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Team Sprint (Freestyle), Men

Date22 February 2010
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants44 from 22 countries
FormatTwo-man teams, each skiing three alternate legs of approximately 1,500 metres.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,580 m
Height Differential: 25 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 51 m

Norway had won the 2009 World Championship, but that team was Ola Vigen Hattestad and Johan Kjølstad, while in Vancouver they were represented by Petter Northug and Øystein Pettersen, as Pettersen stood in for Hattestad, who withdew on the morning of the race with a sore throat. The drama in this event started in the second semi-final heat when Teodor Peterson (SWE) slipped and broke his ski pole in the closing stages, thus eliminating Sweden, one of the favorites, when they could only finish eighth. The drama didn’t finish there as Leonid Korneyenko (BLR), leading in the approach to the finish line, took the wrong course, which resulted in the elimination of the Belarus team. The final itself was also exciting, coming down to Germany, Russia, and Norway contesting the race for the medals. Axel Teichmann (GER) made a break for home on the last lap, only to be caught by Aleksey Petukhov (RUS) and Norway’s Northug. Just before the final straight Northug overtook and pulled away from the other two skiers to win relatively comfortably. In a close contest for the silver and bronze medals, Teichmann just held on from Petukhov to claim the silver medal by 0.2 seconds. Northug was the men’s cross-country star in Vancouver, winning two golds and four medals.

1Øystein Pettersen / Petter NorthugNORGold
2Tim Tscharnke / Axel TeichmannGERSilver
3Nikolay Morilov / Aleksey PetukhovRUSBronze
4Devon Kershaw / Alex HarveyCAN
5Nikolay Chebotko / Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ
6Dušan Kožíšek / Martin KoukalCZE
7Vincent Vittoz / Cyril MirandaFRA
8Cristian Zorzi / Renato PasiniITA
9Torin Koos / Andy NewellUSA
10Lasse Paakkonen / Ville NousiainenFIN
11Eligius Tambornino / Dario ColognaSUI
12Maciej Kreczmer / Janusz KrężelokPOL
13Nobu Naruse / Yuichi OndaJPN
14Ivan Bátory / Michal MalákSVK
15Marcus Hellner / Teodor PetersonSWE
16Anti Saarepuu / Peeter KümmelEST
17Paul Pepene / Petrică HogiuROU
18Modestas Vaičiulis / Mantas StroliaLTU
19Sun Qinghai / Xu WenlongCHN
20Ben Sim / Paul MurrayAUS
DNFAndrew Musgrave / Andrew YoungGBR
DNFSiarhei Dalidovich / Leanid KarniyenkaBLR


Date22 February 2010 — 11:35
FormatFirst 3 teams in each heat plus the four fastest losers qualify for final.

Heat #1

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
11Russian FederationRUS18:47.6Q
1-1Nikolay Morilov 3:11.33:10.52:59.6
1-2Aleksey Petukhov 3:07.93:04.23:14.1
2-1Øystein Pettersen 3:11.73:10.93:00.0
2-2Petter Northug 3:06.73:04.73:14.5
5-1Tim Tscharnke 3:11.63:09.22:59.6
5-2Axel Teichmann 3:07.53:06.43:14.6
4-1Devon Kershaw 3:12.13:10.12:58.9
4-2Alex Harvey 3:06.73:05.63:15.8
6-1Lasse Paakkonen 3:12.83:11.43:04.6
6-2Ville Nousiainen 3:07.33:04.03:14.2
7-1Maciej Kreczmer 3:12.43:10.53:14.2
7-2Janusz Krężelok 3:07.33:05.63:17.2
11-1Ivan Bátory 3:12.83:10.03:04.2
11-2Michal Malák 3:08.33:07.33:24.9
3-1Anti Saarepuu 3:13.03:10.73:18.4
3-2Peeter Kümmel 3:07.33:04.83:33.4
9-1Modestas Vaičiulis 3:13.73:11.93:16.5
9-2Mantas Strolia 3:06.63:15.43:39.0
108People's Republic of ChinaCHN19:43.6
8-1Sun Qinghai 3:13.33:09.93:28.3
8-2Xu Wenlong 3:07.73:07.23:37.2
DNF10Great BritainGBR
10-1Andrew Musgrave 3:12.33:07.03:18.0
10-2Andrew Young 3:24.33:54.1

Heat #2

PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
116Czech RepublicCZE18:43.1Q
16-1Dušan Kožíšek 3:10.43:06.43:01.0
16-2Martin Koukal 3:01.93:06.83:16.6
213United StatesUSA18:43.7Q
13-1Torin Koos 3:09.13:07.32:58.8
13-2Andy Newell 3:02.83:07.33:18.4
19-1Vincent Vittoz 3:08.13:05.82:58.8
19-2Cyril Miranda 3:03.63:08.43:19.1
15-1Cristian Zorzi 3:08.43:06.92:59.4
15-2Renato Pasini 3:02.53:08.43:18.3
17-1Nikolay Chebotko 3:08.73:06.12:58.9
17-2Aleksey Poltoranin 3:03.63:08.63:19.4
12-1Eligius Tambornino 3:10.13:10.73:25.7
12-2Dario Cologna 2:59.53:02.43:06.2
18-1Nobu Naruse 3:08.43:05.03:05.6
18-2Yuichi Onda 3:04.83:12.33:18.7
14-1Marcus Hellner 3:07.82:57.12:55.8
14-2Teodor Peterson 3:14.43:11.03:40.4
22-1Paul Pepene 3:09.83:06.13:12.5
22-2Petrică Hogiu 3:03.83:11.53:25.5
20-1Ben Sim 3:09.93:04.03:09.6
20-2Paul Murray 3:05.73:21.44:06.4
21-1Siarhei Dalidovich 3:09.03:06.12:56.9
21-2Leanid Karniyenka 3:03.93:11.0

Final Round

Date22 February 2010 — 13:29
PosNumberCompetitorsNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
2-1Øystein Pettersen 3:18.93:05.03:07.0
2-2Petter Northug 3:14.73:11.93:03.5
5-1Tim Tscharnke 3:18.53:03.03:04.7
5-2Axel Teichmann 3:16.13:12.63:07.4
31Russian FederationRUS19:02.5
1-1Nikolay Morilov 3:17.53:04.73:07.3
1-2Aleksey Petukhov 3:17.33:11.33:04.4
4-1Devon Kershaw 3:17.83:04.03:05.5
4-2Alex Harvey 3:17.33:12.23:10.5
17-1Nikolay Chebotko 3:18.33:03.83:08.0
17-2Aleksey Poltoranin 3:15.93:12.33:09.2
616Czech RepublicCZE19:13.8
16-1Dušan Kožíšek 3:19.63:08.33:10.0
16-2Martin Koukal 3:15.93:07.43:12.6
19-1Vincent Vittoz 3:19.13:02.43:01.2
19-2Cyril Miranda 3:15.83:20.53:19.7
15-1Cristian Zorzi 3:17.73:04.43:06.7
15-2Renato Pasini 3:17.93:11.93:22.5
913United StatesUSA19:21.6
13-1Torin Koos 3:18.63:03.13:10.2
13-2Andy Newell 3:16.93:12.13:20.7
6-1Lasse Paakkonen 3:17.63:09.33:25.9
6-2Ville Nousiainen 3:17.83:06.93:33.3