRA1:46.67 (3 h4)
18Felix AuböckAUT1:47.24 (1 h3)
19Yannick AgnelFRA1:47.35 (6 h4)
20Matt StanleyNZL1:47.37 (2 h3)
21Matias KoskiFIN1:47.40 (6 h6)
22Federico GrabichARG1:47.41 (3 h3)
23Andrea D'ArrigoITA1:47.46 (4 h3)
24Marwan El-KamashEGY1:47.52 (5 h3)
25João de LuccaBRA1:47.63 (7 h4)
26Welson SimMAS1:47.67 (6 h3)
27Dion DreesensNED1:47.76 (7 h6)
28Christoph FildebrandtGER1:47.81 (7 h5)
29Park Tae-HwanKOR1:48.06 (8 h6)
30David McKeonAUS1:48.38 (8 h5)
31Khader BaqlahJOR1:48.42 (1 h1)
32Shang KeyuanCHN1:48.46 (2 h2)
33Marco BelottiITA1:48.71 (3 h2)
34Alexei SancovMDA1:48.85 (2 h1)
35Cam KurleGBR1:49.08 (4 h2)
36Nikita LobintsevRUS1:49.35 (7 h3)
37Péter BernekHUN1:49.73 (8 h3)
38Alexandre HaldemannSUI1:49.94 (5 h2)
39Anže TavčarSLO1:49.96 (3 h1)
40Henrik ChristiansenNOR1:50.09 (6 h2)
=41Hoàng Quý PhướcVIE1:50.39 (=7 h2)
=41Ahmed MathlouthiTUN1:50.39 (=7 h2)
43Marcelo AcostaESA1:51.46 (4 h1)
44Noah Mascoll-GomesANT1:53.16 (5 h1)
45Mikel SchreudersARU1:55.10 (6 h1)
46Brandon SchusterSAM1:57.72 (7 h1)
47Ahmed GebrelPLE1:59.71 (8 h1)
DNSNicolas OliveiraBRA– (DNS h4)

Round One (7 August 2016 — 13:19)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (13:19)

14Khader BaqlahJOR1:48.420.73
23Alexei SancovMDA1:48.850.64
35Anže TavčarSLO1:49.960.76
46Marcelo AcostaESA1:51.460.66
57Noah Mascoll-GomesANT1:53.160.68
62Mikel SchreudersARU1:55.100.71
71Brandon SchusterSAM1:57.720.70
88Ahmed GebrelPLE1:59.710.74

Heat Two (13:24)

14Cristian QuinteroVEN1:47.020.66Q
26Shang KeyuanCHN1:48.460.71
35Marco BelottiITA1:48.710.66
43Cam KurleGBR1:49.080.73
52Alexandre HaldemannSUI1:49.940.78
61Henrik ChristiansenNOR1:50.090.76
=77Hoàng Quý PhướcVIE1:50.390.67
=78Ahmed MathlouthiTUN1:50.390.70

Heat Three (13:29)

16Felix AuböckAUT1:47.240.78
27Matt StanleyNZL1:47.370.73
34Federico GrabichARG1:47.410.67
43Andrea D'ArrigoITA1:47.460.69
58Marwan El-KamashEGY1:47.520.68
62Welson SimMAS1:47.670.70
71Nikita LobintsevRUS1:49.350.72
85Péter BernekHUN1:49.730.74

Heat Four (13:34)

14Paul BiedermannGER1:45.780.84Q
25Townley HaasUSA1:46.130.79Q
36Jérémy StraviusFRA1:46.670.701
48Dominik KozmaHUN1:46.680.71Q
57Glenn SurgelooseBEL1:47.190.74Q
63Yannick AgnelFRA1:47.350.70
72João de LuccaBRA1:47.630.68
DNS1Nicolas OliveiraBRA

Heat Five (13:39)

14Sun YangCHN1:45.750.77Q
26Chad le ClosRSA1:45.890.66Q
33Sebastiaan VerschurenNED1:46.320.70Q
45Thomas Fraser-HolmesAUS1:46.490.67Q
57Myles BrownRSA1:46.780.68Q
61Kacper MajchrzakPOL1:47.120.70Q
78Christoph FildebrandtGER1:47.810.66
82David McKeonAUS1:48.380.71

Heat Six (13:44)

13Conor DwyerUSA1:45.950.67Q
24James GuyGBR1:46.130.65Q
35Kosuke HaginoJPN1:46.190.66Q
46Velimir StjepanovićSRB1:46.640.66Q
57Aleksandr KrasnykhRUS1:47.150.67Q
68Matias KoskiFIN1:47.400.70
71Dion DreesensNED1:47.760.76
82Park Tae-HwanKOR1:48.060.65

Semi-Finals (7 August 2016 — 22:11)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (22:11)

15Conor DwyerUSA1:45.550.68Q
24Paul BiedermannGER1:45.690.83Q
33James GuyGBR1:46.230.64Q
41Kacper MajchrzakPOL1:46.300.69
56Sebastiaan VerschurenNED1:46.340.72
67Myles BrownRSA1:46.570.67
72Velimir StjepanovićSRB1:47.280.64
88Glenn SurgelooseBEL1:47.360.75

Heat Two (22:20)

14Sun YangCHN1:44.630.77Q
26Kosuke HaginoJPN1:45.450.65Q
38Aleksandr KrasnykhRUS1:45.690.69Q
43Townley HaasUSA1:45.920.81Q
55Chad le ClosRSA1:45.940.65Q
62Thomas Fraser-HolmesAUS1:46.240.65
77Dominik KozmaHUN1:47.530.68
81Cristian QuinteroVEN1:48.000.68

Final (8 August 2016 — 22:21)

14Sun YangCHN1:44.650.76
21Chad le ClosRSA1:45.200.63
33Conor DwyerUSA1:45.230.65
48James GuyGBR1:45.490.66
57Townley HaasUSA1:45.580.76
66Paul BiedermannGER1:45.840.84
75Kosuke HaginoJPN1:45.900.65
82Aleksandr KrasnykhRUS1:45.910.66