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High Jump, Women

Date 1 December 1956
LocationMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants19 from 12 countries

Two world records had been set earlier in 1956. In May, Britain’s Thelma Hopkins jumped 1.74 (5-8½), while in July, Romania’s Iolanda Balaş jumped 1.75 (5-8¾) metres. In 1954 they had placed 1-2 at the European Championships, Hopkins winning. At 1.67 (5-5¾) metres, seven jumpers went over, with Hopkins, Millie McDaniel (USA), Mariya Pisareva (URS), and Gunhild Larking (SWE) clearing on their first attempts. Balaş required two jumps, and finished fifth. At 1.70 (5-7), only McDaniel remained alive, clearing on her second jump, with Pisareva and Hopkins tieing in second place. Her personal best prior to Melbourne had been 1.69 (5-6½), but she then put the bar at the world record height of 1.76 (5-9¼) and succeeded on her second effort. She then tried 1.80 (5-10¾) but failed on three attempts.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1568Millie McDanielUSA1.58 (=7)1.76 (1)GoldWR
=2545Thelma HopkinsGBR1.58 (=1)1.67 (=2)Silver
=2569Mariya PisarevaURS1.58 (=7)1.67 (=2)Silver
4566Gunhild LarkingSWE1.58 (=1)1.67 (4)
5564Iolanda BalașROU1.58 (=1)1.67 (5)
6554Michele MasonAUS1.58 (=7)1.67 (6)
7562Jessie DonaghyNZL1.58 (=7)1.67 (7)
=8565Hermina GeyserRSA1.58 (=4)1.64 (=8)
=8557Jiřina VobořilováTCH1.58 (=7)1.64 (=8)
10556Olga ModrachováTCH1.58 (13)1.64 (10)
11570Valentina BallodURS1.58 (=14)1.60 (11)
=12690Reinelde KnappAUT1.58 (=4)1.60 (=12)
=12560Dorothy TylerGBR1.58 (=4)1.60 (=12)
14553Carol BernothAUS1.58 (=14)1.60 (14)
15552Janice CooperAUS1.58 (18)1.55 (15)
=16555Alice WhittyCAN1.58 (16)1.55 (=16)
=16559Audrey BennettGBR1.58 (12)1.55 (=16)
18558Inge KilianGER1.58 (17)1.55 (18)
19 r1/2567Ann Marie FlynnUSA1.50 (19)
DNS561Paola PaternosterITA– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (1 December 1956 — 10:00)

All those clearing 1.58 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.40 m1.50 m1.55 m1.58 m
=1Thelma HopkinsGBR1.58002--ooQ
=1Iolanda BalașROU1.58002--ooQ
=1Gunhild LarkingSWE1.58002-o-oQ
=4Reinelde KnappAUT1.58003-oooQ
=4Dorothy TylerGBR1.58003-oooQ
=4Hermina GeyserRSA1.58003-oooQ
=7Michele MasonAUS1.58004ooooQ
=7Jessie DonaghyNZL1.58004ooooQ
=7Jiřina VobořilováTCH1.58004ooooQ
=7Mariya PisarevaURS1.58004ooooQ
=7Millie McDanielUSA1.58004ooooQ
12Audrey BennettGBR1.58014-oxooQ
13Olga ModrachováTCH1.58114-ooxoQ
=14Carol BernothAUS1.58115oooxoQ
=14Valentina BallodURS1.58115oooxoQ
16Alice WhittyCAN1.58126oxooxoQ
17Inge KilianGER1.58236-xooxxoQ
18Janice CooperAUS1.58248ooxxoxxoQ
19Ann Marie FlynnUSA1.50113oxoxxx
DNSPaola PaternosterITA

Final Round (1 December 1956 — 15:50)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.40 m1.50 m1.55 m1.60 m1.64 m1.67 m1.70 m1.72 m1.74 m1.76 m1.78 m1.80 m
1Millie McDanielUSA1.761311oooxoooxo--xo-xxxWR
=2Thelma HopkinsGBR1.67004--ooooxxx
=2Mariya PisarevaURS1.67004--ooooxxx
4Gunhild LarkingSWE1.67037--oxxoxooxxx
5Iolanda BalașROU1.67115--oooxoxxx
6Michele MasonAUS1.67227o-oooxxoxxx
7Jessie DonaghyNZL1.67238-oooxoxxoxxx
=8Hermina GeyserRSA1.64004-ooooxxx
=8Jiřina VobořilováTCH1.64004-ooooxxx
10Olga ModrachováTCH1.64114--ooxoxxx
11Valentina BallodURS1.60002--ooxxx
=12Reinelde KnappAUT1.60003-oooxxx
=12Dorothy TylerGBR1.60003-oooxxx
14Carol BernothAUS1.60225-ooxxoxxx
15Janice CooperAUS1.55001--oxxx
=16Alice WhittyCAN1.55002-ooxxx
=16Audrey BennettGBR1.55002-ooxxx
18Inge KilianGER1.55224-oxxoxxx