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100 metres, Women

Date1 – 2 September 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico, Roma
Participants31 from 18 countries

Betty Cuthbert (AUS) was the defending champion and was back in Roma, but a leg injury hampered her and she did not survive the quarter-finals. In the first semi-final, Wilma Rudolph (USA) equalled the world record of 11.3. She had competed at the 1956 Olympics in the 200 metres, being eliminated in the rounds, and helping the US to a bronze medal in the 4×100 relay. But by 1960 she was the world’s dominant sprinter and was a heavy favorite in the final. The final was run with an aiding 2.8 m/s wind but Rudolph’s time of 11.0 (11.18) was still shockingly fast, though it could not be ratified as a world record because of the wind assistance. A few days later, Rudolph would add the 200 metre gold medal and anchored the Americans to a gold in the 4×100. Quite popular in Roma and Europe, she was dubbed )La Gazelle Noir) (The Black Gazelle) by the European press. She would be the dominant sprinter in the world for 1960-62 retiring after that year.

1117Wilma RudolphUSA11.5 (1 h6)11.5 (1 h1)11.3 (1 h1)11.0w (1)Gold
2188Dorothy HymanGBR11.8 (1 h5)11.6 (1 h4)11.5 (1 h2)11.3w (2)Silver
3181Giuseppina LeoneITA11.7 (1 h1)12.0 (1 h3)11.6 (2 h1)11.3w (3)Bronze
4158Mariya ItkinaURS11.7 (1 h3)11.7 (1 h2)11.7 (2 h2)11.4w (4)
5133Catherine CapdevielleFRA11.8 (2 h6)12.0 (2 h3)11.7 (3 h2)11.5w (5)
6190Jenny SmartGBR11.9 (1 h4)12.0 (3 h3)11.8 (3 h1)11.6w (6)
4 h1 r3/4143Halina RichterPOL12.0 (3 h6)11.9 (3 h2)11.8 (4 h1)
4 h2 r3/4116Barbara JonesUSA11.8 (2 h1)11.9 (2 h4)11.7 (4 h2)
5 h1 r3/474Brunhilde HendrixGER11.8 (2 h7)11.9 (2 h2)11.9 (5 h1)
5 h2 r3/4142Teresa WieczorekPOL12.1 (3 h7)12.0 (3 h4)11.9 (5 h2)
6 h1 r3/4159Vera KrepkinaURS11.8 (1 h7)12.0 (2 h1)12.0 (6 h1)
6 h2 r3/42Marlene Mathews-WillardAUS12.0 (2 h3)12.1 (3 h1)11.9 (6 h2)
4 h1 r2/475Gisela BirkemeyerGER12.2 (2 h5)12.1 (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/43Pat DugganAUS11.9 (1 h2)12.2 (4 h2)
4 h3 r2/4115Martha HudsonUSA12.2 (4 h7)12.2 (4 h3)
4 h4 r2/41Betty CuthbertAUS12.1 (2 h4)12.0 (4 h4)
5 h1 r2/430Eleanor HaslamCAN12.0 (3 h1)12.3 (5 h1)
5 h2 r2/433Jean HolmesPAN12.4 (3 h5)12.3 (5 h2)
5 h3 r2/498Olga ŠikovecYUG12.1 (3 h3)12.5 (5 h3)
5 h4 r2/428Valerie JeromeCAN12.5 (4 h5)12.4 (5 h4)
6 h1 r2/416Mona SulaimanPHI12.1 (2 h2)12.4 (6 h1)
6 h2 r2/4189Elizabeth JennerGBR12.2 (4 h1)12.4 (6 h2)
6 h3 r2/434Carlota GoodenPAN12.2 (4 h3)12.6 (6 h3)
6 h4 r2/470Vivi MarkussenDEN12.2 (3 h2)12.4 (6 h4)
7 h1 r2/418Val MorganNZL12.5 (3 h4)12.5 (7 h1)
7 h2 r2/443Snezhana KerkovaBUL12.6 (4 h4)12.7 (7 h2)
7 h3 r2/429Nancy LewingtonCAN12.4 (4 h2)13.1 (7 h3)
4 h6 r1/476Hannelore RaepkeGER12.3 (4 h6)– (DNS h4)
5 h5 r1/4213Maeve KyleIRL12.5 (5 h5)
5 h7 r1/4214Aycan ÖnelTUR13.4 (5 h7)
6 h5 r1/4206Ilana AdirISR12.9 (6 h5)
DNS48Siloo MystriIND– (DNS h6)
DNS22Ulla FlegelAUT– (DNS h1)
DNS210Erzsébet HeldtHUN– (DNS h2)
DNS209Antónia MunkácsiHUN– (DNS h3)
DNS35Alena StolzováTCH– (DNS h4)
DNS160Irina PressURS– (DNS h2)

Round One (1 September 1960 — 9:00)

Top four in each heat advanced to the quarter-finals.

Heat One

Wind0.0 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
14Giuseppina LeoneITA11.711.87Q
25Barbara JonesUSA11.811.91Q
32Eleanor HaslamCAN12.012.21Q
43Elizabeth JennerGBR12.212.39Q
DNS1Ulla FlegelAUT

Heat Two

Wind0.0 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
12Pat DugganAUS11.912.18Q
26Mona SulaimanPHI12.112.40Q
33Vivi MarkussenDEN12.212.53Q
41Nancy LewingtonCAN12.412.67Q
DNS4Erzsébet HeldtHUN
DNS5Irina PressURS

Heat Three

Wind0.0 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
11Mariya ItkinaURS11.711.83Q
25Marlene Mathews-WillardAUS12.012.10Q
33Olga ŠikovecYUG12.112.24Q
42Carlota GoodenPAN12.212.36Q
DNS4Antónia MunkácsiHUN

Heat Four

Wind0.0 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
14Jenny SmartGBR11.912.04Q
22Betty CuthbertAUS12.112.21Q
31Val MorganNZL12.512.61Q
45Snezhana KerkovaBUL12.612.66Q
DNS3Alena StolzováTCH

Heat Five

Wind0.0 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
13Dorothy HymanGBR11.811.98Q
25Gisela BirkemeyerGER12.212.31Q
31Jean HolmesPAN12.412.52Q
42Valerie JeromeCAN12.512.58Q
56Maeve KyleIRL12.512.59
64Ilana AdirISR12.913.04

Heat Six

Wind0.0 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
15Wilma RudolphUSA11.511.65Q
23Catherine CapdevielleFRA11.811.94Q
32Halina RichterPOL12.012.13Q
44Hannelore RaepkeGER12.312.45Q
DNS1Siloo MystriIND

Heat Seven

Wind0.0 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
13Vera KrepkinaURS11.811.97Q
21Brunhilde HendrixGER11.811.99Q
34Teresa WieczorekPOL12.112.25Q
42Martha HudsonUSA12.212.33Q
55Aycan ÖnelTUR13.413.59

Quarter-Finals (1 September 1960 — 15:00)

Top three in each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

Wind0.0 m/s
PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1117Wilma RudolphUSA11.511.70Q
2159Vera KrepkinaURS12.012.14Q
32Marlene Mathews-WillardAUS12.112.25Q
475Gisela BirkemeyerGER12.112.26
530Eleanor HaslamCAN12.312.46
616Mona SulaimanPHI12.412.54
718Val MorganNZL12.512.66

Heat Two

Wind0.0 m/s
PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1158Mariya ItkinaURS11.711.88Q
274Brunhilde HendrixGER11.912.02Q
3143Halina RichterPOL11.912.10Q
43Pat DugganAUS12.212.32
533Jean HolmesPAN12.312.39
6189Elizabeth JennerGBR12.412.50
743Snezhana KerkovaBUL12.712.80

Heat Three

Wind0.0 m/s
PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1181Giuseppina LeoneITA12.012.11Q
2133Catherine CapdevielleFRA12.012.16Q
3190Jenny SmartGBR12.012.17Q
4115Martha HudsonUSA12.212.30
598Olga ŠikovecYUG12.512.61
634Carlota GoodenPAN12.612.70
729Nancy LewingtonCAN13.113.23

Heat Four

Wind0.0 m/s
PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1188Dorothy HymanGBR11.611.77Q
2116Barbara JonesUSA11.912.02Q
3142Teresa WieczorekPOL12.012.14Q
41Betty CuthbertAUS12.012.18
528Valerie JeromeCAN12.412.50
670Vivi MarkussenDEN12.412.56
DNS76Hannelore RaepkeGER

Semi-Finals (2 September 1960 — 15:00)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

Wind0.8 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
14Wilma RudolphUSA11.311.41Q=WR
23Giuseppina LeoneITA11.611.71Q
32Jenny SmartGBR11.811.89Q
45Halina RichterPOL11.811.93
51Brunhilde HendrixGER11.911.99
66Vera KrepkinaURS12.012.08

Heat Two

Wind0.6 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
11Dorothy HymanGBR11.511.65Q
25Mariya ItkinaURS11.711.78Q
33Catherine CapdevielleFRA11.711.82Q
42Barbara JonesUSA11.711.84
54Teresa WieczorekPOL11.912.05
66Marlene Mathews-WillardAUS11.912.05

Final (2 September 1960 — 16:20)

Wind2.8 m/s
PosLaneAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
11Wilma RudolphUSA11.0w11.18w
24Dorothy HymanGBR11.3w11.43w
32Giuseppina LeoneITA11.3w11.48w
45Mariya ItkinaURS11.4w11.54w
56Catherine CapdevielleFRA11.5w11.64w
63Jenny SmartGBR11.6w11.72w