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Discus Throw, Men

Date24 – 25 September 2000
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants45 from 28 countries
Olympic Record 69.40 / Lars Riedel GER / 31 July 1996

The favorite in 2000 was Lithuania’s Virgilijus Alekna. He was undefeated early in the pre-Olympic season, and had become the first person to surpass 70 metres three times in one series. He also recorded the second and third longest throws of all-time with 73.88 (242-4¾) and 72.35 (237-4½). But the defending champion, Lars Riedel, was back and defeated Alekna a few weeks before the Olympics, and Alekna had never bettered him at a major meet. The first round leader was South Africa’s Frantz Kruger with 67.89 (222-9). In round three he improved to 68.19 (223-8¾) which would win the bronze medal. But both Alekna and Riedel bettered him in that round, Alekna taking the lead with 68.73 (225-6). Riedel’s mark of 68.50 (224-9) would be his best and get the silver medal. Alekna improved in round five to 69.30 (227-4½) to win the gold medal.

12484Virgilijus AleknaLTU67.10 (3)69.30 (1)Gold
21884Lars RiedelGER68.15 (1)68.50 (2)Silver
32842Frantz KrugerRSA67.54 (2)68.19 (3)Bronze
41226Vasil KapiukhBLR65.90 (4)67.59 (4)
53313Adam SetliffUSA63.25 (10)66.02 (5)
61330Jason TunksCAN64.40 (6)65.80 (6)
71224Uladzimir DubroushchykBLR64.03 (7)65.13 (7)
81886Jürgen SchultGER63.76 (8)64.41 (8)
91648Aleksander TammertEST63.52 (9)63.25 (9)
101881Michael MöllenbeckGER62.72 (12)63.14 (10)
112904Dmitry ShevchenkoRUS65.29 (5)62.65 (11)
123319Tony WashingtonUSA62.82 (11)59.87 (12)
13 r1/21369Li ShaojieCHN62.29 (13)
14 r1/22197Diego FortunaITA62.24 (14)
15 r1/22864Aleksandr BorichevskyRUS61.98 (15)
16 r1/22047Róbert FazekasHUN61.76 (16)
17 r1/23273John GodinaUSA61.60 (17)
18 r1/22848Frits PotgieterRSA61.56 (18)
19 r1/21597David MartínezESP61.50 (19)
20 r1/21469Alexis ElizaldeCUB61.13 (20)
21 r1/22163Magnús Aron HallgrímssonISL60.95 (21)
22 r1/21208Jo Van DaeleBEL60.93 (22)
23 r1/22059Gábor MátéHUN60.86 (23)
24 r1/21466Frank CasañasCUB60.84 (24)
25 r1/21515Libor MalinaCZE60.83 (25)
26 r1/22909Vitaly SidorovRUS60.65 (26)
27 r1/22490Romas UbartasLTU60.50 (27)
28 r1/21819Bob WeirGBR60.01 (28)
29 r1/22723Olgierd StańskiPOL59.31 (29)
30 r1/22487Vaclavas KidykasLTU58.96 (30)
31 r1/22679Ian WinchesterNZL58.64 (31)
32 r1/23195Kyrylo ChupryninUKR58.38 (32)
33 r1/21222Leanid ChraukoBLR58.32 (33)
34 r1/21453Dragan MustapićCRO58.10 (34)
35 r1/21306Mickaël ConjungoCAF57.85 (35)
36 r1/22146Nick SweeneyIRL57.37 (36)
37 r1/21037Marcelo PuglieseARG56.30 (37)
38 r1/21815Glen SmithGBR56.22 (38)
39 r1/22799Rashid Al-DosariQAT54.47 (39)
40 r1/22141John MentonIRL54.21 (40)
41 r1/23392Roman PoltoratskyUZB47.83 (41)
AC r1/21319Jason GervaisCAN– (AC)
AC r1/22057Zoltán KővágóHUN– (AC)
AC r1/22813Costel GrasuROU– (AC)
AC r1/23146Chary MamedovTKM– (AC)
DNS2637Chima UgwuNGR– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (24 September 2000)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 64.00 metres advanced to the final.

1Lars RiedelGER68.15Q
2Frantz KrugerRSA67.54Q
3Virgilijus AleknaLTU67.10Q
4Vasil KapiukhBLR65.90Q
5Dmitry ShevchenkoRUS65.29Q
6Jason TunksCAN64.40Q
7Uladzimir DubroushchykBLR64.03Q
8Jürgen SchultGER63.76q
9Aleksander TammertEST63.52q
10Adam SetliffUSA63.25q
11Tony WashingtonUSA62.82q
12Michael MöllenbeckGER62.72q
13Li ShaojieCHN62.29
14Diego FortunaITA62.24
15Aleksandr BorichevskyRUS61.98
16Róbert FazekasHUN61.76
17John GodinaUSA61.60
18Frits PotgieterRSA61.56
19David MartínezESP61.50
20Alexis ElizaldeCUB61.13
21Magnús Aron HallgrímssonISL60.95
22Jo Van DaeleBEL60.93
23Gábor MátéHUN60.86
24Frank CasañasCUB60.84
25Libor MalinaCZE60.83
26Vitaly SidorovRUS60.65
27Romas UbartasLTU60.50
28Bob WeirGBR60.01
29Olgierd StańskiPOL59.31
30Vaclavas KidykasLTU58.96
31Ian WinchesterNZL58.64
32Kyrylo ChupryninUKR58.38
33Leanid ChraukoBLR58.32
34Dragan MustapićCRO58.10
35Mickaël ConjungoCAF57.85
36Nick SweeneyIRL57.37
37Marcelo PuglieseARG56.30
38Glen SmithGBR56.22
39Rashid Al-DosariQAT54.47
40John MentonIRL54.21
41Roman PoltoratskyUZB47.83
ACZoltán KővágóHUNNM
ACChary MamedovTKMNM
ACJason GervaisCANNM
ACCostel GrasuROUNM
DNSChima UgwuNGR

Qualifying Round, Group A (24 September 2000 — 10:00)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup A Round OneGroup A Round TwoGroup A Round Three
111Lars RiedelGER68.1568.15--
213Frantz KrugerRSA67.5467.54--
322Vasil KapiukhBLR65.9065.90--
423Dmitry ShevchenkoRUS65.2962.8263.0965.29
517Uladzimir DubroushchykBLR64.0364.03--
69Jürgen SchultGER63.7663.7660.97×
712Aleksander TammertEST63.5263.5261.8460.90
82Li ShaojieCHN62.2962.29×59.71
915Magnús Aron HallgrímssonISL60.9560.9558.7960.03
1020Frank CasañasCUB60.8460.84×60.79
1119Libor MalinaCZE60.8359.38×60.83
123Romas UbartasLTU60.5060.4360.50×
137Bob WeirGBR60.0157.57×60.01
1414Olgierd StańskiPOL59.3159.3158.06×
158Ian WinchesterNZL58.6458.6158.64×
161Leanid ChraukoBLR58.3257.63×58.32
1710Dragan MustapićCRO58.1053.7658.10×
186Mickaël ConjungoCAF57.85×57.8555.60
1916Marcelo PuglieseARG56.30×53.4956.30
205John MentonIRL54.21×54.2150.95
2121Roman PoltoratskyUZB47.8345.40×47.83
AC18Zoltán KővágóHUN×××NM
AC4Chary MamedovTKM×××NM

Qualifying Round, Group B (24 September 2000 — 12:10)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup B Round OneGroup B Round TwoGroup B Round Three
114Virgilijus AleknaLTU67.1067.10--
222Jason TunksCAN64.4064.40--
315Adam SetliffUSA63.25×63.25-
42Tony WashingtonUSA62.8262.82××
56Michael MöllenbeckGER62.7262.3062.7261.92
64Diego FortunaITA62.2460.12×62.24
75Aleksandr BorichevskyRUS61.9859.7861.9861.89
83Róbert FazekasHUN61.76××61.76
910John GodinaUSA61.6057.6761.60×
1017Frits PotgieterRSA61.5661.5660.2760.83
1119David MartínezESP61.5061.5059.97
129Alexis ElizaldeCUB61.1357.7561.1359.96
1323Jo Van DaeleBEL60.9360.8960.93×
1412Gábor MátéHUN60.8659.4360.6960.86
1520Vitaly SidorovRUS60.6558.3259.4360.65
1613Vaclavas KidykasLTU58.9657.8658.9658.09
1716Kyrylo ChupryninUKR58.38×58.3857.32
1811Nick SweeneyIRL57.3756.7356.2457.37
191Glen SmithGBR56.2256.2255.3154.36
2018Rashid Al-DosariQAT54.47×54.4753.42
AC7Jason GervaisCAN×××NM
AC21Costel GrasuROU×--NM
DNS8Chima UgwuNGR

Final Round (25 September 2000 — 19:00)

19Virgilijus AleknaLTU69.3058.5567.5468.7366.6469.3064.78
26Lars RiedelGER68.5065.18×68.5068.0867.3363.87
38Frantz KrugerRSA68.1967.89×68.1968.06×62.72
44Vasil KapiukhBLR67.5958.9364.5067.5964.4265.0766.70
57Adam SetliffUSA66.0260.5066.0264.7265.1063.1061.99
65Jason TunksCAN65.8059.5964.5865.35×65.8064.38
72Uladzimir DubroushchykBLR65.1363.9565.13×64.32×60.15
810Jürgen SchultGER64.41×60.8363.3464.4162.6361.96
91Aleksander TammertEST63.2555.8459.2663.25
103Michael MöllenbeckGER63.1461.1960.1363.14
1112Dmitry ShevchenkoRUS62.65××62.65
1211Tony WashingtonUSA59.87××59.87