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Sprint, Classical, Men

Date17 February 2010
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants62 from 25 countries
FormatFinal standings based on time achieved in last round competed in.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,580 m
Height Differential: 25 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 51 m

The favorite was Norway’s Ola Vigen Hattestad, the 2009 World Champion and the sprint World Cup champion in the past two years. Perhaps the surprise of this event was the absence of any Swedish skiers in the final as they were thought to have good chances with Emil Jönsson and Björn Lind, who had featured in the World Cup in the past few seasons. The final was essentially a contest between three Norwegian skiers – Hattestad, Petter Northug and Øystein Pettersen, and two Russians Aleksandr Panzhinsky, who was the fastest qualifier, and Nikita Kryukov. If the Norwegians had a race plan, it was soon blown away by Panzhinsky who took a commanding lead at the start and maintained that lead for most of the race. The drama happened behind the leaders as Aleksey Poltoranin (KAZ) fell, taking down Hattestad with him. The other two Norwegians fell back by some distance, and going into the home straight Panzhinsky held the lead. However a tremendous surge by Kryukov saw him win by a fraction of a second on the line ahead of his compatriot. Northug finished in the bronze medal position, some distance behind the winner. There were some complaints about the schedule. The B-final had been eliminated and the final was held soon after the second semi-final, giving the qualifiers from the first semi-final a big advantage.

1Nikita KryukovRUS3:36.46 (4)3:37.2 (2 h2)3:34.6 (3 h1)3:36.3 (1)Gold
2Aleksandr PanzhinskyRUS3:34.57 (1)3:36.4 (1 h1)3:34.3 (1 h1)3:36.3 (2)Silver
3Petter NorthugNOR3:37.09 (6)3:34.5 (1 h3)3:36.7 (2 h2)3:45.5 (3)Bronze
4Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:36.43 (3)3:37.8 (1 h5)3:36.5 (1 h2)3:50.0 (4)
5Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:38.68 (15)3:34.7 (2 h3)3:35.4 (4 h1)3:54.4 (5)
6Øystein PettersenNOR3:37.34 (7)3:36.9 (1 h2)3:34.4 (2 h1)4:56.2 (6)
7Emil JönssonSWE3:36.01 (2)3:41.8 (1 h4)3:37.4 (3 h2)
8Mikhail DevyatyarovRUS3:38.82 (16)3:35.3 (4 h3)3:37.6 (4 h2)
9Johan KjølstadNOR3:36.65 (5)3:35.3 (3 h3)3:35.9 (5 h1)
10Kalle LassilaFIN3:39.12 (19)3:42.2 (2 h4)3:43.7 (5 h2)
11Teodor PetersonSWE3:39.08 (18)3:38.3 (2 h5)3:43.8 (6 h2)
12Sami JauhojärviFIN3:39.57 (21)3:36.9 (2 h1)3:39.6 (6 h1)
13Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:37.84 (8)3:38.6 (3 h5)
14Peeter KümmelEST3:37.99 (9)3:42.4 (3 h4)
15Stefan KuhnCAN3:38.35 (10)3:37.4 (3 h1)
16Cyril MirandaFRA3:38.83 (17)3:37.3 (3 h2)
17Yuichi OndaJPN3:38.49 (11)3:37.9 (4 h1)
18Jesper ModinSWE3:38.53 (13)3:39.1 (4 h5)
19Björn LindSWE3:38.62 (14)3:37.6 (4 h2)
20Renato PasiniITA3:39.63 (22)3:42.8 (4 h4)
21Sun QinghaiCHN3:38.52 (12)3:43.1 (5 h4)
22Jesse VäänänenFIN3:39.21 (20)3:38.7 (5 h1)
23Devon KershawCAN3:40.50 (24)3:39.9 (5 h2)
24Fabio PasiniITA3:40.86 (26)3:35.7 (5 h3)
25Maciej KreczmerPOL3:41.35 (28)3:39.6 (5 h5)
26Nikolay MorilovRUS3:40.22 (23)3:40.2 (6 h5)
27Timo SimonlatserEST3:40.65 (25)3:43.2 (6 h3)
28Janusz KrężelokPOL3:41.34 (27)3:41.1 (6 h2)
29Simi HamiltonUSA3:41.53 (29)3:43.4 (6 h4)
30Loris FrasnelliITA3:41.78 (30)3:40.9 (6 h1)
=31Josef WenzlGER3:41.88 (=31)
=31Roddy DarragonFRA3:41.88 (=31)
33Tim TscharnkeGER3:42.03 (33)
34Christoph EigenmannSUI3:42.18 (34)
35Dušan KožíšekCZE3:42.45 (35)
36Torin KoosUSA3:42.72 (36)
37Matias StrandvallFIN3:42.74 (37)
38Valerio LeccardiSUI3:42.84 (38)
39David HoferITA3:42.89 (39)
40Drew GoldsackCAN3:44.28 (40)
41Brent McMurtryCAN3:45.02 (41)
42Anti SaarepuuEST3:45.44 (42)
43Peter von AllmenSUI3:46.16 (43)
44Aleš RazýmCZE3:46.42 (44)
45Andy NewellUSA3:46.77 (45)
46Mantas StroliaLTU3:47.17 (46)
47Garrott KuzzyUSA3:47.46 (47)
48Sergey CherepanovKAZ3:48.29 (48)
49Eligius TamborninoSUI3:48.33 (49)
50Lefteris FafalisGRE3:49.09 (50)
51Leanid KarneyenkaBLR3:49.12 (51)
52Yevgeny KoshevoyKAZ3:49.51 (52)
53Aleksejus NovoselskisLTU3:51.70 (53)
54Modestas VaičiulisLTU3:52.10 (54)
55Paul MurrayAUS3:52.96 (55)
56Francesc SouliéAND3:55.22 (56)
57Peter MlynárSVK3:55.76 (57)
58Andrew MusgraveGBR3:58.43 (58)
59Kein EinasteEST3:59.19 (59)
60Andrew YoungGBR4:02.19 (60)
61Oliver KraasRSA4:04.19 (61)
62Jānis PaipalsLAT4:04.48 (62)

Qualifying Round (17 February 2010 — 10:40)

Top 30 finishers advance to quarter-finals.

13Aleksandr PanzhinskyRUS3:34.57Q
24Emil JönssonSWE3:36.01Q
314Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:36.43Q
45Nikita KryukovRUS3:36.46Q
520Johan KjølstadNOR3:36.65Q
613Petter NorthugNOR3:37.09Q
71Øystein PettersenNOR3:37.34Q
89Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:37.84Q
921Peeter KümmelEST3:37.99Q
1037Stefan KuhnCAN3:38.35Q
1123Yuichi OndaJPN3:38.49Q
1245Sun QinghaiCHN3:38.52Q
1315Jesper ModinSWE3:38.53Q
1416Björn LindSWE3:38.62Q
1540Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:38.68Q
1612Mikhail DevyatyarovRUS3:38.82Q
1711Cyril MirandaFRA3:38.83Q
1819Teodor PetersonSWE3:39.08Q
197Kalle LassilaFIN3:39.12Q
2046Jesse VäänänenFIN3:39.21Q
2126Sami JauhojärviFIN3:39.57Q
2210Renato PasiniITA3:39.63Q
2318Nikolay MorilovRUS3:40.22Q
2429Devon KershawCAN3:40.50Q
2543Timo SimonlatserEST3:40.65Q
2624Fabio PasiniITA3:40.86Q
2741Janusz KrężelokPOL3:41.34Q
2834Maciej KreczmerPOL3:41.35Q
2942Simi HamiltonUSA3:41.53Q
308Loris FrasnelliITA3:41.78Q
=3133Josef WenzlGER3:41.88
=3139Roddy DarragonFRA3:41.88
3317Tim TscharnkeGER3:42.03
3435Christoph EigenmannSUI3:42.18
3536Dušan KožíšekCZE3:42.45
3628Torin KoosUSA3:42.72
376Matias StrandvallFIN3:42.74
3830Valerio LeccardiSUI3:42.84
3927David HoferITA3:42.89
4051Drew GoldsackCAN3:44.28
4149Brent McMurtryCAN3:45.02
4232Anti SaarepuuEST3:45.44
4338Peter von AllmenSUI3:46.16
4425Aleš RazýmCZE3:46.42
452Andy NewellUSA3:46.77
4653Mantas StroliaLTU3:47.17
4748Garrott KuzzyUSA3:47.46
4847Sergey CherepanovKAZ3:48.29
4922Eligius TamborninoSUI3:48.33
5052Lefteris FafalisGRE3:49.09
5150Leanid KarneyenkaBLR3:49.12
5244Yevgeny KoshevoyKAZ3:49.51
5355Aleksejus NovoselskisLTU3:51.70
5454Modestas VaičiulisLTU3:52.10
5557Paul MurrayAUS3:52.96
5662Francesc SouliéAND3:55.22
5756Peter MlynárSVK3:55.76
5858Andrew MusgraveGBR3:58.43
5931Kein EinasteEST3:59.19
6060Andrew YoungGBR4:02.19
6159Oliver KraasRSA4:04.19
6261Jānis PaipalsLAT4:04.48

Quarter-Finals (17 February 2010 — 12:58)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (12:58)

11Aleksandr PanzhinskyRUS3:36.4Q
221Sami JauhojärviFIN3:36.9Q
310Stefan KuhnCAN3:37.4
411Yuichi OndaJPN3:37.9
520Jesse VäänänenFIN3:38.7
630Loris FrasnelliITA3:40.9

Heat 2 (13:03)

17Øystein PettersenNOR3:36.9Q
24Nikita KryukovRUS3:37.2Q
317Cyril MirandaFRA3:37.3
414Björn LindSWE3:37.6
524Devon KershawCAN3:39.9
627Janusz KrężelokPOL3:41.1

Heat 3 (13:09)

16Petter NorthugNOR3:34.5Q
215Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:34.7Q
35Johan KjølstadNOR3:35.3q
416Mikhail DevyatyarovRUS3:35.3q
526Fabio PasiniITA3:35.7
625Timo SimonlatserEST3:43.2

Heat 4 (13:14)

12Emil JönssonSWE3:41.8Q
219Kalle LassilaFIN3:42.2Q
39Peeter KümmelEST3:42.4
422Renato PasiniITA3:42.8
512Sun QinghaiCHN3:43.1
629Simi HamiltonUSA3:43.4

Heat 5 (13:20)

13Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:37.8Q
218Teodor PetersonSWE3:38.3Q
38Nikolay ChebotkoKAZ3:38.6
413Jesper ModinSWE3:39.1
528Maciej KreczmerPOL3:39.6
623Nikolay MorilovRUS3:40.2

Semi-Finals (17 February 2010 — 13:38)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to final.

Heat 1 (13:38)

11Aleksandr PanzhinskyRUS3:34.3Q
27Øystein PettersenNOR3:34.4Q
34Nikita KryukovRUS3:34.6q
415Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:35.4q
55Johan KjølstadNOR3:35.9
621Sami JauhojärviFIN3:39.6

Heat 2 (13:44)

13Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:36.5Q
26Petter NorthugNOR3:36.7Q
32Emil JönssonSWE3:37.4
416Mikhail DevyatyarovRUS3:37.6
519Kalle LassilaFIN3:43.7
618Teodor PetersonSWE3:43.8

Final Round (17 February 2010 — 13:52)

14Nikita KryukovRUS3:36.3
21Aleksandr PanzhinskyRUS3:36.3
36Petter NorthugNOR3:45.5
43Ola Vigen HattestadNOR3:50.0
515Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:54.4
67Øystein PettersenNOR4:56.2