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Small-Bore Rifle, Three Positions, 50 metres, Men

Date31 July 1992 — 09:00-10:30-12:00-16:30
LocationCampo de Tiro Olímpico de Mollet, Mollet del Vallès
Participants42 from 24 countries
Olympic Record (1,200 maximum)1,181 / Alister Allan GBR / 22 September 1988
Olympic Record (1,309.0 maximum)1,279.3 / Malcolm Cooper GBR / 22 September 1988
Olympic Record (109.0 maximum)102.0 / Kirill Ivanov URS / 22 September 1988
Olympic Record (Kneeling, 400 maximum)396 / Alister Allan GBR / 22 September 1988
Olympic Record (Prone, 400 maximum)400 WR / Glenn Dubis USA / 22 September 1988
400 WR / Malcolm Cooper GBR / 22 September 1988
400 WR / Ed Etzel USA / 1 August 1984
400 WR / Harald Stenvaag NOR / 1 August 1984
400 WR / Henning Clausen DEN / 23 July 1980
400 WR / Gil Boa CAN / 4 December 1956
400 WR / Iosif Sîrbu ROU / 29 July 1952
400 WR / Boris Andreyev URS / 29 July 1952
Olympic Record (Standing, 400 maximum)389 / Harald Stenvaag NOR / 22 September 1988

The last two gold medals had been won by Britain’s Malcolm Cooper but he was no longer competing and the competition was considered wide open. Juha Hirvi (FIN) led the preliminary round with 1,172 over Ryohei Koba of Japan at 1,171. But Hirvi’s first shot in the final only found the 5-ring and he was never a factor for the gold medal. The final was extremely close with the lead changing hands eight times. On the final shot, Armenia’s Hrachya Petikyan shot 10.1 to win the gold medal over American Robert Foth.

1Hrachya PetikyanEUN1,267.4Gold
2Robert FothUSA1,266.6Silver
3Ryohei KobaJPN1,265.9Bronze
4Juha HirviFIN1,264.8
5Harald StenvaagNOR1,264.6
6Rajmond DebevecSLO1,262.6
7Peter GabrielssonSWE1,261.1
8Zsolt VáriHUN1,258.6
9Nemanja MirosavljevIOA1,163
10Jiang RongCHN1,163
=11Petr KůrkaTCH1,162
=11Lee Eun-CheolKOR1,162
=11Jari PälveFIN1,162
=14Tadeusz CzerwińskiPOL1,160
=14Thomas FarnikAUT1,160
16Jean-Pierre AmatFRA1,159
=17Hubert BichlerGER1,158
=17Cha Yeong-CheolKOR1,158
=17Goran MaksimovićIOA1,158
20Attila ZáhonyiHUN1,157
=21Milan BakešTCH1,155
=21Michel BuryFRA1,155
=21David JohnsonUSA1,155
24Norbert SturnySUI1,154
25Klavs Jørn ChristensenDEN1,153
=26Enrique ClaverolESP1,152
=26Olimpiu MarinROU1,152
=26Wayne SorensenCAN1,152
=29Nils Petter HåkedalNOR1,151
=29Bernd RückerGER1,151
=31Kirill IvanovEUN1,150
=31Zhang YingzhouCHN1,150
=33Michel DionCAN1,146
=33Andi ZumbachSUI1,146
=35Jorge GonzálezESP1,145
=35Jacek KubkaPOL1,145
37Jørgen HerlufsenDEN1,141
=38Alister AllanGBR1,140
=38Wolfram Waibel, Jr.AUT1,140
40Akihiro MeraJPN1,137
41Menachem IlanISR1,132
42Ricardo RusticucciARG1,110

Preliminary Round (31 July 1992)

50 metres. 120 shots, 40 shots prone, 40 kneeling, and 40 standing. 400 possible at each distance, 1,200 posible overall.

1Juha HirviFIN1,172398390384Q
2Ryohei KobaJPN1,171393391387Q
3Robert FothUSA1,169395388386Q
4Hrachya PetikyanEUN1,169399387383Q
5Peter GabrielssonSWE1,168398391379Q
6Rajmond DebevecSLO1,167394386387Q
7Harald StenvaagNOR1,166397388381Q
8Zsolt VáriHUN1,164398387379Q
9Nemanja MirosavljevIOA1,163397392374
10Jiang RongCHN1,163398381384
=11Petr KůrkaTCH1,162394386382
=11Lee Eun-CheolKOR1,162396388378
=11Jari PälveFIN1,162395389378
=14Tadeusz CzerwińskiPOL1,160397389374
=14Thomas FarnikAUT1,160391387382
16Jean-Pierre AmatFRA1,159395388376
=17Hubert BichlerGER1,158399389370
=17Cha Yeong-CheolKOR1,158399382377
=17Goran MaksimovićIOA1,158396383379
20Attila ZáhonyiHUN1,157395381381
=21Milan BakešTCH1,155397383375
=21Michel BuryFRA1,155396388371
=21David JohnsonUSA1,155394382379
24Norbert SturnySUI1,154391390373
25Klavs Jørn ChristensenDEN1,153395384374
=26Enrique ClaverolESP1,152393384375
=26Olimpiu MarinROU1,152398387367
=26Wayne SorensenCAN1,152398388366
=29Nils Petter HåkedalNOR1,151400383368
=29Bernd RückerGER1,151395383373
=31Kirill IvanovEUN1,150396382372
=31Zhang YingzhouCHN1,150390386374
=33Michel DionCAN1,146393388365
=33Andi ZumbachSUI1,146392379375
=35Jorge GonzálezESP1,145390388367
=35Jacek KubkaPOL1,145396375374
37Jørgen HerlufsenDEN1,141395381365
=38Alister AllanGBR1,140399380361
=38Wolfram Waibel, Jr.AUT1,140394379367
40Akihiro MeraJPN1,137394373370
41Menachem IlanISR1,132390380362
42Ricardo RusticucciARG1,110392368350

Final Round (31 July 1992)

Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Hrachya PetikyanEUN1,267.41,16998.4
2Robert FothUSA1,266.61,16997.6
3Ryohei KobaJPN1,265.91,17194.9
4Juha HirviFIN1,264.81,17292.8
5Harald StenvaagNOR1,264.61,16698.6
6Rajmond DebevecSLO1,262.61,16795.6
7Peter GabrielssonSWE1,261.11,16893.1
8Zsolt VáriHUN1,258.61,16494.6