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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date 7 August 1928 — 8:00
LocationHembrug, Amsterdam
Participants75 from 21 countries
Format168 kilometre time trial.

The time trial course between Amsterdam and the beach resort of Scheveningen was entirely flat and easy, although the riders at times faced strong winds. The race started at eight in the morning and the Danish bicycle mechanic Henry Hansen was among the early starters. He quickly overtook the riders that had started before him, and was the first to finish, in what would turn out to be the fastest time of the day. His half-way time was matched only by Allegro Grandi . However, the Italian lost a quarter of an hour on the downwind part of the course, having chosen the incorrect gear. All the other riders also lost time to the Dane in the second half, with second-place finisher Englishman Frank Southall going from 1½ to 8 minutes behind. Swiss author Julius Wagner notes that third-place finisher Gösta Carlsson was disqualified for not being at the start at the right time, and that the bronze medal was taken by Grandi. However, this story is not confirmed in other sources. Days later, Grandi did win the World Amateur Championships in Hungary. Winner Hansen would later also win that title, in front of his home crowd in 1931.

1Henry HansenDEN4-47:18Gold
2Frank SouthallGBR4-55:06Silver
3Gösta CarlssonSWE5-00:17Bronze
4Allegro GrandiITA5-02:05
5Jack LauterwasserGBR5-02:57
6Gottlieb AmsteinSUI5-04:48
7Leo NielsenDEN5-05:37
8André AumerleFRA5-07:12
9Jakob CaironiSUI5-08:46
10Raul HellbergFIN5-09:14
11Jean AertsBEL5-10:38
12Pierre HoudéBEL5-11:18
13Jef LowagieBEL5-11:54
14Erik JanssonSWE5-13:17
15Cosme SaavedraARG5-13:19
16Michele OrecchiaITA5-13:29
=17Leen BuisNED5-14:15
=17Georg JohnssonSWE5-14:15
19Fred ShortRSA5-14:38
20Francisco BonvehiARG5-14:39
21José LópezARG5-14:57
22Léon BessièresFRA5-15:14
23Octave DayenFRA5-15:54
24Julien ChaerelsBEL5-16:05
25Orla JørgensenDEN5-16:19
26Jack MiddletonGBR5-16:46
27Janus BraspennincxNED5-17:07
28Poul SørensenDEN5-17:33
29Ambrogio BerettaITA5-17:38
30Marcello NeriITA5-21:12
31Joe LaporteCAN5-21:30
32Hjalmar PetterssonSWE5-21:46
33Türel WanzenriedSUI5-21:47
34Jean-Pierre MullerLUX5-22:30
35Gustav KristiansenNOR5-23:14
36Ben DuijkerNED5-23:22
37Josip ŠolarYUG5-25:37
38Charles MarshallGBR5-26:39
39Antonín HonigTCH5-27:45
40Norbert SinnerLUX5-27:54
41Luis de MeyerARG5-28:48
42Jean AlfonsettiLUX5-30:31
43Karl HansenNOR5-30:33
44Jack WoodcockIRL5-32:54
45Karl KochGER5-33:32
=46Antonín PeričTCH5-34:30
=46Josef ŠídloTCH5-34:30
48Stjepan LjubićYUG5-37:02
49Eugeniusz MichalakPOL5-37:49
50Tadas MurnikasLTU5-41:00
51Chester Nelsen, Sr.USA5-42:57
52René BrossyFRA5-46:06
53Josip ŠkrablYUG5-46:14
54Józef StefańskiPOL5-47:15
55Jurgis GedminasLTU5-50:04
56Alfred TourvilleCAN5-51:05
57Stanisław KłosowiczPOL5-51:31
58Henry O'Brien, Jr.USA5-53:23
59Ladislav BrůžekTCH5-54:07
60Antun BanekYUG5-55:27
61Józef PopowskiPOL5-55:39
62Peter SmessaertUSA5-56:32
63Torchy PedenCAN6-09:26
DNFRagnvald MartinsenNOR
DNFReidar RaaenNOR
DNFAnton KuysNED
DNFVladas JankauskasLTU
DNFIsakas AnolikasLTU
DNFArtur EssingGER
DNFBernhard StübeckeGER
DNFCharles WesterholmUSA
DNFPaul LitschiSUI
DNFMarcel PeschLUX
DNFOtto KürschnerGER