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Skeet, Men

Date22 – 23 September 2000
LocationSydney International Shooting Centre, Cecil Park, New South Wales
Participants49 from 36 countries

Ukraine’s Mykola Michev won the gold medal by shooting a perfect 150, the first time a possible had been achieved in skeet at the Olympics. The top shooter in the last few years had been Italy’s Andrea Benelli, who was World Champion in 1987 and 1990, but had struggled at the 1996 Olympics, winning a disappointing bronze medal. In 2000, he fared worse, making the final, but placing fifth. He would finally win his gold medal at Athina in 2004.

1Mykola MilchevUKR150Gold
2Petr MálekCZE148Silver
3Todd GravesUSA147Bronze
4Hennie DompelingNED146
5Andrea BenelliITA146
6Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT145
7Sergey YakshinKAZ122
8Antonis AndreouCYP122
=9Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE122
=9Franck DurbessonFRA122
=9Marcelo YaradCHI122
=12Boriss TimofejevsLAT122
=12Gijs van BeekNED122
=14Abdullah Al-RashidiKUW121
=14Clive BartonAUS121
=14Ennio FalcoITA121
=14Andrzej GłydaPOL121
=14Jan-Henrik HeinrichGER121
=19Jason CaswellCAN120
=19John DavisonGBR120
=19Andrei InešinEST120
=19Geoff JukesNZL120
=23Giorgos AkhilleosCYP119
=23Sayed Al-MutairiKSA119
=23Khurram InamPAK119
=23Harald JensenNOR119
=23Jeon Chan-SikKOR119
=23Mohamed KhorshedEGY119
=23Timo LaitinenFIN119
=23Michael MaskellBAR119
=23Nikolay TyoplyRUS119
=32Bronislav BechyňskýCZE118
=32Roberto CarloPUR118
=32Moustafa HamdyEGY118
=35Jean-François DellacFRA117
=35Saud HabibKUW117
=35Juan RomeroGUA117
=35Michael Schmidt, Jr.USA117
=39David CunninghamAUS116
=39Pietro GengaITA116
=39Drew HarveyGBR116
=39Juan Miguel RodríguezCUB116
=43Tomas JohanssonSWE115
=43Guillermo TorresCUB115
45Jefri Bolkiah, Prince Abdul HakeemBRU114
46Jin DiCHN113
=47Alfreð Karl AlfreðssonISL111
=47Brian ThomsonNZL111
49Juan Jorge Giha YarurPER110

Preliminary Round (22 – 23 September 2000)

125 targets in five series of 25. 125 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.

1Mykola MilchevUKR1252525252525Q=WR
2Petr MálekCZE1242525252524Q
3Todd GravesUSA1232524242525Q
=4Hennie DompelingNED122242424252510Q
=4Andrea BenelliITA122252423252510Q
6Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT12224252524249Q
7Sergey YakshinKAZ12223252525248
8Antonis AndreouCYP12224232525257
=9Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE12224252524243
=9Franck DurbessonFRA12223242525253
=9Marcelo YaradCHI12225242424253
=12Boriss TimofejevsLAT12225252424241
=12Gijs van BeekNED12225252525221
=14Abdullah Al-RashidiKUW1212425242424
=14Clive BartonAUS1212423242525
=14Ennio FalcoITA1212423252524
=14Andrzej GłydaPOL1212424242425
=14Jan-Henrik HeinrichGER1212423242525
=19Jason CaswellCAN1202525232423
=19John DavisonGBR1202524232424
=19Andrei InešinEST1202424242523
=19Geoff JukesNZL1202325232524
=23Giorgos AkhilleosCYP1192524222424
=23Sayed Al-MutairiKSA1192325252422
=23Khurram InamPAK1192523242324
=23Harald JensenNOR1192424242423
=23Jeon Chan-SikKOR1192524252322
=23Mohamed KhorshedEGY1192424252323
=23Timo LaitinenFIN1192224252523
=23Michael MaskellBAR1192324242325
=23Nikolay TyoplyRUS1192224242425
=32Bronislav BechyňskýCZE1182324242324
=32Roberto CarloPUR1182125242424
=32Moustafa HamdyEGY1182323242325
=35Jean-François DellacFRA1172224232523
=35Saud HabibKUW1172424222522
=35Juan RomeroGUA1172224242324
=35Michael Schmidt, Jr.USA1172424242421
=39David CunninghamAUS1162323222424
=39Pietro GengaITA1162224242422
=39Drew HarveyGBR1162421232325
=39Juan Miguel RodríguezCUB1162324242124
=43Tomas JohanssonSWE1152325242221
=43Guillermo TorresCUB1152423232322
45Jefri Bolkiah, Prince Abdul HakeemBRU1142324222322
46Jin DiCHN1132424212321
=47Alfreð Karl AlfreðssonISL1112424182124
=47Brian ThomsonNZL1111924232025
49Juan Jorge Giha YarurPER1102122242122

Final Round (23 September 2000 — 15:00)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Mykola MilchevUKR15012525=WR
2Petr MálekCZE14812424
3Todd GravesUSA14712324
4Hennie DompelingNED146122244
5Andrea BenelliITA146122243
6Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT14512223