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1,500 metres Freestyle, Men

Date12 – 13 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants45 from 32 countries

Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri had won the 2015 World Championship, but that was in the absence of China’s Sun Yang, who had won the 400 and 1,500 at the London Olympics. Other medal contenders included American Connor Jaeger, Australian Mack Horton, Canadian Ryan Cochrane, and Italy’s Gabriele Detti.

Sun surprised in the heats by failing to qualify for the final, but all the other medal favorites made it. The lead on the first few laps was taken by Cochrane, but Paltrinieri went ahead at 200 metres and was never caught. He was ahead of world record splits for the first half of the race but could not maintain that pace. Jaeger moved into second at 700 metres, passing Horton, and Jaeger would go on to win the silver medal. Detti was still sixth at 900 metres and did not move up to the bronze medal position until 1,300 metres, but gave Italy two swimmers on the podium. Paltrinieri finished in 14:34.57, almost five seconds ahead of Jaeger, who still set an American record of 14:39.48.

1Gregorio PaltrinieriITA14:44.51 (1 h6)14:34.57 (1)Gold
2Connor JaegerUSA14:45.74 (2 h6)14:39.48 (2)Silver
3Gabriele DettiITA14:48.68 (3 h5)14:40.86 (3)Bronze
4Jordan WilimovskyUSA14:48.23 (1 h5)14:45.03 (4)
5Mack HortonAUS14:48.47 (2 h5)14:49.54 (5)
6Ryan CochraneCAN14:53.44 (5 h5)14:49.61 (6)
7Damien JolyFRA14:48.90 (4 h5)14:52.73 (7)
8Henrik ChristiansenNOR14:55.40 (6 h5)15:02.66 (8)
9Jack McLoughlinAUS14:56.02 (3 h6)
10Stephen MilneGBR14:57.23 (4 h6)
11Ahmed AkramEGY14:58.37 (5 h6)
12Jan MickaCZE14:58.69 (1 h4)
13Ilya DruzhininRUS14:59.56 (1 h2)
14Yaroslav PotapovRUS15:00.99 (2 h4)
15Mykhailo RomanchukUKR15:01.35 (6 h6)
16Sun YangCHN15:01.97 (7 h5)
17Serhiy FrolovUKR15:04.61 (3 h4)
18Anton IpsenDEN15:05.91 (1 h3)
19Gergely GyurtaHUN15:06.24 (7 h6)
20Qiu ZiaoCHN15:06.71 (4 h4)
21Oussama MellouliTUN15:07.78 (1 h1)
22Marcelo AcostaESA15:08.17 (2 h2)
23Esteban EndericaECU15:10.15 (2 h3)
24Marc SánchezESP15:11.38 (3 h3)
25Ricardo VargasMEX15:11.53 (3 h2)
26Antonio ArroyoESP15:12.61 (4 h3)
27Tim ShuttleworthGBR15:13.01 (8 h5)
28Wojciech WojdakPOL15:13.18 (5 h4)
29Brandonn AlmeidaBRA15:14.73 (4 h2)
30Pál JoensenDEN15:18.49 (6 h4)
31Miguel ValenteBRA15:22.57 (5 h2)
32Florian WellbrockGER15:23.88 (8 h6)
33Mateusz SawrymowiczPOL15:26.33 (5 h3)
34Richard NagySVK15:26.48 (7 h4)
35Kristóf RasovszkyHUN15:29.36 (6 h2)
36Martin BauSLO15:29.95 (7 h2)
37Mihajlo ČeprkaloBIH15:31.62 (2 h1)
38Matt HutchinsNZL15:32.60 (3 h1)
39Welson SimMAS15:32.63 (4 h1)
40Nicolas d'OrianoFRA15:33.62 (6 h3)
41Matthew MeyerRSA15:36.22 (7 h3)
42Felix AuböckAUT15:36.24 (8 h4)
43Martín NaidichARG15:39.93 (8 h2)
44Wesley RobertsCOK15:44.32 (5 h1)
45Felipe TapiaCHI16:02.44 (6 h1)
DNSPark Tae-HwanKOR– (DNS h3)

Round One (12 August 2016 — 13:40)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (13:40)

14Oussama MellouliTUN15:07.780.88
25Mihajlo ČeprkaloBIH15:31.620.75
33Matt HutchinsNZL15:32.600.72
46Welson SimMAS15:32.630.73
52Wesley RobertsCOK15:44.320.76
67Felipe TapiaCHI16:02.440.76

Heat Two (13:58)

14Ilya DruzhininRUS14:59.560.77
26Marcelo AcostaESA15:08.170.68
32Ricardo VargasMEX15:11.530.74
43Brandonn AlmeidaBRA15:14.730.67
51Miguel ValenteBRA15:22.570.66
65Kristóf RasovszkyHUN15:29.360.79
78Martin BauSLO15:29.950.69
87Martín NaidichARG15:39.930.72

Heat Three (14:16)

15Anton IpsenDEN15:05.910.75
22Esteban EndericaECU15:10.150.68
37Marc SánchezESP15:11.380.67
43Antonio ArroyoESP15:12.610.71
56Mateusz SawrymowiczPOL15:26.330.79
64Nicolas d'OrianoFRA15:33.620.75
71Matthew MeyerRSA15:36.220.85
DNS8Park Tae-HwanKOR

Heat Four (14:34)

13Jan MickaCZE14:58.690.72
21Yaroslav PotapovRUS15:00.990.75
37Serhiy FrolovUKR15:04.610.75
44Qiu ZiaoCHN15:06.710.74
56Wojciech WojdakPOL15:13.180.74
65Pál JoensenDEN15:18.490.72
78Richard NagySVK15:26.480.72
82Felix AuböckAUT15:36.240.80

Heat Five (14:52)

13Jordan WilimovskyUSA14:48.230.75Q
24Mack HortonAUS14:48.470.74Q
35Gabriele DettiITA14:48.680.80Q
48Damien JolyFRA14:48.900.72Q
56Ryan CochraneCAN14:53.440.75Q
62Henrik ChristiansenNOR14:55.400.80Q
77Sun YangCHN15:01.970.76
81Tim ShuttleworthGBR15:13.010.77

Heat Six (15:10)

14Gregorio PaltrinieriITA14:44.510.80Q
25Connor JaegerUSA14:45.740.72Q
33Jack McLoughlinAUS14:56.020.76
41Stephen MilneGBR14:57.230.77
52Ahmed AkramEGY14:58.370.74
66Mykhailo RomanchukUKR15:01.350.74
77Gergely GyurtaHUN15:06.240.72
88Florian WellbrockGER15:23.880.70

Final (13 August 2016 — 22:11)

14Gregorio PaltrinieriITA14:34.570.75
25Connor JaegerUSA14:39.480.75
32Gabriele DettiITA14:40.860.77
43Jordan WilimovskyUSA14:45.030.66
56Mack HortonAUS14:49.540.72
61Ryan CochraneCAN14:49.610.74
77Damien JolyFRA14:52.730.70
88Henrik ChristiansenNOR15:02.660.84