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1,500 metres Freestyle, Men

Date20 – 21 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants34 from 28 countries

The Olympic 1500 metres freestyle has had a tendency towards champions with a greater amount of longevity than other Olympic swimming events. Vladimir Salnikov had, barring the 1984 boycott, dominated the eighties whilst Australia’s Kieren Perkins had followed as him as the star of the early nineties. The most recent member of this club, Grant Hackett of Australian had been unbeatable at the distance since 1997 and would have started as an overwhelming favourite for the Olympic title had it not been for the persistent bouts of bronchial asthma that had marred his progress towards Athens. The final developed into a three-way battle between Hackett, Larsen Jensen of the USA and Great Britain’s Dave Davies as the trio broke away from the rest early in the race. The Aussie gradually drew away from his two pursuers in the closing stages to retain his title in Olympic record time with Jensen holding off the challenge of Davies to earn silver. Although not known at the time Hackett was competing despite suffering from a partially collapsed lung which was operating at only three-quarter capacity.

1Grant HackettAUS15:01.89 (2 h5)14:43.40 (1)Gold
2Larsen JensenUSA15:03.75 (1 h4)14:45.29 (2)Silver
3Dave DaviesGBR14:57.03 (1 h3)14:45.95 (3)Bronze
4Yury PrilukovRUS15:01.02 (1 h5)14:52.48 (4)
5Spyros GianniotisGRE15:03.87 (3 h5)15:03.69 (5)
6Graeme SmithGBR15:07.45 (3 h3)15:09.71 (6)
7Dragoș ComanROU15:06.33 (2 h3)15:10.21 (7)
8Craig StevensAUS15:09.54 (4 h5)15:13.66 (8)
9Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL15:11.62 (5 h5)
10Ihor ChervynskyiUKR15:12.58 (2 h4)
11Nicolas RostoucherFRA15:13.56 (3 h4)
12Christian HeinGER15:15.42 (6 h5)
13Takeshi MatsudaJPN15:16.42 (4 h3)
14Oussama MellouliTUN15:18.98 (1 h2)
15Ricardo MonasterioVEN15:20.89 (7 h5)
16Erik VendtUSA15:22.00 (5 h3)
17Petar StoychevBUL15:28.32 (2 h2)
18Andrew HurdCAN15:28.71 (6 h3)
19Aleksey FilipetsRUS15:30.05 (7 h3)
20Bojan ZdešarSLO15:31.57 (4 h4)
21Fernando CostaPOR15:32.55 (8 h5)
22Thomas LurzGER15:33.81 (5 h4)
23Gergő KisHUN15:38.06 (6 h4)
24Christian MinottiITA15:39.31 (7 h4)
25Jo Seong-MoKOR15:43.43 (8 h3)
26Juan Martín PereyraARG15:53.29 (3 h2)
27Charnvudth SaengsriTHA15:54.46 (1 h1)
28Moss BurmesterNZL15:56.42 (4 h2)
29Nenad BuljanCRO15:56.54 (5 h2)
30Giancarlo ZolezziCHI16:00.52 (2 h1)
31Georgios DiamantidisGRE16:06.31 (8 h4)
32Saw Yi KhyMAS16:06.38 (3 h1)
33Xin TongCHN16:10.43 (6 h2)
34Miguel MendozaPHI16:26.52 (7 h2)

Round One (20 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:21)

15Charnvudth SaengsriTHA15:54.460.87
24Giancarlo ZolezziCHI16:00.520.88
33Saw Yi KhyMAS16:06.380.76

Heat Two (10:39)

14Oussama MellouliTUN15:18.980.84
25Petar StoychevBUL15:28.320.99
36Juan Martín PereyraARG15:53.290.93
42Moss BurmesterNZL15:56.420.83
53Nenad BuljanCRO15:56.540.82
67Xin TongCHN16:10.430.82
71Miguel MendozaPHI16:26.520.85

Heat Three (10:58)

14Dave DaviesGBR14:57.030.82Q
27Dragoș ComanROU15:06.330.92Q
32Graeme SmithGBR15:07.450.78Q
46Takeshi MatsudaJPN15:16.420.84
55Erik VendtUSA15:22.000.65
68Andrew HurdCAN15:28.710.91
73Aleksey FilipetsRUS15:30.050.83
81Jo Seong-MoKOR15:43.430.95

Heat Four (11:16)

14Larsen JensenUSA15:03.750.75Q
25Ihor ChervynskyiUKR15:12.580.90
33Nicolas RostoucherFRA15:13.560.92
48Bojan ZdešarSLO15:31.570.90
52Thomas LurzGER15:33.810.89
61Gergő KisHUN15:38.060.93
77Christian MinottiITA15:39.310.79
86Georgios DiamantidisGRE16:06.310.87

Heat Five (11:35)

15Yury PrilukovRUS15:01.020.89Q
24Grant HackettAUS15:01.890.76Q
32Spyros GianniotisGRE15:03.870.92Q
43Craig StevensAUS15:09.540.77Q
57Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL15:11.620.82
66Christian HeinGER15:15.420.86
71Ricardo MonasterioVEN15:20.890.82
88Fernando CostaPOR15:32.550.87

Final (21 August 2004 — 19:39)

13Grant HackettAUS14:43.400.76OR
26Larsen JensenUSA14:45.290.74
34Dave DaviesGBR14:45.950.77
45Yury PrilukovRUS14:52.480.88
52Spyros GianniotisGRE15:03.691.01
61Graeme SmithGBR15:09.710.76
77Dragoș ComanROU15:10.210.89
88Craig StevensAUS15:13.660.80