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Large Hill, Individual, Men

Date19 – 20 February 2010
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants61 from 18 countries
Judge #1Hidemitsu MoriJPN
Judge #2Kemp FrippCAN
Judge #3Josef KleislGER
Judge #4Josef SlavíkCZE
Judge #5Daniel LindSWE
DetailsK-Point: 125 m

Already one of the favourites for this event before the Games began, Simon Ammann’s clear victory on the normal hill set up him as definitely the man to beat for the large hill title. The competition followed the pattern set earlier in the week with Ammann soaring into the lead with a massive first round jump then matched his feat by posting the longest jump of the second round as well. The podium positions were also identical as Adam Małysz won silver and Gregor Schlierenzauer improved his position in the second round to claim the bronze medal.

Prior to the competition, Austria’s head coach Alexander Pointner accused the Swiss of using curved iron bindings, which were not approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS). According to Pointner, the bindings enabled Ammann to gain a better flight position, thereby improving aerodynamics. The FIS said, however, that Ammann’s bindings were in line with the rules

With four Olympic golds, Ammann matched Matti Nykänen’s record number of Olympic ski jumping titles.

1Simon AmmannSUIGold
2Adam MałyszPOLSilver
3Gregor SchlierenzauerAUTBronze
4Andreas KoflerAUT
5Thomas MorgensternAUT
6Michael NeumayerGER
7Antonín HájekCZE
8Noriaki KasaiJPN
9Robert KranjecSLO
10Wolfgang LoitzlAUT
11Tom HildeNOR
12Anders JacobsenNOR
13Emmanuel ChedalFRA
14Kamil StochPOL
15Johan Remen EvensenNOR
16Peter PrevcSLO
17Jakub JandaCZE
18Harri OlliFIN
19Stefan HulaPOL
20Daiki ItoJPN
21Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA
22Anders BardalNOR
23Roman KoudelkaCZE
24Andreas KüttelSUI
25Michael UhrmannGER
26Matti HautamäkiFIN
27Sebastian ColloredoITA
28Andreas WankGER
29Mitja MežnarSLO
30Martin SchmittGER
31Janne AhonenFIN
32Peter FrenetteUSA
33Jernej DamjanSLO
34David LazzaroniFRA
35Denis KornilovRUS
36Krzysztof MiętusPOL
37Taku TakeuchiJPN
38Pavel KarelinRUS
39Aleksey KorolyovKAZ
40Nick AlexanderUSA
41Martin CiklCZE
42Kim Hyeon-GiKOR
43Tomáš ZmoraySVK
44Ilya RoslyakovRUS
45Shohei TochimotoJPN
46Stefan ReadCAN
47Dmitry IpatovRUS
48Andrea MorassiITA
49Choi Heung-CheolKOR
AC r2/2Janne HapponenFINDQ
41 r1/2Nikolay KarpenkoKAZ
42 r1/2Anders JohnsonUSA
43 r1/2Oleksandr LazarovychUKR
44 r1/2Roberto DellasegaITA
45 r1/2Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN
46 r1/2Choi Yong-JikKOR
47 r1/2Volodymyr BoshchukUKR
48 r1/2Alexandre MabbouxFRA
49 r1/2Trevor MorriceCAN
50 r1/2Vitaliy ShumbaretsUKR
51 r1/2Eric MitchellCAN

Qualifying Round (19 February 2010 — 10:00)

Top 35 finishers advanced to final. Fifteen jumpers pre-qualified based on World Cup points.

147Noriaki KasaiJPN143.5Q
251Daiki ItoJPN142.6Q
=336Matti HautamäkiFIN138.0Q
=343Antonín HájekCZE138.0Q
=346Andreas WankGER138.0Q
650Johan Remen EvensenNOR137.1Q
733Anders BardalNOR136.7Q
841Tom HildeNOR135.7Q
949Harri OlliFIN135.6Q
1048Emmanuel ChedalFRA135.1Q
1144Jakub JandaCZE131.6Q
1245Michael NeumayerGER129.3Q
1324Janne HapponenFIN128.4Q
=1422Stefan HulaPOL127.6Q
=1427Denis KornilovRUS127.6Q
1634Krzysztof MiętusPOL127.0Q
1742Kamil StochPOL125.3Q
1835Sebastian ColloredoITA125.2Q
1939Shohei TochimotoJPN123.4Q
2037Andreas KüttelSUI122.5Q
2129Peter PrevcSLO122.1Q
2232Taku TakeuchiJPN121.6Q
2338Jernej DamjanSLO121.1Q
2428Pavel KarelinRUS119.3Q
2540Martin SchmittGER118.9Q
2623Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA117.9Q
2725Roman KoudelkaCZE117.0Q
2813Nick AlexanderUSA116.5Q
2926Martin CiklCZE114.3Q
307Peter FrenetteUSA113.8Q
3130Andrea MorassiITA109.7Q
3215Aleksey KorolyovKAZ109.3Q
3317Kim Hyeon-GiKOR108.9Q
3414Choi Heung-CheolKOR107.0Q
358David LazzaroniFRA105.0Q
363Stefan ReadCAN102.9Q
3720Dmitry IpatovRUS102.0Q
3819Ilya RoslyakovRUS101.1Q
3931Mitja MežnarSLO101.0Q
404Tomáš ZmoraySVK100.6Q
4118Nikolay KarpenkoKAZ100.2
422Anders JohnsonUSA95.6
4312Oleksandr LazarovychUKR94.2
4416Roberto DellasegaITA87.8
459Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN83.8
4610Choi Yong-JikKOR83.4
475Volodymyr BoshchukUKR81.1
4811Alexandre MabbouxFRA76.1
496Trevor MorriceCAN73.8
5021Vitaliy ShumbaretsUKR65.6
511Eric MitchellCAN47.4
PRQ54Anders JacobsenNOR
PRQ61Simon AmmannSUI
PRQ52Michael UhrmannGER
PRQ53Robert KranjecSLO
PRQ60Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT
PRQ56Adam MałyszPOL
PRQ59Thomas MorgensternAUT
PRQ55Janne AhonenFIN
PRQ57Wolfgang LoitzlAUT
PRQ58Andreas KoflerAUT

Final Round (20 February 2010)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

150Simon AmmannSUI283.6
245Adam MałyszPOL269.4
349Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT262.2
447Andreas KoflerAUT261.2
548Thomas MorgensternAUT246.7
634Michael NeumayerGER245.5
732Antonín HájekCZE240.6
836Noriaki KasaiJPN239.2
942Robert KranjecSLO233.7
1046Wolfgang LoitzlAUT230.3
1130Tom HildeNOR227.9
1243Anders JacobsenNOR226.4
1337Emmanuel ChedalFRA225.5
1431Kamil StochPOL224.1
1539Johan Remen EvensenNOR223.6
1618Peter PrevcSLO222.3
1733Jakub JandaCZE221.4
1838Harri OlliFIN217.8
1911Stefan HulaPOL217.2
2040Daiki ItoJPN216.9
2112Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA211.6
2222Anders BardalNOR211.4
2314Roman KoudelkaCZE208.5
2426Andreas KüttelSUI204.9
2541Michael UhrmannGER202.7
2625Matti HautamäkiFIN202.4
2724Sebastian ColloredoITA202.2
2835Andreas WankGER200.5
2920Mitja MežnarSLO198.5
3029Martin SchmittGER182.4
3144Janne AhonenFIN111.0
323Peter FrenetteUSA90.6
3327Jernej DamjanSLO89.7
344David LazzaroniFRA85.6
3516Denis KornilovRUS85.2
3623Krzysztof MiętusPOL84.7
3721Taku TakeuchiJPN83.9
3817Pavel KarelinRUS80.2
397Aleksey KorolyovKAZ79.8
405Nick AlexanderUSA79.2
4115Martin CiklCZE78.4
428Kim Hyeon-GiKOR78.0
432Tomáš ZmoraySVK77.4
449Ilya RoslyakovRUS73.9
4538Shohei TochimotoJPN73.4
461Stefan ReadCAN71.6
4710Dmitry IpatovRUS63.9
4819Andrea MorassiITA59.9
496Choi Heung-CheolKOR56.3
DQ13Janne HapponenFIN[105.6]1