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Double Trap, Men

Date20 September 2000
LocationSydney International Shooting Centre, Cecil Park, New South Wales
Participants25 from 20 countries

The defending champion was Australian Russell Mark who hoped to emulate his teammate, Michael Diamond, who had defended his gold medal in single trap three days before this event. Mark led the preliminary round by two birds, but faltered in the final and was tied by Britain’s Richard Faulds, who had been training with Mark. In the shoot-off, Mark missed the third clay to give Faulds the gold medal. The bronze medal went to Kuwaiti Fehaid Al-Deehani, the first medal ever won at the Olympics for Kuwait.

1Richard FauldsGBR187Gold
2Russell MarkAUS187Silver
3Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW186Bronze
4Conny PerssonSWE184
5Roland GerebicsHUN180
6Lance BadeUSA179
7Waldemar SchanzGER136
8Marco InnocentiITA135
9Michael DiamondAUS135
=10Mashfi Al-MutairiKUW134
=10Raimo KauppilaFIN134
=12Glenn EllerUSA133
=12Bill KeeverUSA133
=14Aleksey AlipovRUS131
=14Jean-Paul GrosFRA131
16Jiří GachCZE130
=17Daniele Di SpignoITA129
=17Sergio PiñeroESP129
19Li BoCHN128
20Ayman MazharEGY125
21Oğuzhan TüzünTUR124
22Michel DaouAHO121
=23Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE120
=23Danilo CaroCOL120
25Des CoeNZL118

Preliminary Round (20 September 2000 — 10:00)

150 targets in three series of 50. 150 possible. Top six advanced to 50-target final round.

1Russell MarkAUS143465047Q
=2Richard FauldsGBR141484845Q
=2Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW141464847Q
=2Conny PerssonSWE141464946Q
5Roland GerebicsHUN140474746Q
6Lance BadeUSA136454249Q
7Waldemar SchanzGER136454645
=8Marco InnocentiITA135464346
=8Michael DiamondAUS135444645
=10Mashfi Al-MutairiKUW134454544
=10Raimo KauppilaFIN134464741
=12Glenn EllerUSA133454246
=12Bill KeeverUSA133434347
=14Aleksey AlipovRUS131454640
=14Jean-Paul GrosFRA131444443
16Jiří GachCZE130464341
=17Daniele Di SpignoITA129414741
=17Sergio PiñeroESP129434244
19Li BoCHN128394544
20Ayman MazharEGY125414044
21Oğuzhan TüzünTUR124394243
22Michel DaouAHO121364342
=23Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE120354144
=23Danilo CaroCOL120344145
25Des CoeNZL118404137

Final Round (20 September 2000 — 14:00)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Richard FauldsGBR187141463
2Russell MarkAUS187143442
3Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW18614145
4Conny PerssonSWE18414143
5Roland GerebicsHUN18014040
6Lance BadeUSA17913643