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200 metres Butterfly, Men

Date16 – 17 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants39 from 34 countries

Michael Phelps entered the race as a two-time World Champion in the event and also as world record holder making this one of the better chances of gold in an already stellar looking campaign. Phelps cruised through the heats and semi-final before leading the final from gun to touchpad in the second fastest time in history. Behind him Japan’s Takashi Yamamoto won his first medal in his third Olympic Games with Steve Parry of Great Britain taking the bronze. Phelps went on to defend the title in a world record time at the Beijing Olympics. His attempt at a third title on the trot was foiled when South Africa’s Chad le Clos scored a narrow upset victory at London 2012. On that occasion the American missed a third gold by five hundredths of a second and had to settle for silver

1Michael PhelpsUSA1:57.36 (1 h5)1:55.65 (2 h1)1:54.04 (1)Gold
2Takashi YamamotoJPN1:57.36 (1 h4)1:56.69 (2 h2)1:54.56 (2)Silver
3Steve ParryGBR1:58.88 (6 h3)1:55.57 (1 h1)1:55.52 (3)Bronze
4Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:57.45 (2 h5)1:56.40 (1 h2)1:56.00 (4)
5Ștefan GherghelROU1:58.12 (4 h5)1:57.31 (4 h2)1:56.10 (5)
6Wu PengCHN1:57.96 (2 h3)1:56.81 (3 h2)1:56.28 (6)
7Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:58.18 (3 h3)1:57.37 (5 h2)1:57.14 (7)
8Tom MalchowUSA1:57.75 (1 h3)1:57.48 (3 h1)1:57.48 (8)
9Anatoly PolyakovRUS1:58.12 (=2 h4)1:57.58 (4 h1)
10Denys SylantievUKR1:58.44 (5 h3)1:57.93 (6 h2)
11Justin NorrisAUS1:58.05 (3 h5)1:57.96 (5 h1)
12Moss BurmesterNZL1:58.13 (5 h5)1:58.09 (6 h1)
13Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:58.41 (4 h3)1:58.11 (7 h1)
14Takeshi MatsudaJPN1:58.23 (4 h4)1:58.13 (8 h1)
15Franck EspositoFRA1:58.12 (=2 h4)1:59.00 (7 h2)
16Juan VelozMEX1:58.32 (6 h5)1:59.78 (8 h2)
17Travis NederpeltAUS1:58.93 (5 h4)
18Helge MeeuwGER1:58.96 (7 h5)
19 Kaio MárcioBRA1:59.23 (8 h5)
20Jeremy KnowlesBAH1:59.32 (7 h3)
=21Ioannis DrymonakosGRE1:59.42 (6 h4)
=21Andrew LivingstonPUR1:59.42 (8 h3)
23Nathaniel O'BrienCAN2:00.12 (1 h2)
24Jeong Du-HuiKOR2:00.96 (2 h2)
25Dávid KolozárHUN2:01.89 (7 h4)
26Georgi PalazovBUL2:02.15 (3 h2)
27Zoran LazarovskiMKD2:02.26 (4 h2)
28Juan Pablo ValdiviesoPER2:02.79 (8 h4)
29Gastón RodríguezARG2:04.01 (1 h1)
30Paulius AndrijauskasLTU2:04.64 (5 h2)
31Vladan MarkovićSCG2:04.77 (6 h2)
32Aghiles SlimaniALG2:04.93 (7 h2)
33Donny UtomoINA2:05.71 (2 h1)
34Roy BarahonaHON2:05.99 (3 h1)
35Sergio CabreraPAR2:06.15 (4 h1)
36Yeh Tzu-ChengTPE2:06.41 (8 h2)
37James WalshPHI2:06.76 (5 h1)
38Bertrand BristolSEY2:09.07 (6 h1)
39Sergey PankovUZB2:13.06 (7 h1)

Round One (16 August 2004)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:25)

14Gastón RodríguezARG2:04.010.78
23Donny UtomoINA2:05.710.85
37Roy BarahonaHON2:05.990.67
42Sergio CabreraPAR2:06.150.75
55James WalshPHI2:06.760.71
61Bertrand BristolSEY2:09.070.69
76Sergey PankovUZB2:13.060.82

Heat Two (10:29)

14Nathaniel O'BrienCAN2:00.120.78
23Jeong Du-HuiKOR2:00.960.78
36Georgi PalazovBUL2:02.150.89
48Zoran LazarovskiMKD2:02.260.86
57Paulius AndrijauskasLTU2:04.640.83
65Vladan MarkovićSCG2:04.770.76
72Aghiles SlimaniALG2:04.930.85
81Yeh Tzu-ChengTPE2:06.410.87

Heat Three (10:33)

14Tom MalchowUSA1:57.750.81Q
26Wu PengCHN1:57.960.79Q
37Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:58.180.88Q
42Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:58.410.86Q
53Denys SylantievUKR1:58.440.87Q
65Steve ParryGBR1:58.880.72Q
71Jeremy KnowlesBAH1:59.320.75
88Andrew LivingstonPUR1:59.420.69

Heat Four (10:37)

13Takashi YamamotoJPN1:57.360.72Q
=24Anatoly PolyakovRUS1:58.120.82Q
=22Franck EspositoFRA1:58.120.73Q
45Takeshi MatsudaJPN1:58.230.87Q
56Travis NederpeltAUS1:58.930.85
67Ioannis DrymonakosGRE1:59.420.78
71Dávid KolozárHUN2:01.890.80
88Juan Pablo ValdiviesoPER2:02.790.85

Heat Five (10:41)

14Michael PhelpsUSA1:57.360.71Q
25Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:57.450.79Q
33Justin NorrisAUS1:58.050.82Q
46Ștefan GherghelROU1:58.120.88Q
51Moss BurmesterNZL1:58.130.81Q
68Juan VelozMEX1:58.320.74Q
72Helge MeeuwGER1:58.960.79
87 Kaio MárcioBRA1:59.230.67

Semi-Finals (16 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (20:31)

18Steve ParryGBR1:55.570.71Q
24Michael PhelpsUSA1:55.650.75Q
35Tom MalchowUSA1:57.480.77Q
46Anatoly PolyakovRUS1:57.580.81
53Justin NorrisAUS1:57.960.82
62Moss BurmesterNZL1:58.090.80
71Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:58.110.87
87Takeshi MatsudaJPN1:58.130.79

Heat Two (20:37)

15Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:56.400.83Q
24Takashi YamamotoJPN1:56.690.71Q
33Wu PengCHN1:56.810.80Q
42Ștefan GherghelROU1:57.310.85Q
57Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:57.370.89Q
68Denys SylantievUKR1:57.930.81
76Franck EspositoFRA1:59.000.73
81Juan VelozMEX1:59.780.76

Final (17 August 2004 — 19:50)

15Michael PhelpsUSA1:54.040.78OR
26Takashi YamamotoJPN1:54.560.71
34Steve ParryGBR1:55.520.69
43Paweł KorzeniowskiPOL1:56.000.78
57Ștefan GherghelROU1:56.100.85
62Wu PengCHN1:56.280.78
71Nikolay SkvortsovRUS1:57.140.90
88Tom MalchowUSA1:57.480.75