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Shot Put, Men

Date8 – 9 September 1972
LocationOlympiastadion, Olympiapark, München
Participants29 from 19 countries

The USA had not lost this event since 1936, but a big challenge from the GDR throwers was expected. But Poland’s Władysław Komar opened with 21.18 (69-6), his best throw of the event and it would hold up for the gold medal. The GDR’s Hans-Peter Gies threw 21.14 (69-4¼) in the first round, which would be his best throw but it got him only fourth place. In round four, America’s George Woods moved into second with 21.17, only one centimeter out of the lead. In that round, Hartmut Briesenick (GDR) equaled his countryman with 21.14 (69-4¼) but moved into the bronze medal position based on second-best throw (21.02-21.01). In the last round Woods unleashed what looked to be his best mark. It hit Komar’s marker before landing, so it was considered to be better than that mark, but it was measured at only 21.05 (69-0¾), not an improvement. Komar later became an actor. Sixth-place finisher Brian Oldfield was the first to use a new technique, the rotational spin technique, similar to discus throwing style.

1724Władysław KomarPOL20.60 (1)21.18 (1)GoldOR
21032George WoodsUSA19.96 (4)21.17 (2)Silver
3322Hartmut BriesenickGDR20.38 (2)21.14 (3)Bronze
4328Hans-Peter GiesGDR19.06 (17)21.14 (4)OR
5984Al FeuerbachUSA19.94 (=6)21.01 (5)
61002Brian OldfieldUSA19.95 (5)20.91 (6)
7361Heinfried BirlenbachFRG20.10 (3)20.37 (7)
8470Vilmos VarjúHUN19.94 (=6)20.10 (8)
9884Jaromír VlkTCH19.61 (10)20.09 (9)
10867Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.82 (9)19.86 (10)
11340Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.03 (18)19.74 (11)
12234Yves BrouzetFRA19.87 (8)19.61 (12)
13393Ralf ReichenbachFRG19.14 (15)19.48 (13)
14949Rimantas PlungėURS19.18 (13)19.30 (14)
15628Lahcen SamsamMAR19.36 (12)19.11 (15)
16222Seppo SimolaFIN19.49 (11)19.06 (16)
17102Bruce PirnieCAN19.18 (14)18.90 (17)
18365Traugott GlöcklerFRG19.11 (16)18.85 (18)
19 r1/21050Ivan IvančićYUG18.95 (19)
20 r1/2278Geoff CapesGBR18.94 (20)
21 r1/2230Arnjolt BeerFRA18.74 (21)
22 r1/2928Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS18.65 (22)
23 r1/2693Les MillsNZL18.38 (23)
24 r1/2201Bo GrahnFIN18.20 (24)
25 r1/2429Loukas LoukaGRE17.48 (25)
26 r1/2478Jugraj SinghIND17.15 (26)
27 r1/2480Phil ConwayIRL16.69 (27)
28 r1/2669Christopher OkonkwoNGR16.51 (28)
29 r1/221Hussein Al-Taib MakiKSA11.57 (29)
DNS159Nagui AssaadEGY– (DNS)
DNS673Bjørn Bang AndersenNOR– (DNS)
DNS138Aristides LanierCUB– (DNS)
DNS77Vassil KroumovBUL– (DNS)
DNS311Bill TancredGBR– (DNS)
DNS529Salvatore MoraleITA– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (8 September 1972 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 19.00 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Władysław KomarPOL20.60Q
2Hartmut BriesenickGDR20.38Q
3Heinfried BirlenbachFRG20.10Q
4George WoodsUSA19.96Q
5Brian OldfieldUSA19.95Q
=6Al FeuerbachUSA19.94Q
=6Vilmos VarjúHUN19.94Q
8Yves BrouzetFRA19.87Q
9Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.82Q
10Jaromír VlkTCH19.61Q
11Seppo SimolaFIN19.49Q
12Lahcen SamsamMAR19.36Q
13Rimantas PlungėURS19.1818.97Q
14Bruce PirnieCAN19.18Q
15Ralf ReichenbachFRG19.14Q
16Traugott GlöcklerFRG19.11Q
17Hans-Peter GiesGDR19.06Q
18Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.03Q
19Ivan IvančićYUG18.95
20Geoff CapesGBR18.94
21Arnjolt BeerFRA18.74
22Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS18.65
23Les MillsNZL18.38
24Bo GrahnFIN18.20
25Loukas LoukaGRE17.48
26Jugraj SinghIND17.15
27Phil ConwayIRL16.69
28Christopher OkonkwoNGR16.51
29Hussein Al-Taib MakiKSA11.57
DNSNagui AssaadEGY
DNSBjørn Bang AndersenNOR
DNSBill TancredGBR
DNSAristides LanierCUB
DNSVassil KroumovBUL
DNSSalvatore MoraleITA

Qualifying Round, Group A (8 September 1972)

16Władysław KomarPOL20.6020.60--
23George WoodsUSA19.9619.96--
38Al FeuerbachUSA19.9419.94--
47Yves BrouzetFRA19.8719.87--
513Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.8219.82--
65Seppo SimolaFIN19.4919.49--
714Ralf ReichenbachFRG19.1419.14--
84Hans-Peter GiesGDR19.0619.06--
917Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.0319.03--
1011Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS18.6518.4518.4118.65
112Loukas LoukaGRE17.4817.4717.48×
1216Jugraj SinghIND17.15×17.1516.69
139Christopher OkonkwoNGR16.5114.98×16.51
1412Hussein Al-Taib MakiKSA11.57×11.5710.77
DNS1Nagui AssaadEGY
DNS15Bjørn Bang AndersenNOR
DNS10Bill TancredGBR

Qualifying Round, Group B (8 September 1972)

112Hartmut BriesenickGDR20.3820.38--
214Heinfried BirlenbachFRG20.1020.10--
311Brian OldfieldUSA19.9519.95--
45Vilmos VarjúHUN19.9419.94--
515Jaromír VlkTCH19.61×18.2019.61
613Lahcen SamsamMAR19.3618.9819.36-
78Rimantas PlungėURS19.1818.9719.18-
84Bruce PirnieCAN19.1819.18--
916Traugott GlöcklerFRG19.1118.1519.11-
1017Ivan IvančićYUG18.9518.8018.95×
111Geoff CapesGBR18.9418.9418.7218.79
127Arnjolt BeerFRA18.7418.5518.7418.21
139Les MillsNZL18.3817.6118.38×
1410Bo GrahnFIN18.20××18.20
156Phil ConwayIRL16.6916.1615.7616.69
DNS18Aristides LanierCUB
DNS2Vassil KroumovBUL
DNS3Salvatore MoraleITA

Final Round (9 September 1972 — 14:30)

114Władysław KomarPOL21.1821.18×20.5520.7420.80×OR
211George WoodsUSA21.1720.5520.1720.7121.1720.8821.05
36Hartmut BriesenickGDR21.1420.9720.9121.0221.1420.6120.54
413Hans-Peter GiesGDR21.1421.1421.0021.0120.62××OR
510Al FeuerbachUSA21.0120.9020.29×20.8621.0120.28
67Brian OldfieldUSA20.9120.8520.6020.8720.5420.9120.13
718Heinfried BirlenbachFRG20.3720.37××19.89×20.13
89Vilmos VarjúHUN20.1020.10×××19.6719.65
917Jaromír VlkTCH20.0919.6620.09×
105Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.8619.6119.8619.68
1112Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.7419.74××
124Yves BrouzetFRA19.6119.4219.6119.49
1315Ralf ReichenbachFRG19.4819.48××
142Rimantas PlungėURS19.3019.30××
158Lahcen SamsamMAR19.1119.11××
1616Seppo SimolaFIN19.0618.9119.06×
173Bruce PirnieCAN18.9018.90××
181Traugott GlöcklerFRG18.8518.8518.47×