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Individual All-Around, Men

Date12 July 1912 — 09:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants44 from 9 countries
FormatPerformances on horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings, and pommelled horse. Maximum of six gymnasts per nation. Each performance scored 0-12 by three judges. Possible score of 36 on each apparatus and total possible of 144.

In the absence of the German gymnasts, this event was dominated by French and Italian gymnasts, as they took the first 11 places. No Swedes or Norwegians competed, even though those nations won two of the three team gymnastics events in 1912. The reason is that the Swedes and Norwegians were opposed to the concept of individual gymnastics competition. They believed that gymnastics was a team sport, which should be practiced in mass displays.

The individual event was won by Italy’s Alberto Braglia, who defended the individual all-around gold medal he had won at London in 1908. In addition to his gold medal, he retained possession of the Challenge Trophy for the individual all-around. This trophy had been donated for the 1908 Olympics by the City of Prague. Braglia had also been runner-up in both individual events at the 1906 Olympics in Athens. After his 1908 Olympic championships, Braglia used his Olympic fame to become a circus performer. Working on a trapeze, he sustained a serious injury from a fall in 1910. But he recovered from that setback to return to the Olympics in 1912 at Stockholm. After the 1912 Olympics, Braglia turned professional, returning to the circus as an acrobat, but he later returned to gymnastics and coached the Italian team at the 1932 Olympics.

1Alberto BragliaITA135.00Gold
2Louis SéguraFRA132.50Silver
3Serafino MazzarocchiITA131.50Bronze1
=4Giorgio ZamporiITA128.00
=4Guido BoniITA128.00
6Pietro BianchiITA127.75
=7Marcel LaluFRA127.00
=7Marco TorrèsFRA127.00
9Guido RomanoITA126.25
10Antoine CostaFRA124.50
11Louis-Charles MartyFRA122.50
12Len HansonGBR121.25
13Elemér PásztiHUN119.00
14Auguste PompogneFRA118.00
=15József SzalaiHUN117.25
=15Antoine WehrerLUX117.25
17Imre GellértHUN117.00
18Pierre HentgesLUX115.50
19János KrizmanichHUN115.00
20Nicolas KaniveLUX111.50
21John WhitakerGBR111.25
22Jean-Pierre ThommesLUX110.75
23François HentgesLUX110.50
24Émile LannersLUX109.75
25Sam HodgettsGBR108.50
26Arvor HansenDEN107.50
27Viljami NieminenFIN105.75
28Charles SimmonsGBR105.50
29William CowhigGBR104.50
30Charles JensenDEN103.75
31Edvard JanssonFIN103.00
32Reginald PottsGBR101.75
33Axel AndersenDEN98.75
=34Niels PetersenDEN97.25
=34Carl PedersenDEN97.25
36Boris HonzátkoBOH91.25
37Antti TamminenFIN90.50
38Pavel KushnikovRUS90.00
39Aleksandr AkhyunRUS87.75
40Ejnar MøbiusDEN86.75
41Semyon KulikovRUS79.50
42Fyodor ZabelinRUS76.25
DNFKalle EkholmFIN
DNFYrjö VuolioFIN

Horizontal Bar (12 July 1912 — 09:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00)

NPAlberto BragliaITA32.75
NPMarco TorrèsFRA30.25
NPSerafino MazzarocchiITA30.252
NPLouis SéguraFRA30.00
NPGuido BoniITA29.75
NPAntoine CostaFRA29.75
NPPietro BianchiITA29.50
NPMarcel LaluFRA29.25
NPGuido RomanoITA29.25
NPGiorgio ZamporiITA29.00
NPLen HansonGBR28.50
NPEdvard JanssonFIN28.25
NPJózsef SzalaiHUN28.00
NPElemér PásztiHUN27.75
NPArvor HansenDEN27.00
NPAuguste PompogneFRA27.00
NPLouis-Charles MartyFRA26.75
NPJános KrizmanichHUN26.50
NPViljami NieminenFIN26.50
NPAntoine WehrerLUX26.50
NPJohn WhitakerGBR26.50
NPPierre HentgesLUX26.00
NPWilliam CowhigGBR25.75
NPReginald PottsGBR25.50
NPSam HodgettsGBR25.25
NPCharles JensenDEN25.25
NPKalle EkholmFIN25.00
NPÉmile LannersLUX25.00
NPCarl PedersenDEN25.00
NPPavel KushnikovRUS24.75
NPImre GellértHUN24.00
NPCharles SimmonsGBR23.50
NPYrjö VuolioFIN23.25
NPAntti TamminenFIN23.00
NPJean-Pierre ThommesLUX22.75
NPAxel AndersenDEN22.25
NPNicolas KaniveLUX22.25
NPAleksandr AkhyunRUS20.75
NPFrançois HentgesLUX20.75
NPNiels PetersenDEN20.75
NPBoris HonzátkoBOH17.00
NPSemyon KulikovRUS16.50
NPFyodor ZabelinRUS14.75
NPEjnar MøbiusDEN13.50

Parallel Bars (12 July 1912 — 09:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00)

NPLouis SéguraFRA35.75
NPMarcel LaluFRA35.50
NPGuido BoniITA35.25
NPMarco TorrèsFRA35.00
NPSerafino MazzarocchiITA35.003
NPGiorgio ZamporiITA35.00
NPAlberto BragliaITA34.75
NPLouis-Charles MartyFRA34.75
NPAntoine CostaFRA34.25
NPImre GellértHUN34.00
NPPietro BianchiITA33.75
NPJózsef SzalaiHUN33.00
NPAntoine WehrerLUX33.00
NPFrançois HentgesLUX32.50
NPGuido RomanoITA32.50
NPAuguste PompogneFRA32.00
NPJean-Pierre ThommesLUX32.00
NPLen HansonGBR31.75
NPNicolas KaniveLUX31.25
NPEdvard JanssonFIN30.75
NPElemér PásztiHUN30.50
NPCharles SimmonsGBR30.50
NPAxel AndersenDEN30.00
NPViljami NieminenFIN30.00
NPWilliam CowhigGBR29.50
NPArvor HansenDEN29.50
NPPierre HentgesLUX29.50
NPÉmile LannersLUX29.00
NPYrjö VuolioFIN29.00
NPJános KrizmanichHUN28.75
NPNiels PetersenDEN28.25
NPSam HodgettsGBR27.75
NPJohn WhitakerGBR27.75
NPCharles JensenDEN27.00
NPEjnar MøbiusDEN27.00
NPCarl PedersenDEN26.25
NPKalle EkholmFIN25.50
NPAleksandr AkhyunRUS25.25
NPBoris HonzátkoBOH25.00
NPPavel KushnikovRUS24.50
NPSemyon KulikovRUS24.00
NPReginald PottsGBR23.25
NPAntti TamminenFIN23.25
NPFyodor ZabelinRUS22.00

Rings (12 July 1912 — 09:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00)

NPLouis SéguraFRA32.25
NPAlberto BragliaITA31.75
NPLen HansonGBR31.50
NPMarco TorrèsFRA31.00
NPPietro BianchiITA30.75
NPGiorgio ZamporiITA30.75
NPMarcel LaluFRA30.50
NPLouis-Charles MartyFRA30.50
NPSerafino MazzarocchiITA30.504
NPGuido RomanoITA30.00
NPAntoine CostaFRA29.75
NPJózsef SzalaiHUN29.75
NPJohn WhitakerGBR29.75
NPNicolas KaniveLUX29.50
NPPierre HentgesLUX29.25
NPAntoine WehrerLUX28.75
NPArvor HansenDEN28.50
NPCharles SimmonsGBR28.50
NPGuido BoniITA28.25
NPSam HodgettsGBR28.25
NPNiels PetersenDEN28.25
NPReginald PottsGBR28.25
NPAuguste PompogneFRA28.00
NPJean-Pierre ThommesLUX27.50
NPFrançois HentgesLUX27.00
NPÉmile LannersLUX27.00
NPElemér PásztiHUN27.00
NPWilliam CowhigGBR26.75
NPImre GellértHUN26.75
NPJános KrizmanichHUN26.75
NPAxel AndersenDEN26.50
NPCharles JensenDEN26.25
NPEjnar MøbiusDEN26.25
NPAntti TamminenFIN26.00
NPBoris HonzátkoBOH25.50
NPCarl PedersenDEN25.25
NPViljami NieminenFIN25.00
NPEdvard JanssonFIN24.25
NPAleksandr AkhyunRUS23.25
NPFyodor ZabelinRUS22.50
NPSemyon KulikovRUS21.50
NPPavel KushnikovRUS21.50

Pommelled Horse (12 July 1912 — 09:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00)

NPAlberto BragliaITA35.75
NPSerafino MazzarocchiITA35.755
NPGuido BoniITA34.75
NPGuido RomanoITA34.50
NPLouis SéguraFRA34.50
NPPietro BianchiITA33.75
NPElemér PásztiHUN33.75
NPGiorgio ZamporiITA33.25
NPJános KrizmanichHUN33.00
NPImre GellértHUN32.25
NPMarcel LaluFRA31.75
NPAuguste PompogneFRA31.00
NPAntoine CostaFRA30.75
NPPierre HentgesLUX30.75
NPMarco TorrèsFRA30.75
NPLouis-Charles MartyFRA30.50
NPFrançois HentgesLUX30.25
NPLen HansonGBR29.50
NPAntoine WehrerLUX29.00
NPÉmile LannersLUX28.75
NPNicolas KaniveLUX28.50
NPJean-Pierre ThommesLUX28.50
NPSam HodgettsGBR27.25
NPJohn WhitakerGBR27.25
NPJózsef SzalaiHUN26.50
NPCharles JensenDEN25.25
NPReginald PottsGBR24.75
NPViljami NieminenFIN24.25
NPBoris HonzátkoBOH23.75
NPCharles SimmonsGBR23.00
NPWilliam CowhigGBR22.50
NPArvor HansenDEN22.50
NPCarl PedersenDEN20.75
NPAxel AndersenDEN20.00
NPEjnar MøbiusDEN20.00
NPNiels PetersenDEN20.00
NPEdvard JanssonFIN19.75
NPPavel KushnikovRUS19.25
NPAleksandr AkhyunRUS18.50
NPAntti TamminenFIN18.25
NPSemyon KulikovRUS17.50
NPFyodor ZabelinRUS17.00