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100 metres Freestyle, Women

Date18 – 19 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants57 from 35 countries

The heavy favorite was East German Kristin Otto, the reigning World and European champion, and the world record holder. She was looking for a Spitz-like performance in Seoul, aiming for six gold medals, and her first race was the 100 freestyle. Swimming World noted that this race was the first time in 12 years that all the world’s top swimmers had gathered at the Olympics. Otto was expected to be challenged by Americans Dara Torres, winner of the 1987 Pan Pacs and 1988 world leader with 55.30, and Mitzi Kremer, ranked third in the world in 1988. But they were non-factors, as Kremer did not make the final, and Torres would finish only seventh.

In the final, Otto was challenged by China’s surprising Zhuang Yong, who had been ranked only 12th in the world in 1987 and was only ninth in 1988 coming into the Olympics. Otto won easily, Zhuang setting a PR of 55.50 for the silver, the first Olympic medal won by a Chinese swimmer. France’s Catherine Plewinski was another surprise, winning the bronze medal, although she even admitted she did not think she could qualify for the A final. She had never medaled at an international meet before.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Kristin OttoGDR55.80 (2 h8)54.93 (1)Gold
2Zhuang YongCHN55.84 (1 h6)55.47 (2)Silver
3Catherine PlewinskiFRA55.53 (1 h8)55.49 (3)Bronze
4Manuela StellmachGDR56.14 (1 h7)55.52 (4)
5Sylvia PollCRC56.16 (3 h8)55.90 (5)
6Karin BrienesseNED56.29 (2 h7)56.15 (6)
7Dara TorresUSA56.37 (4 h8)56.25 (7)
8Conny van BentumNED56.50 (3 h7)56.54 (8)
9Nataliya TrefilovaURS56.66 (2 h6)56.48 (1)
10Ayako NakanoJPN57.29 (1 h5)56.72 (2)
11Luminița DobrescuROU56.67 (4 h7)56.79 (3)
12Mitzi KremerUSA56.97 (4 h6)56.83 (4)
13Gitta JensenDEN57.28 (5 h8)57.02 (5)
14Karen Van WirdumAUS56.84 (3 h6)57.04 (6)
15Svetlana IsakovaURS57.17 (6 h7)57.07 (7)
16Tamara CostacheROU56.79 (5 h7)57.11 (8)
17Andrea NugentCAN57.33 (6 h8)
18Marie-Thérèse ArmenteroSUI57.35 (7 h8)
19Christiane PielkeFRG57.47 (8 h8)
20Jane KerrCAN57.55 (5 h6)
21Eva NybergSWE57.57 (2 h5)
22Susie BaumerAUS57.76 (1 h4)
23Lou YapingCHN57.79 (6 h6)
24Natasha HristovaBUL57.80 (7 h7)
25Annabelle CrippsGBR57.81 (3 h5)
26Pia SørensenDEN57.82 (7 h6)
27Karin FuruhedSWE57.97 (4 h5)
28June CroftGBR58.19 (5 h5)
=29Jacqueline DelordFRA58.22 (6 h5)
=29Silvia PersiITA58.22 (8 h6)
31Katja ZilioxFRG58.39 (8 h7)
32Kaori SasakiJPN58.40 (7 h5)
33Senda GharbiTUN58.51 (8 h5)
34Adriana PereiraBRA58.53 (2 h4)
35Karen DieffenthalerTTO58.64 (3 h4)
36Patricia KohlmannMEX59.05 (4 h4)
37Isabele VieiraBRA59.15 (5 h4)
38María RiveraMEX59.32 (6 h4)
39Akiko ThomsonPHI59.41 (1 h3)
40Bryndís ÓlafsdóttirISL59.56 (7 h4)
41Carolina MauriCRC1:00.14 (2 h3)
42Celeste HungHKG1:00.18 (8 h4)
43Kim Eun-JeongKOR1:00.39 (3 h3)
44Ana FortínHON1:01.11 (4 h3)
45Fenella NgHKG1:01.27 (5 h3)
46Han Yeong-HuiKOR1:01.55 (6 h3)
47Wang ChiTPE1:01.72 (7 h3)
48Sabrina LumTPE1:02.11 (1 h2)
49Catherine FogartyZIM1:02.47 (2 h2)
50Veronica CummingsGUM1:02.63 (3 h2)
51Angela BirchFIJ1:02.91 (4 h2)
52Cina MunchFIJ1:03.06 (5 h2)
53Carolina AraujoMOZ1:05.11 (1 h1)
54Katerine MorenoBOL1:05.39 (2 h1)
55Elsa FreireANG1:05.47 (8 h3)
56Nancy KhalafLBN1:06.73 (6 h2)
57Carla FernandesANG1:08.15 (7 h2)
DNSRita GarayPUR– (DNS h1)

Round One (18 September 1988 — 9:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

15Carolina AraujoMOZ1:05.11
24Katerine MorenoBOL1:05.39
DNS3Rita GarayPUR

Heat Two

14Sabrina LumTPE1:02.11
25Catherine FogartyZIM1:02.47
32Veronica CummingsGUM1:02.63
47Angela BirchFIJ1:02.91
56Cina MunchFIJ1:03.06
61Nancy KhalafLBN1:06.73
73Carla FernandesANG1:08.15

Heat Three

11Akiko ThomsonPHI59.41
22Carolina MauriCRC1:00.14
35Kim Eun-JeongKOR1:00.39
46Ana FortínHON1:01.11
53Fenella NgHKG1:01.27
64Han Yeong-HuiKOR1:01.55
77Wang ChiTPE1:01.72
88Elsa FreireANG1:05.47

Heat Four

16Susie BaumerAUS57.76
27Adriana PereiraBRA58.53
35Karen DieffenthalerTTO58.64
44Patricia KohlmannMEX59.05
52Isabele VieiraBRA59.15
63María RiveraMEX59.32
71Bryndís ÓlafsdóttirISL59.56
88Celeste HungHKG1:00.18

Heat Five

12Ayako NakanoJPN57.29q
27Eva NybergSWE57.57
36Annabelle CrippsGBR57.81
44Karin FuruhedSWE57.97
51June CroftGBR58.19
63Jacqueline DelordFRA58.22
75Kaori SasakiJPN58.40
88Senda GharbiTUN58.51

Heat Six

15Zhuang YongCHN55.84Q
26Nataliya TrefilovaURS56.66q
38Karen Van WirdumAUS56.84q
44Mitzi KremerUSA56.97q
52Jane KerrCAN57.55
63Lou YapingCHN57.79
71Pia SørensenDEN57.82
87Silvia PersiITA58.22

Heat Seven

15Manuela StellmachGDR56.14Q
22Karin BrienesseNED56.29Q
36Conny van BentumNED56.50Q
43Luminița DobrescuROU56.67q
54Tamara CostacheROU56.79q
67Svetlana IsakovaURS57.17q
71Natasha HristovaBUL57.80
88Katja ZilioxFRG58.39

Heat Eight

16Catherine PlewinskiFRA55.53Q
24Kristin OttoGDR55.80Q
33Sylvia PollCRC56.16Q
45Dara TorresUSA56.37Q
58Gitta JensenDEN57.28q
67Andrea NugentCAN57.33
71Marie-Thérèse ArmenteroSUI57.35
82Christiane PielkeFRG57.47

B Final (19 September 1988 — 12:00)

14Nataliya TrefilovaURS56.48
28Ayako NakanoJPN56.72
35Luminița DobrescuROU56.79
42Mitzi KremerUSA56.83
51Gitta JensenDEN57.02
66Karen Van WirdumAUS57.04
77Svetlana IsakovaURS57.07
83Tamara CostacheROU57.11

Final (19 September 1988 — 12:00)

15Kristin OttoGDR54.93
23Zhuang YongCHN55.47
34Catherine PlewinskiFRA55.49
46Manuela StellmachGDR55.52
52Sylvia PollCRC55.90
67Karin BrienesseNED56.15
71Dara TorresUSA56.25
88Conny van BentumNED56.54