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Large Hill, Team, Men

Date20 February 2006
Participants64 from 16 countries
FormatTwo jumps per team member, with both scored on distance and form. Four members per team, with all four jumps in each round to count towards team total. Only the top 8 teams from the first jump advance to the second jump.
Judge #1Janež BukovnikSLO
Judge #2Eero KuusinenFIN
Judge #3Nils LivlandNOR
Judge #4Leo De CrignisITA
Judge #5Ernst EgloffSUI
DetailsK-Point: 125 m

Austria had eclipsed the Scandinavian nations at the 2005 World Championships and the success of Thomas Morgenstern and Andreas Kofler in individual competition gave a strong signal that they would provide the quartet to beat in the team event through the Finns and Norwegians also had strength in depth. A superb effort by Kofler ensured that Austria had a narrow lead over Finland after round one with a Norwegian team, held back by a poor leap from Tommy Ingebrigtsen, a little further back in third. Austria maintained this lead throughout the second round and the title was sealed by Thomas Morgenstern, who flew out to 140.5 m in the final jump of the competition. Norway’s hopes of gold were wrecked by a second poor leap by Ingebridtsen and they finished behind Finland in third. If pre-2002 rules had been in operation and only the three best jumps of each round had counted for a team then Norway would have snatched the gold medal by a fraction of a point. Last of the sixteen nations some way adrift of the rest were the débutants from the People’s Republic of China.

14-1Andreas Widhölzl229.8
14-2Andreas Kofler259.8
14-3Martin Koch226.9
14-4Thomas Morgenstern267.5
16-1Tami Kiuru240.8
16-2Janne Happonen221.7
16-3Janne Ahonen251.8
16-4Matti Hautamäki262.3
15-1Lars Bystøl254.2
15-2Bjørn Einar Romøren230.9
15-3Tommy Ingebrigtsen194.4
15-4Roar Ljøkelsøy270.6
13-1Michael Neumayer231.8
13-2Martin Schmitt217.3
13-3Michael Uhrmann230.4
13-4Georg Späth243.1
8-1Stefan Hula201.1
8-2Kamil Stoch220.7
8-3Robert Mateja227.1
8-4Adam Małysz245.5
11-1Daiki Ito213.4
11-2Tsuyoshi Ichinohe207.4
11-3Noriaki Kasai236.9
11-4Takanobu Okabe235.4
10-1Michael Möllinger215.9
10-2Simon Ammann216.1
10-3Guido Landert204.3
10-4Andreas Küttel250.6
87Russian FederationRUS856.8
7-1Denis Kornilov204.2
7-2Dmitry Ipatov215.2
7-3Dmitry Vasilyev240.3
7-4Ildar Fatkullin197.1
912Czech RepublicCZE397.0
12-1Jan Matura110.8
12-2Ondřej Vaculík79.6
12-3Borek Sedlák99.0
12-4Jakub Janda107.6
9-1Rok Benkovič95.3
9-2Robert Kranjec74.4
9-3Primož Peterka108.5
9-4Jernej Damjan112.2
6-1Andrea Morassi80.1
6-2Sebastian Colloredo105.3
6-3Alessio Bolognani70.7
6-4Davide Bresadola72.3
5-1Nikolay Karpenko84.8
5-2Radik Zhaparov85.7
5-3Aleksey Korolyov69.7
5-4Ivan Karaulov82.0
134Republic of KoreaKOR321.5
4-1Choi Yong-Jik79.0
4-2Choi Heung-Cheol69.8
4-3Kim Hyeon-Gi89.8
4-4Gang Chil-Gu82.9
142United StatesUSA286.8
2-1Tommy Schwall60.7
2-2Anders Johnson50.3
2-3Clint Jones82.2
2-4Alan Alborn93.6
3-1Gregory Baxter71.2
3-2Stefan Read82.0
3-3Graeme Gorham60.2
3-4Michael Nell63.4
161People's Republic of ChinaCHN206.1
1-1Li Yang72.0
1-2Yang Guang32.5
1-3Wang Jianxun50.1
1-4Tian Zhandong51.5