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400 metres Freestyle, Women

Date17 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants39 from 31 countries

The Olympic champion from 1996, Michelle Smith, could not defend her Olympic title after being given a two-year ban for tampering with her urine sample. Chen Yan, the woman who had won the world title in 1998, was present in Sydney but she decided to concentrate on the individual medley races and passed on this event.

The mantle of favoritism then passed to American Brooke Bennett, the woman who had won the 800 metres title in Atlanta. Bennett gave a performance in the final that lived up to the pre-Games hype and led from start to finish in a time that only two women had ever bettered, defending her gold medal. Costa Rica’s Claudia Poll spent most of the race in the silver medal position but was overtaken near the end by Diana Munz. Munz’s preparations for the Olympics were hampered by the after effects of a car accident in which she broke her vertebrae

1Brooke BennettUSA4:07.57 (1 h3)4:05.80 (1)Gold
2Diana MunzUSA4:10.39 (1 h4)4:07.07 (2)Silver
3Claudia PollCRC4:09.33 (2 h3)4:07.83 (3)Bronze
4Janelle AtkinsonJAM4:09.61 (3 h3)4:08.79 (4)
5Nadezhda ChemezovaRUS4:10.76 (2 h4)4:10.37 (5)
6Hannah StockbauerGER4:10.76 (2 h5)4:10.38 (6)
7Carla GeurtsNED4:10.86 (4 h3)4:12.36 (7)
8Chen HuaCHN4:10.56 (1 h5)4:13.11 (8)
9Flavia RigamontiSUI4:11.77 (3 h5)
10Kirsten VlieghuisNED4:11.87 (4 h5)
11Camelia PotecROU4:11.92 (3 h4)
12Sachiko YamadaJPN4:12.45 (5 h5)
13Natallia BaranouskayaBLR4:12.67 (5 h3)
14Laëtitia ChouxFRA4:13.09 (1 h2)
15Kerstin KielgaßGER4:13.10 (6 h5)
16Simona PăduraruROU4:13.89 (4 h4)
17Irina UfimtsevaRUS4:15.41 (5 h4)
18Kasey GiteauAUS4:15.54 (6 h4)
19Karine LegaultCAN4:15.55 (7 h5)
20Sofie GoffinBEL4:15.93 (7 h4)
21Chantal StrasserSUI4:16.17 (6 h3)
22Artemis DafniGRE4:16.94 (2 h2)
23Yasuko TajimaJPN4:17.23 (8 h4)
24Àngels BardinaESP4:17.55 (3 h2)
25Lin Chi-ChanTPE4:17.76 (4 h2)
26Hana ČernáCZE4:17.96 (5 h2)
27Sarah-Jane D'ArcyAUS4:18.05 (8 h5)
28Sara GoffiITA4:18.16 (6 h2)
29Éva RisztovHUN4:18.48 (7 h3)
30Ivanka MoralievaBUL4:19.10 (1 h1)
31Vesna StojanovskaMKD4:19.69 (2 h1)
32Olena LapunovaUKR4:19.96 (8 h3)
33Patricia VillarealMEX4:21.03 (3 h1)
34Chantal GibneyIRL4:23.73 (4 h1)
35Nataliya KorabelnikovaKGZ4:24.29 (5 h1)
36Christel BouvronSGP4:25.16 (6 h1)
37No Ju-HuiKOR4:25.66 (7 h2)
38Adi BichmanISR4:27.33 (7 h1)
39Pilin TachakittirananTHA4:29.28 (8 h2)

Round One (17 September 2000 — 12:01)

Heat One (12:01)

14Ivanka MoralievaBUL4:19.100.85
22Vesna StojanovskaMKD4:19.690.90
33Patricia VillarealMEX4:21.030.84
47Chantal GibneyIRL4:23.730.86
51Nataliya KorabelnikovaKGZ4:24.290.96
65Christel BouvronSGP4:25.160.98
76Adi BichmanISR4:27.330.88

Heat Two (12:08)

14Laëtitia ChouxFRA4:13.090.78
22Artemis DafniGRE4:16.940.76
35Àngels BardinaESP4:17.550.77
48Lin Chi-ChanTPE4:17.760.84
56Hana ČernáCZE4:17.960.88
63Sara GoffiITA4:18.160.82
71No Ju-HuiKOR4:25.660.88
87Pilin TachakittirananTHA4:29.280.89

Heat Three (12:15)

14Brooke BennettUSA4:07.570.90Q
25Claudia PollCRC4:09.330.93Q
33Janelle AtkinsonJAM4:09.610.69Q
47Carla GeurtsNED4:10.860.75Q
56Natallia BaranouskayaBLR4:12.670.82
61Chantal StrasserSUI4:16.170.93
72Éva RisztovHUN4:18.480.87
88Olena LapunovaUKR4:19.960.92

Heat Four (12:22)

15Diana MunzUSA4:10.390.88Q
26Nadezhda ChemezovaRUS4:10.760.94Q
34Camelia PotecROU4:11.920.93
41Simona PăduraruROU4:13.890.92
52Irina UfimtsevaRUS4:15.410.91
67Kasey GiteauAUS4:15.540.98
78Sofie GoffinBEL4:15.930.90
83Yasuko TajimaJPN4:17.230.87

Heat Five (12:29)

11Chen HuaCHN4:10.560.89Q
24Hannah StockbauerGER4:10.760.88Q
37Flavia RigamontiSUI4:11.771.00
46Kirsten VlieghuisNED4:11.870.83
53Sachiko YamadaJPN4:12.450.91
65Kerstin KielgaßGER4:13.100.94
78Karine LegaultCAN4:15.550.93
82Sarah-Jane D'ArcyAUS4:18.050.90

Final (17 September 2000 — 20:23)

14Brooke BennettUSA4:05.800.87
26Diana MunzUSA4:07.070.84
35Claudia PollCRC4:07.830.98
43Janelle AtkinsonJAM4:08.790.70
57Nadezhda ChemezovaRUS4:10.370.90
61Hannah StockbauerGER4:10.380.89
78Carla GeurtsNED4:12.360.74
82Chen HuaCHN4:13.110.88