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1,000 metres, Men

Date13 – 16 February 2002
LocationSalt Lake Ice Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Participants32 from 20 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 1:29.398 / Satoru Terao JPN / 17 February 1998

The story of the 1,000 m short track was not with one of the favorites, but with an Australian outsider, Steven Bradbury. A veteran of two Winter Olympics, he’d won a bronze medal with the Australian relay team in 1992, and had been a relay World Champion in 1991. But by 2002, Bradbury was no longer considered a factor. His participation in Salt Lake City was remarkable already, having broken two neck vertebrae in a training crash in late 2000.

Bradbury easily survived the heats, but appeared to go out in the quarter-finals, when star skater Marc Gagnon was disqualified for obstructing a Japanese rival, allowing the Australian to advance. A similar situation occurred in the semi-finals, when Bradbury was in third place when the defending champion, Kim Dong-Seong, collided with Satoru Terao, eliminating them both. Bradbury again advanced for an unexpected spot in the final. That appeared the best he could do, as the other four finalists quickly distanced themselves from Bradbury. In the very last curve, crowd favorite Apolo Anton Ohno and Li Jiajun of China collided, taking Mathieu Turcotte and An Hyeon-Su with them. With the rest of field laying scattered on the ice, Bradbury crossed the line first. As he raised his arms in disbelief, the others scrambled to get up and cross the line, Ohno throwing his skate over the line first, followed by Turcotte.

Bradbury’s surprise victory was Australia’s first ever gold medal in the Winter Olympics, and it made him a celebrity in his home country. Just days after the final, Australia Post issued a stamp with his likeness, and “doing a Bradbury” entered Australian vocabulary as a term for a miraculous victory.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1300Steven BradburyAUSGold
2369Apolo Anton OhnoUSASilver
3319Mathieu TurcotteCANBronze
4348Hyeon-Su AnKOR
5350Kim Dong-SeongKOR
6339Fabio CartaITA
7346Naoya TamuraJPN
8324Li JiajunCHN63DQ
9370Rusty SmithUSA471:28.078
10321Feng KaiCHN471:28.424
11307Wim De DeyneBEL421:27.785
12347Satoru TeraoJPN421:28.241
13341Nicola RodigariITA341:27.578
14330Leon FlackGBR291:28.604
15305Mark McNeeAUS291:39.325
16315Marc GagnonCAN211:28.718
17327Bruno LoscosFRA131:28.532
18357Cees JuffermansNED131:29.249
19362Krystian ZdrojkowskiPOL131:30.026
20334Balázs KnochHUN131:31.061
21336Kornél SzántóHUN131:31.391
22358Mark JacksonNZL131:32.276
23333Arian NachbarGER131:33.585
24308Pieter GyselBEL81:31.290
25313Kiril PandovBUL81:31.842
26311Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL81:32.421
27331Nicky GoochGBR81:38.034
28355Battulgyn OktyabriMGL81:47.213
29363Matúš UžákSVK82:17.608
DQ326Grégory DurandFRA
DQ365Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKR
DQ364Martin JohanssonSWE

Round One (13 February 2002 — 18:45)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One

14Wim De DeyneBEL1:30.95034Q
22Satoru TeraoJPN1:31.02521Q
31Mark JacksonNZL1:32.27613
43Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL1:32.4218

Heat Two

13Steven BradburyAUS1:30.95634Q
22Nicola RodigariITA1:30.99121Q
34Balázs KnochHUN1:31.06113
41Pieter GyselBEL1:31.2908

Heat Three

11Feng KaiCHN1:32.55434Q
24Mark McNeeAUS1:39.32521Q
DQ2Grégory DurandFRA
DQ3Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKR

Heat Four

11Naoya TamuraJPN1:28.86734QOR
22Leon FlackGBR1:29.58421Q
34Krystian ZdrojkowskiPOL1:30.02613
DQ3Martin JohanssonSWE

Heat Five

13Fabio CartaITA1:28.52034QOR
22Marc GagnonCAN1:28.71821Q
31Cees JuffermansNED1:29.24913
44Matúš UžákSVK2:17.6088

Heat Six

13Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:32.90134Q
22Apolo Anton OhnoUSA1:33.16721Q
31Arian NachbarGER1:33.58513
44Battulgyn OktyabriMGL1:47.2138

Heat Seven

12Rusty SmithUSA1:28.18334QOR
21Mathieu TurcotteCAN1:28.22921Q
33Bruno LoscosFRA1:28.53213
44Kiril PandovBUL1:31.8428

Heat Eight

14Hyeon-Su AnKOR1:30.25234Q
22Li JiajunCHN1:30.44721Q
33Kornél SzántóHUN1:31.39113
41Nicky GoochGBR1:38.0348

Quarter-Finals (16 February 2002 — 19:20)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

14Fabio CartaITA1:28.18634Q
23Satoru TeraoJPN1:28.24121Q
31Feng KaiCHN1:28.42413
42Leon FlackGBR1:28.6048

Heat Two

14Apolo Anton OhnoUSA1:28.65034Q
21Steven BradburyAUS1:29.26521Q
32Naoya TamuraJPN1:29.86413ADV
DQ3Marc GagnonCAN

Heat Three

13Mathieu TurcotteCAN1:27.18534QOR
21Hyeon-Su AnKOR1:27.20121Q
34Nicola RodigariITA1:27.57813
42Wim De DeyneBEL1:27.7858

Heat Four

12Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:27.42934Q
23Li JiajunCHN1:27.46721Q
34Rusty SmithUSA1:28.07813
41Mark McNeeAUS1:46.7018

Semi-Finals (16 February 2002 — 19:57)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

11Steven BradburyAUS1:29.18934Q
24Li JiajunCHN1:30.59221Q
32Mathieu TurcotteCAN1:35.15513ADV
43Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:52.6458QB
DQ5Satoru TeraoJPN

Heat Two

12Apolo Anton OhnoUSA1:27.42834Q
21Hyeon-Su AnKOR1:27.46921Q
33Fabio CartaITA1:27.49213QB
44Naoya TamuraJPN1:27.7518QB

Final Round (16 February 2002 — 20:30)

B Final

12Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:35.582
23Fabio CartaITA1:35.589
31Naoya TamuraJPN1:35.823

A Final (20:30)

15Steven BradburyAUS1:29.109
23Apolo Anton OhnoUSA1:30.160
31Mathieu TurcotteCAN1:30.563
42Hyeon-Su AnKOR1:32.519
DQ4Li JiajunCHN