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200 metres Freestyle, Women

Date30 July 1984
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants36 from 25 countries

At the beginning of 1984 the world record was held by American Sippy Woodhead, who had set three world marks back in 1978-79. She had been World Swimmer of the Year in 1979 and was crushed by not being able to compete in Moscow. Now an ancient 20-year-old, for a world-class swimmer in that era, Woodhead was nowhere near the swimmer she had been in the late 70s, but she made the US team. Just prior to the Los Angeles, her world record was broken by Kristin Otto at the East German trials, who could not be there because of the Soviet-led boycott. Woodhead had won the US Trials, leading home Mary Wayte, but in Los Angeles Wayte was the one winning, coming to the wall in 1:59.23, with Woodhead taking silver. Woodhead’s time of 1:59.50 was her best in three years. A few weeks later Otto won this event at the Friendship Games, but her time was a surprisingly slow 1:59.48.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Mary WayteUSA2:00.69 (1 h3)1:59.23 (1)Gold
2Sippy WoodheadUSA2:00.85 (1 h4)1:59.50 (2)Silver
3Annemarie VerstappenNED2:01.61 (1 h1)1:59.69 (3)Bronze
4Michele PearsonAUS2:01.49 (2 h3)1:59.79 (4)
5Conny van BentumNED2:01.52 (1 h2)2:00.59 (5)
6June CroftGBR2:01.05 (1 h5)2:00.64 (6)
7Ina BeyermannFRG2:02.42 (2 h5)2:01.89 (7)
8Anna McVannAUS2:03.14 (3 h3)2:02.87 (8)
9Silvia PersiITA2:03.98 (2 h2)2:03.17 (1)
10Iris ZscherpeFRG2:03.95 (4 h3)2:03.42 (2)
11Julie DaigneaultCAN2:03.40 (3 h5)2:03.67 (3)
12Ann LinderSWE2:04.60 (2 h1)2:03.85 (4)
13Chikako NakamoriJPN2:03.94 (2 h4)2:04.11 (5)
14Jane KerrCAN2:04.02 (3 h4)2:04.19 (6)
15Annabelle CrippsGBR2:04.44 (3 h2)2:04.90 (7)
16Kaori YanaseJPN2:04.38 (4 h4)2:05.24 (8)
17Carla LasiITA2:05.86 (4 h2)
18Lisa Ann WenTPE2:06.01 (5 h2)
19Laurence BensimonFRA2:06.61 (3 h1)
20Carol-Ann HeaveyIRL2:07.75 (6 h2)
21Patricia KohlmannMEX2:08.15 (4 h5)
22Sandra CroussePER2:09.42 (5 h5)
23Sofia DaraGRE2:09.52 (4 h1)
24Irma HuertaMEX2:09.79 (5 h4)
25Christine JacobPHI2:12.17 (6 h4)
26Hadar RubinsteinISR2:12.32 (5 h3)
27Virginia SacheroARG2:13.41 (6 h3)
28Chang Hui-ChienTPE2:13.67 (6 h5)
29Kim Jin-SukKOR2:13.76 (5 h1)
30Fenella NgHKG2:13.94 (6 h1)
31Karen Slowing-AceitunoGUA2:14.39 (7 h2)
32Blanca MoralesGUA2:14.79 (7 h4)
33Sherwite HafezEGY2:16.11 (7 h3)
34Daniela GalassiSMR2:19.22 (7 h1)
35Sharon PickeringFIJ2:19.31 (7 h5)
36María LardizábalHON2:28.25 (8 h3)
DNSMaria KardumSWE– (DNS h5)
DNSFaten GhattasTUN– (DNS h4)

Round One (30 July 1984 — 9:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Annemarie VerstappenNED2:01.61Q
25Ann LinderSWE2:04.60q
33Laurence BensimonFRA2:06.61
46Sofia DaraGRE2:09.52
57Kim Jin-SukKOR2:13.76
62Fenella NgHKG2:13.94
71Daniela GalassiSMR2:19.22

Heat Two

14Conny van BentumNED2:01.52Q
23Silvia PersiITA2:03.98q
35Annabelle CrippsGBR2:04.44q
46Carla LasiITA2:05.86
57Lisa Ann WenTPE2:06.01
62Carol-Ann HeaveyIRL2:07.75
71Karen Slowing-AceitunoGUA2:14.39

Heat Three

14Mary WayteUSA2:00.69Q
25Michele PearsonAUS2:01.49Q
33Anna McVannAUS2:03.14Q
46Iris ZscherpeFRG2:03.95q
57Hadar RubinsteinISR2:12.32
62Virginia SacheroARG2:13.41
71Sherwite HafezEGY2:16.11
88María LardizábalHON2:28.25

Heat Four

14Sippy WoodheadUSA2:00.85Q
26Chikako NakamoriJPN2:03.94q
33Jane KerrCAN2:04.02q
45Kaori YanaseJPN2:04.38q
52Irma HuertaMEX2:09.79
61Christine JacobPHI2:12.17
78Blanca MoralesGUA2:14.79
DNS7Faten GhattasTUN

Heat Five

14June CroftGBR2:01.05Q
25Ina BeyermannFRG2:02.42Q
33Julie DaigneaultCAN2:03.40q
42Patricia KohlmannMEX2:08.15
57Sandra CroussePER2:09.42
61Chang Hui-ChienTPE2:13.67
78Sharon PickeringFIJ2:19.31
DNS6Maria KardumSWE

B Final (30 July 1984 — 16:35)

16Silvia PersiITA2:03.17
23Iris ZscherpeFRG2:03.42
34Julie DaigneaultCAN2:03.67
48Ann LinderSWE2:03.85
55Chikako NakamoriJPN2:04.11
62Jane KerrCAN2:04.19
71Annabelle CrippsGBR2:04.90
87Kaori YanaseJPN2:05.24

Final (30 July 1984 — 16:25)

14Mary WayteUSA1:59.23
25Sippy WoodheadUSA1:59.50
37Annemarie VerstappenNED1:59.69
46Michele PearsonAUS1:59.79
52Conny van BentumNED2:00.59
63June CroftGBR2:00.64
71Ina BeyermannFRG2:01.89
88Anna McVannAUS2:02.87