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Foil, Individual, Women

Date19 – 20 October 1968
LocationSala de Armas Fernando Montes de Oca, Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhuca, Ciudad de México
Participants38 from 16 countries

Since Ildikó Rejtő-Ujlaky won the Olympic title in Tokyo, the women’s foil had been claimed by the USSR as their own event and three different Soviet fencers had claimed the World Championship title since 1965. The winner in Mexico was also a Soviet but not one of the trio of World Champions.

Yelena Novikova was, at 21 years of age, a new name on the world stage and made the most of her Olympic debut as she lost only 2 of her 17 bouts to claim the Olympic title. She would compete in a further three Olympic Games, winning 2 gold medals and a silver in the team event, but never again won an individual medal.

The most popular fencing medal, in the view of the home crowd, came from the host nation’s Pilar Roldán. The 1959 Pan-American Games champion had retired to raise a family but, buoyed by the prospect of an Olympic Games on home soil, returned to edge out the 1964 champion Ildikó Rejtő-Ujlaky to win the silver medal. This was Mexico’s first ever medal in the sport.

1Yelena NovikovaURSGold
2Pilar RoldánMEXSilver
3Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUNBronze
4Brigitte GapaisFRA
5Kerstin PalmSWE
6Galina GorokhovaURS
=7Heidi SchmidFRG
=7Giovanna MasciottaITA
=9Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
=9Cathérine CerettiFRA
=9Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU
=9Olga Orban-SzaboROU
=13Ileana DrîmbăROU
=13Antonella RagnoITA
=13Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN
=13Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA
5 p1 r2/4Jan RomaryUSA
5 p2 r2/4Harriet KingUSA
5 p3 r2/4Sigrid ChatelCAN
5 p4 r2/4Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR
6 p1 r2/4Aleksandra ZabelinaURS
6 p2 r2/4Helga Volz-MeesFRG
6 p3 r2/4Monika PulchFRG
6 p4 r2/4Milady Tack-FangCUB
5 p1 r1/4Elżbieta CymermanPOL
5 p2 r1/4Kamilla SkładanowskaPOL
5 p3 r1/4Ildikó Farkasinszky-BóbisHUN
5 p4 r1/4Sue GreenGBR
5 p5 r1/4Colette FleschLUX
5 p6 r1/4Margarita RodríguezCUB
6 p1 r1/4Margaret BainGBR
6 p2 r1/4Ivonne WitteveenAHO
6 p3 r1/4Lourdes RoldánMEX
6 p4 r1/4Rosa del MoralMEX
6 p5 r1/4Myrna AnselmaAHO
6 p6 r1/4Halina BalonPOL
7 p5 r1/4Sylvia San MartínARG
7 p6 r1/4Veronica SmithUSA

Round One (19 October 1968 — 8:30)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to round two.

Pool One

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Aleksandra ZabelinaURS411912Q
2Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA321613Q
3Milady Tack-FangCUB321515Q
4Jan RomaryUSA321717Q
5Elżbieta CymermanPOL231614
6Margaret BainGBR05820

Pool One Aleksandra ZabelinaURS Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA
Pool One Aleksandra ZabelinaURS Jan RomaryUSA
Pool One Aleksandra ZabelinaURS Elżbieta CymermanPOL
Pool One Aleksandra ZabelinaURS Margaret BainGBR
Pool One Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA Milady Tack-FangCUB
Pool One Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA Elżbieta CymermanPOL
Pool One Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA Margaret BainGBR
Pool One Milady Tack-FangCUB Aleksandra ZabelinaURS
Pool One Milady Tack-FangCUB Elżbieta CymermanPOL
Pool One Milady Tack-FangCUB Margaret BainGBR
Pool One Jan RomaryUSA Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA
Pool One Jan RomaryUSA Milady Tack-FangCUB
Pool One Jan RomaryUSA Margaret BainGBR
Pool One Elżbieta CymermanPOL Jan RomaryUSA
Pool One Elżbieta CymermanPOL Margaret BainGBR

Pool Two

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Antonella RagnoITA502010Q
2Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN321714Q
3Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA231513Q
4Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR231115Q
5Kamilla SkładanowskaPOL231516
6Ivonne WitteveenAHO14919

Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN
Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR
Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Kamilla SkładanowskaPOL
Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Ivonne WitteveenAHO
Pool Two Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Pool Two Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR
Pool Two Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN Kamilla SkładanowskaPOL
Pool Two Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR
Pool Two Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA Ivonne WitteveenAHO
Pool Two Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR Kamilla SkładanowskaPOL
Pool Two Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR Ivonne WitteveenAHO
Pool Two Kamilla SkładanowskaPOL Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Pool Two Kamilla SkładanowskaPOL Ivonne WitteveenAHO
Pool Two Ivonne WitteveenAHO Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN

Pool Three

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Kerstin PalmSWE41199Q
2Harriet KingUSA321611Q
3Ileana DrîmbăROU321714Q
4Monika PulchFRG321514Q
5Ildikó Farkasinszky-BóbisHUN231213
6Lourdes RoldánMEX05220

Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Harriet KingUSA
Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Monika PulchFRG
Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Ildikó Farkasinszky-BóbisHUN
Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Lourdes RoldánMEX
Pool Three Harriet KingUSA Ileana DrîmbăROU
Pool Three Harriet KingUSA Monika PulchFRG
Pool Three Harriet KingUSA Lourdes RoldánMEX
Pool Three Ileana DrîmbăROU Kerstin PalmSWE
Pool Three Ileana DrîmbăROU Ildikó Farkasinszky-BóbisHUN
Pool Three Ileana DrîmbăROU Lourdes RoldánMEX
Pool Three Monika PulchFRG Ileana DrîmbăROU
Pool Three Monika PulchFRG Ildikó Farkasinszky-BóbisHUN
Pool Three Monika PulchFRG Lourdes RoldánMEX
Pool Three Ildikó Farkasinszky-BóbisHUN Harriet KingUSA
Pool Three Ildikó Farkasinszky-BóbisHUN Lourdes RoldánMEX

Pool Four

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Yelena NovikovaURS50205Q
2Olga Orban-SzaboROU41187Q
3Cathérine CerettiFRA331414Q
4Helga Volz-MeesFRG141016Q
5Sue GreenGBR14917
6Rosa del MoralMEX14719

Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Olga Orban-SzaboROU
Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Cathérine CerettiFRA
Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Helga Volz-MeesFRG
Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Sue GreenGBR
Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Rosa del MoralMEX
Pool Four Olga Orban-SzaboROU Cathérine CerettiFRA
Pool Four Olga Orban-SzaboROU Helga Volz-MeesFRG
Pool Four Olga Orban-SzaboROU Sue GreenGBR
Pool Four Olga Orban-SzaboROU Rosa del MoralMEX
Pool Four Cathérine CerettiFRA Helga Volz-MeesFRG
Pool Four Cathérine CerettiFRA Sue GreenGBR
Pool Four Cathérine CerettiFRA Rosa del MoralMEX
Pool Four Helga Volz-MeesFRG Sue GreenGBR
Pool Four Sue GreenGBR Rosa del MoralMEX
Pool Four Rosa del MoralMEX Helga Volz-MeesFRG

Pool Five

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU602412Q
2Pilar RoldánMEX512216Q
3Galina GorokhovaURS422211Q
4Heidi SchmidFRG241517Q
5Colette FleschLUX241619
6Myrna AnselmaAHO151022
7Sylvia San MartínARG151022

Pool Five Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Pilar RoldánMEX
Pool Five Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Galina GorokhovaURS
Pool Five Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Heidi SchmidFRG
Pool Five Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Colette FleschLUX
Pool Five Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Myrna AnselmaAHO
Pool Five Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Sylvia San MartínARG
Pool Five Pilar RoldánMEX Galina GorokhovaURS
Pool Five Pilar RoldánMEX Heidi SchmidFRG
Pool Five Pilar RoldánMEX Colette FleschLUX
Pool Five Pilar RoldánMEX Myrna AnselmaAHO
Pool Five Pilar RoldánMEX Sylvia San MartínARG
Pool Five Galina GorokhovaURS Heidi SchmidFRG
Pool Five Galina GorokhovaURS Colette FleschLUX
Pool Five Galina GorokhovaURS Myrna AnselmaAHO
Pool Five Galina GorokhovaURS Sylvia San MartínARG
Pool Five Heidi SchmidFRG Myrna AnselmaAHO
Pool Five Heidi SchmidFRG Sylvia San MartínARG
Pool Five Colette FleschLUX Heidi SchmidFRG
Pool Five Colette FleschLUX Sylvia San MartínARG
Pool Five Myrna AnselmaAHO Colette FleschLUX
Pool Five Sylvia San MartínARG Myrna AnselmaAHO

Pool Six

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN512310Q
2Brigitte GapaisFRA422214Q
3Giovanna MasciottaITA331715Q
4Sigrid ChatelCAN331918Q
5Margarita RodríguezCUB331518
6Halina BalonPOL241420
7Veronica SmithUSA15621

Pool Six Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Giovanna MasciottaITA
Pool Six Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Sigrid ChatelCAN
Pool Six Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Margarita RodríguezCUB
Pool Six Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Halina BalonPOL
Pool Six Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Veronica SmithUSA
Pool Six Brigitte GapaisFRA Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN
Pool Six Brigitte GapaisFRA Giovanna MasciottaITA
Pool Six Brigitte GapaisFRA Margarita RodríguezCUB
Pool Six Brigitte GapaisFRA Veronica SmithUSA
Pool Six Giovanna MasciottaITA Margarita RodríguezCUB
Pool Six Giovanna MasciottaITA Halina BalonPOL
Pool Six Giovanna MasciottaITA Veronica SmithUSA
Pool Six Sigrid ChatelCAN Brigitte GapaisFRA
Pool Six Sigrid ChatelCAN Giovanna MasciottaITA
Pool Six Sigrid ChatelCAN Veronica SmithUSA
Pool Six Margarita RodríguezCUB Sigrid ChatelCAN
Pool Six Margarita RodríguezCUB Halina BalonPOL
Pool Six Margarita RodríguezCUB Veronica SmithUSA
Pool Six Halina BalonPOL Brigitte GapaisFRA
Pool Six Halina BalonPOL Sigrid ChatelCAN
Pool Six Veronica SmithUSA Halina BalonPOL

Round Two (19 October 1968)

Top four in each pool advanced to double elimination rounds.

Pool One

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Olga Orban-SzaboROU321812Q
2Pilar RoldánMEX321612Q
3Cathérine CerettiFRA321612Q
4Giovanna MasciottaITA321615Q
5Jan RomaryUSA231115
6Aleksandra ZabelinaURS14819

Pool One Olga Orban-SzaboROU Pilar RoldánMEX
Pool One Olga Orban-SzaboROU Cathérine CerettiFRA
Pool One Olga Orban-SzaboROU Aleksandra ZabelinaURS
Pool One Pilar RoldánMEX Cathérine CerettiFRA
Pool One Pilar RoldánMEX Jan RomaryUSA
Pool One Pilar RoldánMEX Aleksandra ZabelinaURS
Pool One Cathérine CerettiFRA Giovanna MasciottaITA
Pool One Cathérine CerettiFRA Jan RomaryUSA
Pool One Cathérine CerettiFRA Aleksandra ZabelinaURS
Pool One Giovanna MasciottaITA Olga Orban-SzaboROU
Pool One Giovanna MasciottaITA Pilar RoldánMEX
Pool One Giovanna MasciottaITA Jan RomaryUSA
Pool One Jan RomaryUSA Olga Orban-SzaboROU
Pool One Jan RomaryUSA Aleksandra ZabelinaURS
Pool One Aleksandra ZabelinaURS Giovanna MasciottaITA

Pool Two

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Ileana DrîmbăROU411812Q
2Antonella RagnoITA321811Q
3Brigitte GapaisFRA321612Q
4Galina GorokhovaURS321814Q
5Harriet KingUSA231117
6Helga Volz-MeesFRG05520

Pool Two Ileana DrîmbăROU Brigitte GapaisFRA
Pool Two Ileana DrîmbăROU Galina GorokhovaURS
Pool Two Ileana DrîmbăROU Harriet KingUSA
Pool Two Ileana DrîmbăROU Helga Volz-MeesFRG
Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Ileana DrîmbăROU
Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Harriet KingUSA
Pool Two Antonella RagnoITA Helga Volz-MeesFRG
Pool Two Brigitte GapaisFRA Antonella RagnoITA
Pool Two Brigitte GapaisFRA Harriet KingUSA
Pool Two Brigitte GapaisFRA Helga Volz-MeesFRG
Pool Two Galina GorokhovaURS Antonella RagnoITA
Pool Two Galina GorokhovaURS Brigitte GapaisFRA
Pool Two Galina GorokhovaURS Helga Volz-MeesFRG
Pool Two Harriet KingUSA Galina GorokhovaURS
Pool Two Harriet KingUSA Helga Volz-MeesFRG

Pool Three

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN502010Q
2Kerstin PalmSWE411810Q
3Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA231615Q
4Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA231318Q
5Sigrid ChatelCAN14917
6Monika PulchFRG141218

Pool Three Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Kerstin PalmSWE
Pool Three Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA
Pool Three Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Pool Three Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Sigrid ChatelCAN
Pool Three Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Monika PulchFRG
Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA
Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Sigrid ChatelCAN
Pool Three Kerstin PalmSWE Monika PulchFRG
Pool Three Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA Sigrid ChatelCAN
Pool Three Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA Monika PulchFRG
Pool Three Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA
Pool Three Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA Monika PulchFRG
Pool Three Sigrid ChatelCAN Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Pool Three Monika PulchFRG Sigrid ChatelCAN

Pool Four

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Yelena NovikovaURS411610Q
2Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU321412Q
3Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN321614Q
4Heidi SchmidFRG231515Q
5Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR231216
6Milady Tack-FangCUB141218

Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU
Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Heidi SchmidFRG
Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR
Pool Four Yelena NovikovaURS Milady Tack-FangCUB
Pool Four Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN
Pool Four Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Heidi SchmidFRG
Pool Four Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Milady Tack-FangCUB
Pool Four Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN Yelena NovikovaURS
Pool Four Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN Heidi SchmidFRG
Pool Four Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR
Pool Four Heidi SchmidFRG Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR
Pool Four Heidi SchmidFRG Milady Tack-FangCUB
Pool Four Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU
Pool Four Janet Wardell-YerburghGBR Milady Tack-FangCUB
Pool Four Milady Tack-FangCUB Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN

Elimination Rounds (20 October 1968)

Winners of round two and barrage round three advanced to final round.

Round One

ACIldikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUNq
ACGalina GorokhovaURSq
ACCathérine CerettiFRAq
ACKerstin PalmSWEq
ACGiovanna MasciottaITAq
ACPilar RoldánMEXq
ACBrigitte GapaisFRAq
ACYelena NovikovaURSq
ACMarie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
ACIleana DrîmbăROU
ACAntonella RagnoITA
ACHeidi SchmidFRG
ACEcaterina Stahl-IencicROU
ACLídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN
ACOlga Orban-SzaboROU
ACBruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA

Round One Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Round One Galina GorokhovaURS Ileana DrîmbăROU
Round One Cathérine CerettiFRA Antonella RagnoITA
Round One Kerstin PalmSWE Heidi SchmidFRG
Round One Giovanna MasciottaITA Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU
Round One Pilar RoldánMEX Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN
Round One Brigitte GapaisFRA Olga Orban-SzaboROU
Round One Yelena NovikovaURS Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA

Round Two

ACGalina GorokhovaURSQ
ACKerstin PalmSWEQ
ACPilar RoldánMEXQ
ACYelena NovikovaURSQ
ACIldikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN
ACCathérine CerettiFRA
ACGiovanna MasciottaITA
ACBrigitte GapaisFRA

Round Two Galina GorokhovaURS Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN
Round Two Kerstin PalmSWE Cathérine CerettiFRA
Round Two Pilar RoldánMEX Giovanna MasciottaITA
Round Two Yelena NovikovaURS Brigitte GapaisFRA

Barrage Round One

ACMarie-Chantal DepetrisFRAq
ACHeidi SchmidFRGq
ACEcaterina Stahl-IencicROUq
ACOlga Orban-SzaboROUq
ACIleana DrîmbăROU
ACAntonella RagnoITA
ACLídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN
ACBruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA

Barrage Round One Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA Ileana DrîmbăROU
Barrage Round One Heidi SchmidFRG Antonella RagnoITA
Barrage Round One Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU Lídia Dömölky-SákovicsHUN
Barrage Round One Olga Orban-SzaboROU Bruna Colombetti-PeronciniITA

Barrage Round Two

ACIldikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUNq
ACHeidi SchmidFRGq
ACGiovanna MasciottaITAq
ACBrigitte GapaisFRAq
ACMarie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
ACCathérine CerettiFRA
ACEcaterina Stahl-IencicROU
ACOlga Orban-SzaboROU

Barrage Round Two Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Marie-Chantal DepetrisFRA
Barrage Round Two Heidi SchmidFRG Cathérine CerettiFRA
Barrage Round Two Giovanna MasciottaITA Ecaterina Stahl-IencicROU
Barrage Round Two Brigitte GapaisFRA Olga Orban-SzaboROU

Barrage Round Three

ACIldikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUNQ
ACBrigitte GapaisFRAQ
ACHeidi SchmidFRG
ACGiovanna MasciottaITA

Barrage Round Three Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Heidi SchmidFRG
Barrage Round Three Brigitte GapaisFRA Giovanna MasciottaITA

Final Pool (20 October 1968)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Yelena NovikovaURS411911
2Pilar RoldánMEX321714
3Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN321416
4Brigitte GapaisFRA231515
5Kerstin PalmSWE231717
6Galina GorokhovaURS141020

Bout #1 Yelena NovikovaURS Pilar RoldánMEX
Bout #2 Yelena NovikovaURS Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN
Bout #3 Yelena NovikovaURS Brigitte GapaisFRA
Bout #4 Yelena NovikovaURS Kerstin PalmSWE
Bout #5 Pilar RoldánMEX Brigitte GapaisFRA
Bout #6 Pilar RoldánMEX Kerstin PalmSWE
Bout #7 Pilar RoldánMEX Galina GorokhovaURS
Bout #8 Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Pilar RoldánMEX
Bout #9 Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Kerstin PalmSWE
Bout #10 Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN Galina GorokhovaURS
Bout #11 Brigitte GapaisFRA Ildikó Rejtő-UjlakyHUN
Bout #12 Brigitte GapaisFRA Galina GorokhovaURS
Bout #13 Kerstin PalmSWE Brigitte GapaisFRA
Bout #14 Kerstin PalmSWE Galina GorokhovaURS
Bout #15 Galina GorokhovaURS Yelena NovikovaURS