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Dueling Pistol, 30 metres, Team, Men

Date29 June – 3 July 1912 — 15:00
LocationKaknäs, Djurgården, Stockholm
Participants28 from 7 countries
Format30 metres. Four-man teams. 30 shots per shooter in 6 series of 5 shots each. Scoring by hits on target, with ties broken by points. 30 hits possible per shooter, 300 points possible per shooter; 120 hits possible per Team, 1,200 possible per Team.

Sweden won this event comfortably, with a perfect score of 120 hits on target, led by the Carlberg twins, Vilhelm and Eric. The highest individual score in this event was made by the United States’ Al Lane, who had won both individual pistol events. The event was decided by the number of hits on target, which enabled Russia to win the silver medal, despite having had only the fourth highest total of points.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsTargets Hit
Vilhelm Carlberg 290
Eric Carlberg 287
Hübner von Holst 284
Paul Palén 284
Amos Kash 281
Nikolay Melnitsky 273
Pavel Voyloshnikov 270
Georgy Panteleymonov 267
3Great BritainGBR1,107117Bronze
Hugh Durant 289
Albert Kempster 285
Charles Stewart 284
Horatio Poulter 249
4United StatesUSA1,097117
Al Lane 292
Reginald Sayre 273
Walter Winans 271
John Dietz 261
Konstantinos Skarlatos 283
Ioannis Theofilakis 275
Fragkiskos Mavrommatis 273
Georgios Petropoulos 226
Edmond Sandoz 285
Charles, Baron de Jaubert 275
Georges, Marquis de Créqui-Montfort de Courtivron 259
Maurice Faure 222
Benno Wandolleck 256
Gerhard Bock 233
Georg Meyer 216
Heinrich Hoffmann 195