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Singles, Women

Date16 – 22 September 2000
LocationThe Dome and Exhibition Complex, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales (Pavilion 4)
Participants40 from 23 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

The top two seeds were Gong Zhichao (CHN) and Camilla Martin (DEN). Martin was 1999 World Champion (the first non-Asian woman since 1977 to hold that title), while Gong was the World Cup leader. The last three All-England titles had been won by China’s Ye Zhaoying. Martin and Gong easily made it to the final, with Gong defeating Ye in the semi-finals, where Gong prevailed in straight sets. Ye won the bronze medal, defeating her countrywoman Dai Yun, in three sets.

In 2022, Ye Zhaoying, by then living in Malaga, Spain with her husband, revealed in a televised interview that she had been ordered to lose her semi-final match to Gong, because Chinese officials felt Gong had a better chance to defeat Martin in the finals.

1Gong ZhichaoCHNGold
2Camilla MartinDENSilver
3Ye ZhaoyingCHNBronze
4Dai YunCHN
=5Huang Chia-ChiTPE
=5Kim Ji-HyeonKOR
=5 Mia AudinaNED
=5Yasuko MizuiJPN
=9Chan Ya-LinTPE
=9Julia MannGBR
=9Kanako YonekuraJPN
=9Kelly MorganGBR
=9Lee Gyeong-WonKOR
=9Lidya DjaelawijayaINA
=9Mette SørensenDEN
=9Nicole GretherGER
=17Anu WeckströmFIN
=17Olena NozdranUKR
=17Ella KarachkovaRUS
=17Ellen AngelinaINA
=17Judith MeulendijksNED
=17Ling Wan TingHKG
=17Maja PoharSLO
=17Marina YakushevaRUS
=17Milaine CloutierCAN
=17Neli Nedyalkova-BotevaBUL
=17Rayoni HeadAUS
=17Rhonda CatorAUS
=17Sandra DimbourFRA
=17Sonya McGinnIRL
=17Takako IdaJPN
=17Louisa KoonHKG
=33Amrita SawaramMRI
=33Aparna PopatIND
=33Kara SolmundsonCAN
=33Katarzyna KrasowskaPOL
=33Kellie LucasAUS
=33Robbyn HermitageCAN
=33Sujitra EkmongkolpaisarnTHA
=33Tatiana VattierFRA

Round One

Date16 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Match #116 SepPavilion 4Gong Zhichao (1)CHNbye
Match #216 SepPavilion 4Ling Wan TingHKGbye
Match #316 SepPavilion 4Sandra DimbourFRAbye
Match #416 Sep 14:20Pavilion 4 - Court 3Lidya DjaelawijayaINA11-4, 11-4Kara SolmundsonCAN
Match #516 SepPavilion 4Yasuko Mizui (8)JPNbye
Match #616 SepPavilion 4Marina YakushevaRUSbye
Match #716 SepPavilion 4Maja PoharSLObye
Match #816 Sep 14:55Pavilion 4 - Court 2Julia MannGBR11-0, 11-0Amrita SawaramMRI
Match #916 SepPavilion 4Ye Zhaoying (4)CHNbye
Match #1016 SepPavilion 4Judith MeulendijksNEDbye
Match #1116 SepPavilion 4Takako IdaJPNbye
Match #1216 Sep 15:15Pavilion 4 - Court 1Mette SørensenDEN11-7, 13-10Sujitra EkmongkolpaisarnTHA
Match #1316 SepPavilion 4Lee Gyeong-Won (7)KORbye
Match #1416 SepPavilion 4Olena NozdranUKRbye
Match #1516 SepPavilion 4Huang Chia-ChiTPEbye
Match #1616 Sep 21:10Pavilion 4 - Court 2Neli Nedyalkova-BotevaBUL11-5, 11-6Kellie LucasAUS
Match #1716 Sep 15:35Pavilion 4 - Court 3Nicole GretherGER13-12, 11-2Katarzyna KrasowskaPOL
Match #1816 SepPavilion 4Rhonda CatorAUSbye
Match #1916 SepPavilion 4Milaine CloutierCANbye
Match #2016 SepPavilion 4Kim Ji-Hyeon (6)KORbye
Match #2116 Sep 16:55Pavilion 4 - Court 2Kanako YonekuraJPN11-2, 11-1Tatiana VattierFRA
Match #2216 SepPavilion 4Anu WeckströmFINbye
Match #2316 SepPavilion 4Ella KarachkovaRUSbye
Match #2416 SepPavilion 4Dai Yun (3)CHNbye
Match #2516 Sep 20:40Pavilion 4 - Court 3Rayoni HeadAUS11-7, 11-2Robbyn HermitageCAN
Match #2616 SepPavilion 4Chan Ya-LinTPEbye
Match #2716 SepPavilion 4Sonya McGinnIRLbye
Match #2816 SepPavilion 4 Mia Audina (5)NEDbye
Match #2916 Sep 14:00Pavilion 4 - Court 1Kelly MorganGBR5-11, 11-7, 11-2Aparna PopatIND
Match #3016 SepPavilion 4Louisa KoonHKGbye
Match #3116 SepPavilion 4Ellen AngelinaINAbye
Match #3216 SepPavilion 4Camilla Martin (2)DENbye

Round Two

Date17 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Match #117 Sep 9:45Pavilion 4 - Court 1Gong Zhichao (1)CHN11-4, 11-3Ling Wan TingHKG
Match #217 Sep 10:10Pavilion 4 - Court 2Lidya DjaelawijayaINA11-1, 11-6Sandra DimbourFRA
Match #317 Sep 9:40Pavilion 4 - Court 2Yasuko Mizui (8)JPN11-10, 11-6Marina YakushevaRUS
Match #417 Sep 9:20Pavilion 4 - Court 3Julia MannGBR11-4, 11-7Maja PoharSLO
Match #517 Sep 16:00Pavilion 4 - Court 1Ye Zhaoying (4)CHN11-3, 9-11, 11-7Judith MeulendijksNED
Match #617 Sep 21:30Pavilion 4 - Court 2Mette SørensenDEN13-12, 11-7Takako IdaJPN
Match #717 Sep 10:40Pavilion 4 - Court 2Lee Gyeong-Won (7)KOR11-1, 11-5Olena NozdranUKR
Match #817 Sep 10:35Pavilion 4 - Court 3Huang Chia-ChiTPE11-1, 11-5Neli Nedyalkova-BotevaBUL
Match #917 Sep 14:10Pavilion 4 - Court 2Nicole GretherGER11-3, 11-3Rhonda CatorAUS
Match #1017 Sep 9:10Pavilion 4 - Court 2Kim Ji-Hyeon (6)KOR11-1, 11-3Milaine CloutierCAN
Match #1117 Sep 15:50Pavilion 4 - Court 3Kanako YonekuraJPN11-8, 11-2Anu WeckströmFIN
Match #1217 Sep 11:00Pavilion 4 - Court 1Dai Yun (3)CHN11-3, 11-5Ella KarachkovaRUS
Match #1317 Sep 19:50Pavilion 4 - Court 3Chan Ya-LinTPE11-1, 11-1Rayoni HeadAUS
Match #1417 Sep 21:10Pavilion 4 - Court 2 Mia Audina (5)NED11-3, 11-6Sonya McGinnIRL
Match #1517 Sep 20:15Pavilion 4 - Court 1Kelly MorganGBR8-11, 11-3, 11-1Louisa KoonHKG
Match #1617 Sep 14:45Pavilion 4 - Court 1Camilla Martin (2)DEN11-6, 11-2Ellen AngelinaINA

Round Three

Date18 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Match #118 Sep 14:45Pavilion 4 - Court 1Gong Zhichao (1)CHN11-9, 11-3Lidya DjaelawijayaINA
Match #218 Sep 16:55Pavilion 4 - Court 2Yasuko Mizui (8)JPN11-9, 11-5Julia MannGBR
Match #318 Sep 20:25Pavilion 4 - Court 2Ye Zhaoying (4)CHN11-4, 11-6Mette SørensenDEN
Match #418 Sep 20:35Pavilion 4 - Court 3Huang Chia-ChiTPE11-9, 11-6Lee Gyeong-Won (7)KOR
Match #518 Sep 21:50Pavilion 4 - Court 3Kim Ji-Hyeon (6)KOR11-0, 11-3Nicole GretherGER
Match #618 Sep 15:05Pavilion 4 - Court 3Dai Yun (3)CHN11-2, 11-5Kanako YonekuraJPN
Match #718 Sep 14:10Pavilion 4 - Court 2 Mia Audina (5)NED11-2, 11-2Chan Ya-LinTPE
Match #818 Sep 20:15Pavilion 4 - Court 1Camilla Martin (2)DEN11-7, 11-3Kelly MorganGBR


Date19 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Match #119 Sep 20:15Pavilion 4 - Court 1Gong Zhichao (1)CHN11-6, 11-3Yasuko Mizui (8)JPN
Match #219 Sep 15:15Pavilion 4 - Court 1Ye Zhaoying (4)CHN11-3, 11-4Huang Chia-ChiTPE
Match #319 Sep 14:45Pavilion 4 - Court 1Dai Yun (3)CHN11-3, 11-4Kim Ji-HyeonKOR
Match #419 Sep 20:45Pavilion 4 - Court 1Camilla Martin (2)DEN11-2, 11-1 Mia Audina (5)NED


Date21 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final round.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Match #121 Sep 14:00Pavilion 4 - Court 1Gong Zhichao (1)CHN11-8, 11-8Ye Zhaoying (4)CHN
Match #221 Sep 15:40Pavilion 4 - Court 1Camilla Martin (2)DEN11-5, 11-0Dai Yun (3)CHN

Final Round

Date22 September 2000
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Match 1/222 Sep 21:30Pavilion 4 - Court 1Gong Zhichao (1)CHN13-10, 11-3Camilla Martin (2)DEN
Match 3/422 Sep 14:50Pavilion 4 - Court 1Ye Zhaoying (4)CHN8-11, 11-2, 11-6Dai Yun (3)CHN