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High Jump, Men

Date22 – 24 September 2000
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants35 from 24 countries

Favored was 1999 World Champion Vyacheslav Voronin (RUS) who had the best jump of the year (2.40 (7-10½)) and had won 14 of 20 meets in 2000. Defending champion Charles Austin was back and considered a medal contender. Also returning, and controversially, was Cuban super jumper Javier Sotomayor, the 1992 gold medalist. In 1999, Soto tested positive for cocaine at the Pan-American Games and was given a two-year suspension. But the IAAF reinstated him just before the Olympics, allowing him to compete. In the final seven jumpers got over 2.32 (7-7¼). But of those, only Russian Sergey Klyugin succeeded at 2.35 (7-8½) and that earned him the gold medal. Soto had no misses thru 2.32 (7-7¼) which earned him the silver medal.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
12880Sergey KlyuginRUS2.27 (5)2.35 (1)Gold
21483Javier SotomayorCUB2.27 (=7)2.32 (2)Silver
31011Abderrahmane HammadALG2.27 (=7)2.32 (3)Bronze
43104Stefan HolmSWE2.27 (=1)2.32 (4)
52175Konstantin MatusevichISR2.27 (=1)2.32 (5)
=61314Mark BoswellCAN2.27 (13)2.32 (=6)
=63108Staffan StrandSWE2.27 (=7)2.32 (=6)
81876Wolfgang KreißigGER2.27 (=1)2.29 (8)
93197Serhiy DymchenkoUKR2.27 (=7)2.29 (9)
102920Vyacheslav VoroninRUS2.27 (=1)2.29 (10)
113297Nathan LeeperUSA2.27 (6)2.25 (11)
121313Kwaku BoatengCAN2.27 (=7)2.25 (12)
133271Kenny EvansUSA2.27 (12)2.20 (13)
=14 r1/21067Tim ForsythAUS2.24 (=14)
=14 r1/21216Elvir KrehmićBIH2.24 (=14)
=16 r1/21695Mika PolkuFIN2.24 (=16)
=16 r1/21883Christian RhodenGER2.24 (=16)
=16 r1/23214Andriy SokolovskyiUKR2.24 (=16)
19 r1/22347Yury PakhlyayevKAZ2.24 (19)
20 r1/23254Charles AustinUSA2.20 (20)
=21 r1/22420Lee Jin-TaekKOR2.20 (=21)
=21 r1/23437Dragutin TopićSCG2.20 (=21)
=23 r1/21426Gilmar MayoCOL2.20 (=23)
=23 r1/22144Brendan ReillyIRL2.20 (=23)
=23 r1/22615Wilbert PenningsNED2.20 (=23)
26 r1/21690Toni HuikuriFIN2.20 (26)
=27 r1/21783Ben ChallengerGBR2.15 (=27)
=27 r1/22328Takahisa YoshidaJPN2.15 (=27)
=27 r1/22678Glenn HowardNZL2.15 (=27)
=27 r1/22867Pyotr BraykoRUS2.15 (=27)
=27 r1/23439Stevan ZorićSCG2.15 (=27)
=27 r1/23198Ruslan HlivinskyiUKR2.15 (=27)
33 r1/22482Jean-Claude RabbathLBN2.15 (33)
34 r1/21228Aliaksei LelinBLR2.15 (34)
AC r1/22695Hugo MuñozPER– (NH)
DNS1977Lambros PapakostasGRE– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (22 September 2000)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 2.30 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Wolfgang KreißigGER2.2700q
=1Konstantin MatusevichISR2.2700q
=1Vyacheslav VoroninRUS2.2700q
=1Stefan HolmSWE2.2700q
5Sergey KlyuginRUS2.2701q
6Nathan LeeperUSA2.2702q
=7Javier SotomayorCUB2.2711q
=7Abderrahmane HammadALG2.2711q
=7Kwaku BoatengCAN2.2711q
=7Staffan StrandSWE2.2711q
=7Serhiy DymchenkoUKR2.2711q
12Kenny EvansUSA2.2712q
13Mark BoswellCAN2.2723q
=14Tim ForsythAUS2.2400
=14Elvir KrehmićBIH2.2400
=16Christian RhodenGER2.2411
=16Mika PolkuFIN2.2411
=16Andriy SokolovskyiUKR2.2411
19Yury PakhlyayevKAZ2.2422
20Charles AustinUSA2.2000
=21Lee Jin-TaekKOR2.2001
=21Dragutin TopićSCG2.2001
=23Gilmar MayoCOL2.2011
=23Brendan ReillyIRL2.2011
=23Wilbert PenningsNED2.2011
26Toni HuikuriFIN2.2022
=27Stevan ZorićSCG2.1500
=27Ben ChallengerGBR2.1500
=27Takahisa YoshidaJPN2.1500
=27Glenn HowardNZL2.1500
=27Pyotr BraykoRUS2.1500
=27Ruslan HlivinskyiUKR2.1500
33Jean-Claude RabbathLBN2.1511
34Aliaksei LelinBLR2.1522
NHHugo MuñozPER
DNSLambros PapakostasGRE

Qualifying Round, Group A (22 September 2000 — 19:25)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.15 m2.20 m2.24 m2.27 m
=1Konstantin MatusevichISR2.2700oooo
=1Stefan HolmSWE2.2700-ooo
3Sergey KlyuginRUS2.2701-xooo
4Abderrahmane HammadALG2.2711-ooxo
5Mark BoswellCAN2.2723-oxoxxo
=6Tim ForsythAUS2.2400oooxxx
=6Elvir KrehmićBIH2.2400oooxxx
=8Christian RhodenGER2.2411ooxoxxx
=8Mika PolkuFIN2.2411ooxoxxx
=8Andriy SokolovskyiUKR2.2411ooxoxxx
11Yury PakhlyayevKAZ2.2422ooxxoxxx
12Charles AustinUSA2.2000-ox--xx-
=13Stevan ZorićSCG2.1500oxxx
=13Ben ChallengerGBR2.1500oxxx
=13Takahisa YoshidaJPN2.1500oxxx
=13Ruslan HlivinskyiUKR2.1500oxxx
17Jean-Claude RabbathLBN2.1511xoxxx
18Aliaksei LelinBLR2.1522xxoxxx

Qualifying Round, Group B (22 September 2000 — 19:25)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.15 m2.20 m2.24 m2.27 m
=1Wolfgang KreißigGER2.2700-ooo
=1Vyacheslav VoroninRUS2.2700-ooo
3Nathan LeeperUSA2.2702-oxxoo
=4Javier SotomayorCUB2.2711-o-xo
=4Kwaku BoatengCAN2.2711o-oxo
=4Staffan StrandSWE2.2711-ooxo
=4Serhiy DymchenkoUKR2.2711oooxo
8Kenny EvansUSA2.2712oxooxo
=9Lee Jin-TaekKOR2.2001x-oxxx
=9Dragutin TopićSCG2.2001xooxx-x--
=11Gilmar MayoCOL2.2011oxoxxx
=11Brendan ReillyIRL2.2011-xoxxx
=11Wilbert PenningsNED2.2011-xo-xxx
14Toni HuikuriFIN2.2022oxxoxxx
=15Glenn HowardNZL2.1500oxxx
=15Pyotr BraykoRUS2.1500oxxx
NHHugo MuñozPER
DNSLambros PapakostasGRE

Final Round (24 September 2000 — 18:10)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.20 m2.25 m2.29 m2.32 m2.35 m
1Sergey KlyuginRUS2.3501o-oxoo
2Javier SotomayorCUB2.3200-o-oxxx
3Abderrahmane HammadALG2.3201ooxooxxx
4Stefan HolmSWE2.3202ooxxooxxx
5Konstantin MatusevichISR2.3222oooxxoxxx
=6Mark BoswellCAN2.3223xoo-xxoxxx
=6Staffan StrandSWE2.3223-xooxxoxxx
8Wolfgang KreißigGER2.2900oooxxx
9Serhiy DymchenkoUKR2.2901oxooxxx
10Vyacheslav VoroninRUS2.2922ooxxoxxx
11Nathan LeeperUSA2.2500ooxxx
12Kwaku BoatengCAN2.2512xoxoxxx
13Kenny EvansUSA2.2011xoxxx