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Trap, Men

Date14 – 15 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Skopovolis Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants35 from 26 countries

The favorite was Michael Diamond (AUS), who was the 1996 and 2000 gold medalist, had been runner-up at the 2002 World Championships, and gold medalist at the 1998 and 2002 Commonwealth Games. He almost did not make the Australian team after he was arresting for assaulting his girlfriend. Because of the pending trial, his firearms license was suspended and he could not train for several months. The charges were eventually dropped and he was added to the team at the last minute. But he would not make the final in Athina, firing only 119 in the prelims. The qualifying leader was Russian Aleksey Alipov with 124. He went clear in the final with 25 to win the gold medal. The 2002 World Champion, Kuwaiti Khaled Al-Mudhaf made the final but hit only 20 of 25 clays and placed sixth. Silver medalist Giovanni Pellielo (ITA) had been third at the 2002 Worlds.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary RoundFinal
1Aleksey AlipovRUS149124 (1)149 (1)Gold=OR
2Giovanni PellieloITA146122 (=2)146 (2)Silver
3Adam VellaAUS145121 (=4)145 (3)Bronze
4Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE144121 (=4)144 (4)
5Lance BadeUSA143122 (=2)143 (5)
6Khaled Al-MudhafKUW141121 (=4)141 (6)
=7Olaf KirchsteinGER119119 (=7)
=7Michael DiamondAUS119119 (=7)
=7Francesco AmiciSMR119119 (=7)
=7Francisco BozaPER119119 (=7)
=7Derek BurnettIRL119119 (=7)
=7Stéphane ClamensFRA119119 (=7)
13Bret EricksonUSA118118 (13)
=14Nidal Al-AsmarLBN117117 (=14)
=14Rodrigo BastosBRA117117 (=14)
=14Karsten BindrichGER117117 (=14)
=14Naser Al-MeqladKUW117117 (=14)
=14Petri NummelaFIN117117 (=14)
=19Ian PeelGBR116116 (=19)
=19Manavjit Singh SandhuIND116116 (=19)
=21Custódio EzequielPOR115115 (=21)
=21Lee Wung YewSGP115115 (=21)
=21Mansher SinghIND115115 (=21)
=21Oğuzhan TüzünTUR115115 (=21)
=25Maksim KosaryevRUS113113 (=25)
=25Ed LingGBR113113 (=25)
=27Lucas BennazarPUR112112 (=27)
=27Yves TroncFRA112112 (=27)
=27Marco VenturiniITA112112 (=27)
30Glenn KableFIJ111111 (30)
31Nikos AntoniadisGRE110110 (31)
32Jethro DionisioPHI109109 (32)
33Danilo CaroCOL108108 (33)
34Bernard YeohMAS107107 (34)
35Francesc Repiso RomeroAND106106 (35)

Preliminary Round

Date14 – 15 August 2004
Format125 targets in five series of 25. 125 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRound 1 PointsRound 2 PointsRound 3 PointsRound 4 PointsRound 5 Points
1Aleksey AlipovRUS1242525242525Q=OR
=2Lance BadeUSA1222525232524Q
=2Giovanni PellieloITA1222425252424Q
=4Khaled Al-MudhafKUW1212524232425Q
=4Adam VellaAUS1212425232524Q
=4Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE1212525232523Q
=7Olaf KirchsteinGER1192523232325
=7Michael DiamondAUS1192522252423
=7Francesco AmiciSMR1192524232423
=7Francisco BozaPER1192525232422
=7Derek BurnettIRL1192524232423
=7Stéphane ClamensFRA1192524242422
13Bret EricksonUSA1182425242223
=14Nidal Al-AsmarLBN1172323242423
=14Rodrigo BastosBRA1172423232324
=14Karsten BindrichGER1172323232424
=14Naser Al-MeqladKUW1172423252322
=14Petri NummelaFIN1172524242519
=19Ian PeelGBR1162324232323
=19Manavjit Singh SandhuIND1162225242124
=21Custódio EzequielPOR1152124242422
=21Lee Wung YewSGP1152425232122
=21Mansher SinghIND1152523212323
=21Oğuzhan TüzünTUR1152224232323
=25Maksim KosaryevRUS1132424231923
=25Ed LingGBR1132421242222
=27Lucas BennazarPUR1122121242422
=27Yves TroncFRA1122224232518
=27Marco VenturiniITA1122223222322
30Glenn KableFIJ1112122252320
31Nikos AntoniadisGRE1102323222121
32Jethro DionisioPHI1092420232418
33Danilo CaroCOL1082424212118
34Bernard YeohMAS1072222212022
35Francesc Repiso RomeroAND1062423222314

Final Round

Date15 August 2004 — 13:30
FormatTop six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary Round PointsFinal Round Points
1Aleksey AlipovRUS14912425=OR
2Giovanni PellieloITA14612224
3Adam VellaAUS14512124
4Ahmed Al-MaktoumUAE14412123
5Lance BadeUSA14312221
6Khaled Al-MudhafKUW14112120