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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date6 – 7 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants46 from 38 countries

Britain’s Adam Peaty had won the 2015 World Championship and was the only swimmer to ever break 58 seconds in this event, with the second best performer over ½-second behind his personal best. The battle seemed to be for the other medals, and was felt to be contested by South African Cameron van der Bergh, the defending gold medalist, and Americans Kevin Cordes and Cody Miller.

That was exactly how the final worked out, as Peaty won gold in a stunning world record 57.13, winning by more than 1½ seconds over van der Bergh, with Miller winning a slightly surprising bronze, as he had not been heard from much before 2016. Peaty had actually broken his world record of 57.92 in the sixth heat, finishing in 57.55, then shattering that in the final. In all, he lowered the pre-Rio world mark by 0.79 seconds, a huge margin at this distance, and his record was 1.33 seconds ahead of the second fastest performer of all-time, van der Bergh.

1Adam PeatyGBR57.55 (1 h6)57.62 (1 h2)57.13 (1)GoldWR
2Cameron van der BurghRSA59.35 (2 h5)59.21 (3 h2)58.69 (2)Silver
3Cody MillerUSA59.17 (3 h4)59.05 (2 h2)58.87 (3)Bronze
4Kevin CordesUSA59.13 (2 h4)59.33 (2 h1)59.22 (4)
5João Gomes JúniorBRA59.46 (3 h5)59.40 (3 h1)59.31 (5)
6Yasuhiro KosekiJPN58.91 (1 h4)59.23 (1 h1)59.37 (6)
7Felipe FrançaBRA59.01 (1 h5)59.35 (4 h2)59.38 (7)
8Dmitry BalandinKAZ59.47 (4 h4)59.45 (5 h2)59.95 (8)
9Jake PackardAUS59.26 (2 h6)59.48 (4 h1)
10Giedrius TitenisLTU59.90 (5 h6)59.80 (5 h1)
11Ross MurdochGBR59.47 (3 h6)1:00.05 (6 h1)
12Christian vom LehnGER1:00.13 (5 h4)1:00.23 (6 h2)
13Li XiangCHN59.55 (4 h6)1:00.25 (7 h2)
14Vsevolod ZankoRUS59.91 (6 h6)1:00.39 (8 h2)
15Glenn SnydersNZL1:00.26 (=6 h4)1:00.50 (7 h1)
16Jorge MurilloCOL59.93 (1 h3)1:00.81 (8 h1)
17Dániel GyurtaHUN1:00.26 (=6 h4)
18Ippei WatanabeJPN1:00.33 (4 h5)
19Panagiotis SamilidisGRE1:00.35 (7 h6)
20Kirill PrigodaRUS1:00.37 (5 h5)
21Damir DugonjičSLO1:00.41 (6 h5)
22Andrea ToniatoITA1:00.45 (7 h5)
23Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU1:00.59 (2 h3)
24Yannick KäserSUI1:00.71 (1 h2)
25Jason BlockCAN1:00.71 (3 h3)
26Čaba SilađiSRB1:00.76 (8 h5)
27Laurent CarnolLUX1:00.88 (4 h3)
28Yan ZibeiCHN1:00.88 (8 h6)
29Marcin StolarskiPOL1:01.06 (8 h4)
30Carlos ClaverieVEN1:01.13 (2 h2)
31Josh PalmerAUS1:01.13 (5 h3)
32Erik PerssonSWE1:01.20 (3 h2)
33Nicholas QuinnIRL1:01.29 (4 h2)
34Vladislav MustafinUZB1:01.66 (6 h3)
35Anton McKeeISL1:01.84 (7 h3)
36Azad BaraziSYR1:02.22 (5 h2)
37Radomyos MatjiurTHA1:02.36 (1 h1)
38Matti MattssonFIN1:02.45 (6 h2)
39Martín MelconianURU1:02.67 (2 h1)
40Julian FletcherBER1:02.73 (3 h1)
41Édgar CrespoPAN1:02.78 (7 h2)
42Tomáš KlobučníkSVK1:02.93 (8 h3)
43Benjamin SchulteGUM1:03.29 (4 h1)
44Dustin TynesBAH1:03.71 (8 h2)
45Amini FonuaTGA1:06.40 (5 h1)
46Corey OllivierreGRN1:08.68 (6 h1)

Round One (6 August 2016 — 15:04)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (15:04)

15Radomyos MatjiurTHA1:02.360.74
24Martín MelconianURU1:02.670.72
33Julian FletcherBER1:02.730.68
42Benjamin SchulteGUM1:03.290.69
56Amini FonuaTGA1:06.400.64
67Corey OllivierreGRN1:08.680.67

Heat Two (15:07)

15Yannick KäserSUI1:00.710.77
24Carlos ClaverieVEN1:01.130.71
36Erik PerssonSWE1:01.200.68
43Nicholas QuinnIRL1:01.290.71
52Azad BaraziSYR1:02.220.69
61Matti MattssonFIN1:02.450.70
77Édgar CrespoPAN1:02.780.65
88Dustin TynesBAH1:03.710.64

Heat Three (15:10)

15Jorge MurilloCOL59.930.68Q
23Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU1:00.590.73
37Jason BlockCAN1:00.710.73
48Laurent CarnolLUX1:00.880.71
54Josh PalmerAUS1:01.130.69
61Vladislav MustafinUZB1:01.660.68
76Anton McKeeISL1:01.840.66
82Tomáš KlobučníkSVK1:02.930.75

Heat Four (15:13)

16Yasuhiro KosekiJPN58.910.67Q
24Kevin CordesUSA59.130.70Q
35Cody MillerUSA59.170.66Q
43Dmitry BalandinKAZ59.470.68Q
52Christian vom LehnGER1:00.130.70Q
=67Glenn SnydersNZL1:00.260.65Q1
=68Dániel GyurtaHUN1:00.260.702
81Marcin StolarskiPOL1:01.060.66

Heat Five (15:16)

13Felipe FrançaBRA59.010.70Q
24Cameron van der BurghRSA59.350.64Q
35João Gomes JúniorBRA59.460.67Q
41Ippei WatanabeJPN1:00.330.67
56Kirill PrigodaRUS1:00.370.61
67Damir DugonjičSLO1:00.410.69
78Andrea ToniatoITA1:00.450.61
82Čaba SilađiSRB1:00.760.69

Heat Six (15:19)

14Adam PeatyGBR57.550.55QWR
26Jake PackardAUS59.260.67Q
33Ross MurdochGBR59.470.63Q
41Li XiangCHN59.550.68Q
55Giedrius TitenisLTU59.900.69Q
62Vsevolod ZankoRUS59.910.66Q
78Panagiotis SamilidisGRE1:00.350.65
87Yan ZibeiCHN1:00.880.64

Semi-Finals (6 August 2016 — 23:08)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (23:08)

14Yasuhiro KosekiJPN59.230.67Q
25Kevin CordesUSA59.330.70Q
36João Gomes JúniorBRA59.400.70Q
43Jake PackardAUS59.480.67
57Giedrius TitenisLTU59.800.71
62Ross MurdochGBR1:00.050.61
78Glenn SnydersNZL1:00.500.67
81Jorge MurilloCOL1:00.810.67

Heat Two (23:16)

14Adam PeatyGBR57.620.58Q
23Cody MillerUSA59.050.66Q
36Cameron van der BurghRSA59.210.66Q
45Felipe FrançaBRA59.350.74Q
52Dmitry BalandinKAZ59.450.69Q
68Christian vom LehnGER1:00.230.72
77Li XiangCHN1:00.250.73
81Vsevolod ZankoRUS1:00.390.67

Final (7 August 2016 — 22:53)

14Adam PeatyGBR57.130.57WR
23Cameron van der BurghRSA58.690.64
35Cody MillerUSA58.870.67
42Kevin CordesUSA59.220.69
51João Gomes JúniorBRA59.310.68
66Yasuhiro KosekiJPN59.370.69
77Felipe FrançaBRA59.380.67
88Dmitry BalandinKAZ59.950.69