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Air Pistol, 10 metres, Men

Date14 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Skopovolis Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants47 from 35 countries
Olympic Record (109.0 maximum)101.0 / Stéphane Gagne FRA / 16 September 2000
101.0 / Tan Zongliang CHN / 20 July 1996
Olympic Record (600 maximum)590 / Franck Dumoulin FRA / 16 September 2000
590 / Wang Yifu CHN / 16 September 2000
Olympic Record (709.0 maximum)688.9 / Franck Dumoulin FRA / 16 September 2000

The favorites were the 2002 World Champion, Mikhail Nestruyev (RUS), and China’s Wang Yifu, Olympic gold medalist in 1992 and silver medalist in both 1996 and 2000. Nestruyev led the qualifying by one point over Wang. They were so dominant that third place was another six points back. The final was a back-and-forth affair with Wang eventually winning, 690.0 to 689.8. The difference turned out to be the ninth and 10th shots. Nestruyev led after eight shots in the final, but made only 9.3 on the ninth, while Yang’s 10.3 brought him into a tie. On the final round, Wang outshot Nestruyev 9.9 to 9.7 to win gold. This gave Wang his fourth consecutive medal in the event, two golds and two silvers.

1Wang YifuCHN690.0ORGold
2Mikhail NestruyevRUS689.8Silver
3Vladimir IsakovRUS684.3Bronze
4Tanyu KiryakovBUL683.4
5Jin Jong-OKOR682.9
6Kim Hyon-UngPRK682.0
7Norayr BakhtamyanARM681.9
8Kim Jong-SuPRK681.2
9Tan ZongliangCHN582
10Sergey BabikovTJK581
=11Ihar BasinskiBLR580
=11Wojciech KnapikPOL580
=13Sorin BabiiROU579
=13Kanstantsin LukaschykBLR579
=13Daryl SzarenskiUSA579
=13Andrija ZlatićSCG579
=17Francesco BrunoITA578
=17João CostaPOR578
=17Viktor MakarovUKR578
=20Aleksandr DanilovISR577
=20Franck DumoulinFRA577
=20Martin TenkCZE577
=23Vigilio FaitITA576
=23Vladimir IsachenkoKAZ576
=23Masaru NakashigeJPN576
=23Abdullah UstaogluGER576
=27Roger DanielTTO574
=27Lee Sang-DoKOR574
=27David MooreAUS574
=30Norbelis BárzagaCUB573
=30Artur GevorgjanGER573
=30Shuji TazawaJPN573
=33José Antonio ColadoESP572
=33Dionysios GeorgakopoulosGRE572
=33Friedhelm SackNAM572
=36Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA571
=36Daniel RepacholiAUS571
=36Jason TurnerUSA571
39Iulian RaiceaROU570
40Chang Yi-NingTPE569
41Nguyễn Mạnh TườngVIE568
42Isidro LorenzoESP565
43Attila SimonHUN562
44Maximo Tomás ModestiARG559
45Khalid MohamedBRN553
46Chris RiceISV551
47Rudolf KnijnenburgBOL548

Preliminary Round (14 August 2004 — 12:00)

10 metres. 60 shots in six series of 10. 600 possible.

1Mikhail NestruyevRUS5919999981009798QOR
2Wang YifuCHN590999896999999Q
3Vladimir IsakovRUS584989599999796Q
=4Kim Hyon-UngPRK583969896999698Q
=4Tanyu KiryakovBUL5839795100979698Q
=6Norayr BakhtamyanARM582989896959699Q
=6Jin Jong-OKOR582959698989798Q
=6Kim Jong-SuPRK582969896979798Q
=6Tan ZongliangCHN5829910094989596
10Sergey BabikovTJK581939795999998
=11Ihar BasinskiBLR580969896969896
=11Wojciech KnapikPOL580969498989896
=13Sorin BabiiROU5791009793989794
=13Kanstantsin LukaschykBLR579979795969896
=13Daryl SzarenskiUSA579979698959895
=13Andrija ZlatićSCG579979498979499
=17Francesco BrunoITA578949699969697
=17João CostaPOR578979599959795
=17Viktor MakarovUKR578969999949694
=20Aleksandr DanilovISR5779696100959595
=20Franck DumoulinFRA577989198989597
=20Martin TenkCZE577939796989895
=23Vigilio FaitITA576979593969897
=23Vladimir IsachenkoKAZ576939898969794
=23Masaru NakashigeJPN576969496999794
=23Abdullah UstaogluGER576939698959797
=27Roger DanielTTO574969594959896
=27Lee Sang-DoKOR574959496969697
=27David MooreAUS574959598959695
=30Norbelis BárzagaCUB573949696969794
=30Artur GevorgjanGER573969694969596
=30Shuji TazawaJPN573939797959299
=33José Antonio ColadoESP572969793989890
=33Dionysios GeorgakopoulosGRE572949793959697
=33Friedhelm SackNAM572949897929596
=36Jakkrit PanichpatikumTHA571889897979695
=36Daniel RepacholiAUS571949595969794
=36Jason TurnerUSA571969295979497
39Iulian RaiceaROU570929497949895
40Chang Yi-NingTPE569979197959693
41Nguyễn Mạnh TườngVIE568939292999795
42Isidro LorenzoESP565969393939397
43Attila SimonHUN562909495979294
44Maximo Tomás ModestiARG559949094939494
45Khalid MohamedBRN553949393919092
46Chris RiceISV551888893949197
47Rudolf KnijnenburgBOL548948290949296

Final Round (14 August 2004 — 14:45)

Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Wang YifuCHN690.0590100.0OR
2Mikhail NestruyevRUS689.859198.8
3Vladimir IsakovRUS684.3584100.3
4Tanyu KiryakovBUL683.4583100.4
5Jin Jong-OKOR682.9582100.9
6Kim Hyon-UngPRK682.058399.0
7Norayr BakhtamyanARM681.958299.9
8Kim Jong-SuPRK681.258299.2