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Team, Women

Date31 July – 4 August 1992
LocationCampo Olímpico de Tiro con Arco, Barcelona
Participants51 from 17 countries
FormatThree-man teams. FITA Round Ranking Round (scores carried over from the individual event), followed by single elimination rounds. Team event shot entirely at 70 metres. Matches consisted of 27 arrows, 9 per archer.

Korea was the defending champion, the 1989 and 1991 World Champions, and the overwhelming favorite in Barcelona in this event. They had the gold and silver medalists from the individual event, and they confirmed their favorite’s status by destroying the world record in the ranking round. It seemed only a matter of how big their margins would be. But then in the quarter-finals Korea were surprisingly tied by Sweden, although they advanced to the semi-finals in a shoot-out, where they defeated France easily, going on to win the gold in the final match over China. France lost the bronze medal match to the Unified Team.

1Republic of KoreaKORGold
Kim Su-NyeongJo Yun-JeongLee Eun-Gyeong
2People's Republic of ChinaCHNSilver
Ma XiangjunWang XiaozhuWang Hong
3Unified TeamEUNBronze
Khatuna KvrivishviliLiudmyla ArzhannikovaNatalia Valeeva
Séverine BonalNathalie HibonChristine Gabillard
Jenny SjöwallKristina PerssonLise-Lotte Djerf
Natalia Nasaridze-ÇakirElif EkşiZehra Öktem
7Democratic People's Republic of KoreaPRK
Kim Jong-HwaLi Myong-GumSin Song-Hui
8United StatesUSA
Jennifer O'DonnellSherry BlockDenise Parker
Nurfitriyana Saiman-LantangRusena GelantehPurnama Pandiangan
Astrid HänschenMarion WagnerCornelia Pfohl
11Chinese TaipeiTPE
Lai Fang-MeiLin Yi-YinLiu Pi-Yu
Sjan van DijkJacqueline van Rozendaal-van GervenChristel Verstegen
13Great BritainGBR
Alison WilliamsonJoanne EdensSylvia Harris
Tímea KissMarina SzendeyJudit Kovács
Yukiko IkedaReiko FujitaKeiko Nakagomi
Joanna NowickaIwona OkrzesikEdyta Korotkin
Karma TshomoPem TsheringNamgyal Lhamu

Ranking Round (31 July – 1 August 1992 — 09:00)

Top 16 teams advanced to single-elimination tournament.

1Republic of KoreaKOR4,094432247151QOR
Kim Su-Nyeong1,3641447955QOR
Jo Yun-Jeong1,3751448850QOR
Lee Eun-Gyeong1,3551448046QOR
2Unified TeamEUN3,978432200145Q
Khatuna Kvrivishvili1,3261446654Q
Liudmyla Arzhannikova1,3061445945Q
Natalia Valeeva1,3461447546Q
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN3,910432164167Q
Ma Xiangjun1,3131445657Q
Wang Xiaozhu1,2951445358Q
Wang Hong1,3021445552Q
4United StatesUSA3,899432144184Q
Jennifer O'Donnell1,2951444464Q
Sherry Block1,2711444055Q
Denise Parker1,3331446065Q
Séverine Bonal1,3211446453Q
Nathalie Hibon1,2851444267Q
Christine Gabillard1,2541444447Q
6Chinese TaipeiTPE3,847432134181Q
Lai Fang-Mei1,3231445663Q
Lin Yi-Yin1,3021444865Q
Liu Pi-Yu1,2221443053Q
Natalia Nasaridze-Çakir1,3071444964Q
Elif Ekşi1,2581443766Q
Zehra Öktem1,2711444060Q
Jenny Sjöwall1,2931444859Q
Kristina Persson1,2661444256Q
Lise-Lotte Djerf1,2751444160Q
9Great BritainGBR3,817432135165Q
Alison Williamson1,3231446550Q
Joanne Edens1,2641443859Q
Sylvia Harris1,2301443256Q
Joanna Nowicka1,3151445666Q
Iwona Okrzesik1,2231443549Q
Edyta Korotkin1,2701444856Q
11Democratic People's Republic of KoreaPRK3,801432126168Q
Kim Jong-Hwa1,3051445953Q
Li Myong-Gum1,2811444067Q
Sin Song-Hui1,2151442748Q
Nurfitriyana Saiman-Lantang1,2701444553Q
Rusena Gelanteh1,2571444445Q
Purnama Pandiangan1,2701444650Q
Tímea Kiss1,2071443342Q
Marina Szendey1,2651444350Q
Judit Kovács1,3041445261Q
Sjan van Dijk1,1541443036Q
Jacqueline van Rozendaal-van Gerven1,2711444259Q
Christel Verstegen1,2751444950Q
Astrid Hänschen1,2451443949Q
Marion Wagner1,2071443642Q
Cornelia Pfohl1,2391433653Q
Yukiko Ikeda1,2231443943Q
Reiko Fujita1,2281442364Q
Keiko Nakagomi1,2291443451Q
Karma Tshomo1,1601442440
Pem Tshering1,1291442040
Namgyal Lhamu1,0471401731

Round One (4 August 1992 — 09:00)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 KOR 244 – 222JPN
Match #2 SWE 239 – 229GBR
Match #3 FRA 236 – 235INA
Match #4 USA 235 – 222HUN
Match #5 CHN 230 – 230NED
Match #6 PRK 234 – 231TPE
Match #7 TUR 235 – 213POL
Match #8 EUN 242 – 234GER

Quarter-Finals (4 August 1992)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 KOR 240 – 240SWE
Match #2 FRA 234 – 225USA
Match #3 CHN 235 – 227PRK
Match #4 EUN 242 – 228TUR

Semi-Finals (4 August 1992)

Winner of each match advanced to the final round.

Match #1 KOR 246 – 221FRA
Match #2 CHN 224 – 224EUN

Final Round (4 August 1992)

Match 1-2 KOR 236 – 228CHN
Match 3-4 EUN 240 – 222FRA