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Foil, Individual, Men

Date17 – 18 August 1920
LocationFloraliën, Middelheimpark, Antwerpen
Participants56 from 10 countries

Each nation was allowed a maximum of eight entries. Bouts were for three touches as specified in the rules adopted by the FIE the previous year based on the suggestion by the Italians in 1914 but there was considerable feeling by the end of the Olympics that the number of touches should be increased to five by the FIE for future foil competitions.

Nedo Nadi defended the foil title that he had won in Stockholm in 1912. This was his first gold medal of the 1920 Olympic Games. Nadi retired shortly after the Antwerp Olympic Games. Nedo Nadi had also won the individual foil title at the 1919 Inter-Allied Games.

1Nedo NadiITAGold
2Philippe CattiauFRASilver
3Roger DucretFRABronze
4André LabatutFRA
5Aldo NadiITA
6Fernand de MontignyBEL
7Oreste PulitiITA
8Ivan OsiierDEN
9Abelardo OlivierITA
10Georges TrombertFRA
11Marcel PerrotFRA
12Pietro SpecialeITA
4 p1 r2/3Lionel, Marquis de Castellane-MajastresFRA
4 p2 r2/3Louis CuypersBEL
=4 p3 r2/3Tommaso CostantinoITA
=4 p3 r2/3Charles CrahayBEL
4 p4 r2/3Félix VigevenoNED
5 p1 r2/3Émile De SchepperBEL
5 p2 r2/3Ejnar LevisonDEN
5 p4 r2/3Jean VerbruggeBEL
6 p1 r2/3Francis HoneycuttUSA
6 p2 r2/3Vilém TvrzskýTCH
6 p3 r2/3Federico CesaranoITA
6 p4 r2/3Knut EnellSWE
4 p2 r1/3Salomon ZeldenrustNED
4 p5 r1/3Ahmed Mohamed HassaneinEGY
4 p7 r1/3Thomas Wand-TetleyGBR
4 p8 r1/3Edgar SeligmanGBR
=4 p1 r1/3Henry BreckinridgeUSA
=4 p1 r1/3Wouter BrouwerNED
=4 p1 r1/3Rodolfo TerlizziITA
=4 p3 r1/3Roland WilloughbyGBR
=4 p3 r1/3Eugène DufraneBEL
=4 p4 r1/3Georg HegnerDEN
=4 p4 r1/3Arie de JongNED
=4 p6 r1/3Geoffrey DoyneGBR
=4 p6 r1/3František DvořákTCH
=4 p6 r1/3Marcel BerréBEL
5 p2 r1/3Millard BloomerUSA
5 p5 r1/3Verner BondeDEN
5 p7 r1/3George CalnanUSA
5 p8 r1/3Antonín MikalaTCH
6 p2 r1/3Albert PapeBEL
6 p3 r1/3Josef JungmannTCH
6 p7 r1/3Aage BerntsenDEN
6 p8 r1/3Leon SchoonmakerUSA
=6 p4 r1/3Brooks ParkerUSA
=6 p4 r1/3Josef JavůrekTCH
7 p1 r1/3Cecil KershawGBR
7 p3 r1/3Nils HellstenSWE
7 p6 r1/3Jan van der WielNED
=7 p2 r1/3Evan JamesGBR
=7 p2 r1/3Gustaf LindblomSWE
8 p4 r1/3Robert MontgomerieGBR
9 p2 r1/3Kay SchrøderDEN
9 p4 r1/3Hans TörnblomSWE
DNSLucien GaudinFRA

Round One (17 August 1920 — 09:00)

Top three finishers in each pool advanced to second round.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1André LabatutFRA60Q
2Jean VerbruggeBEL51Q
3Ejnar LevisonDEN42Q
=4Henry BreckinridgeUSA24
=4Wouter BrouwerNED24
=4Rodolfo TerlizziITA24
7Cecil KershawGBR06

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Nedo NadiITA71Q
2Georges TrombertFRA71Q
3Vilém TvrzskýTCH62Q
4Salomon ZeldenrustNED53
5Millard BloomerUSA44
6Albert PapeBEL35
=7Evan JamesGBR26
=7Gustaf LindblomSWE26
9Kay SchrøderDEN08

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Aldo NadiITA60Q
2Ivan OsiierDEN42Q
3Lionel, Marquis de Castellane-MajastresFRA42Q
=4Roland WilloughbyGBR33
=4Eugène DufraneBEL33
6Josef JungmannTCH15
7Nils HellstenSWE06

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Abelardo OlivierITA71Q
=2Louis CuypersBEL62Q
=2Marcel PerrotFRA62Q
=4Georg HegnerDEN44
=4Arie de JongNED44
=6Brooks ParkerUSA35
=6Josef JavůrekTCH35
8Robert MontgomerieGBR26
9Hans TörnblomSWE17

Pool 5

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Federico CesaranoITA40Q
2Charles CrahayBEL31Q
3Francis HoneycuttUSA22Q
4Ahmed Mohamed HassaneinEGY13
5Verner BondeDEN04
DNSLucien GaudinFRA

Pool 6

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Philippe CattiauFRA60Q
2Pietro SpecialeITA42Q
3Knut EnellSWE42Q
=4Geoffrey DoyneGBR24
=4František DvořákTCH24
=4Marcel BerréBEL24
7Jan van der WielNED15

Pool 7

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Roger DucretFRA50Q
2Oreste PulitiITA41Q
3Émile De SchepperBEL32Q
4Thomas Wand-TetleyGBR23
5George CalnanUSA14
6Aage BerntsenDEN05

Pool 8

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Fernand de MontignyBEL50Q
2Tommaso CostantinoITA41Q
3Félix VigevenoNED32Q
4Edgar SeligmanGBR23
5Antonín MikalaTCH14
6Leon SchoonmakerUSA05

Semi-Finals (18 August 1920 — 15:30)

Top three finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Nedo NadiITA50Q
2Oreste PulitiITA41Q
3Roger DucretFRA32Q
4Lionel, Marquis de Castellane-MajastresFRA23
5Émile De SchepperBEL14
6Francis HoneycuttUSA05

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
=1Aldo NadiITA41Q
=1Philippe CattiauFRA41Q
3Marcel PerrotFRA32Q
4Louis CuypersBEL23
5Ejnar LevisonDEN14
6Vilém TvrzskýTCH14

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Georges TrombertFRA41Q
2Fernand de MontignyBEL41Q
3Ivan OsiierDEN32Q
=4Tommaso CostantinoITA23
=4Charles CrahayBEL23
6Federico CesaranoITA05

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1André LabatutFRA50Q
2Abelardo OlivierITA41Q
3Pietro SpecialeITA23Q
4Félix VigevenoNED23
5Jean VerbruggeBEL14
6Knut EnellSWE14

Final Pool (18 August 1920)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts TiedBouts Lost
1Nedo NadiITA101--
2Philippe CattiauFRA9214
3Roger DucretFRA9219
4André LabatutFRA74--
5Aldo NadiITA6519
6Fernand de MontignyBEL6527
7Oreste PulitiITA56
8Ivan OsiierDEN47
9Abelardo OlivierITA38
10Georges TrombertFRA38
11Marcel PerrotFRA38
12Pietro SpecialeITA110