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30 kilometres (Freestyle), Men

Date14 February 1994 — 10:30
LocationBirkebeineren Skistadion, Lillehammer
Participants74 from 28 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 166 m
Intermediate 1: 1.7 km
Intermediate 2: 7.1 km
Intermediate 3: 15.0 km
Intermediate 4: 22.1 km
Maximum Climb: 65 m
Total Climbing: 1136 m

The defending champion was Norway’s Vegard Ulvang while the 1993 World Champion was his teammate, who had been second in Albertville, Bjørn Dæhlie. Both had won three gold medals and four medals in Albertville, but Dæhlie was just starting his career and had by now surpassed his teammate. Ulvang had been second to him in the 1991-92 World Cup and third in the 1992-93 season. He was a three-time champion at Holmenkollen in the 50 km (1989, 1991-92), and he was renowned in Norway, having been chosen to speak the Oath of the Athletes at the Lillehammer Opening Ceremony, but the 1993-94 season had been difficult for him. In November 1993, Ulvang’s brother, Kjetil, had been skiing home when he got lost in a blinding snowstorm and disappeared. Over the next weeks and months, Vegard Ulvang stopped training and began looking for his brother. At one press conference before Lillehammer, his emotions burst forth when he tearfully told the press corps that after the Winter Olympics, he would go back to looking for Kjetil, “I will look for him and I will find him.” They did find Kjetil, but sadly at the bottom of a lake where he had apparently fallen in the blizzard conditions. Vegard Ulvang competed at Lillehammer but at less than his best, and was not entered in the 30 km.

But by 1994 Dæhlie was the best cross-country skier in the world and was expected to win this event, especially since it was in freestyle, his stronger style. He started well and led at all checkpoints as he went through, starting in the 60th spot. But a few starters later, Finland’s Mika Myllylä posted a faster time at the first checkpoint, but he would not be able to maintain that pace, eventually dropping back to third place and the bronze medal. But starting 69th was Dæhlie’s teammate, Thomas Alsgaard, who was only 22-years-old and had little international experience. He was seventh at the 1.7 km time check, but moved ahead at 7.1 km, and led the rest of the way to win a surprising gold medal by over 47 seconds ahead of his legendary teammate. It was the start of a great career for Alsgaard who would ski at the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics, winning gold medals in the pursuit and relay in both years.

169Thomas AlsgaardNOR1-12:26.4Gold
260Bjørn DæhlieNOR1-13:13.6Silver
365Mika MyllyläFIN1-14:14.5Bronze
464Mikhail BotvinovRUS1-14:43.3
563Maurilio De ZoltITA1-14:55.5
674Jari IsometsäFIN1-15:12.5
770Silvio FaunerITA1-15:27.7
859Egil KristiansenNOR1-15:37.7
973Johann MühleggGER1-15:42.8
1062Vladimir SmirnovKAZ1-16:01.8
1175Jari RäsänenFIN1-16:10.7
1244Henrik ForsbergSWE1-16:10.8
1337Jukka HartonenFIN1-16:18.7
1468Giorgio VanzettaITA1-16:35.2
1538Gennady LazutinRUS1-16:45.9
1632Elmo KassinEST1-17:37.7
1731Jiří TeplýCZE1-17:37.8
1813Kristen SkjeldalNOR1-17:48.3
1943Mitsuo HorigomeJPN1-17:49.4
2029Hiroyuki ImaiJPN1-18:03.7
2149Markus HaslerLIE1-18:18.7
2215Anders BergströmSWE1-18:22.2
232Mathias FredrikssonSWE1-18:34.5
2471Torgny MogrenSWE1-18:41.3
2548Pavel BencCZE1-18:49.5
2672Igor BadamshinRUS1-18:49.9
2747Viachaslau PlaksunouBLR1-18:57.7
2866Aleksey ProkurorovRUS1-19:15.3
2927Jordi RibóESP1-19:33.8
3052Juan Jesús GutiérrezESP1-19:47.3
3155Viktar KamotskiBLR1-19:47.7
3246Cédric ValletFRA1-19:49.7
3325Janko NeuberGER1-19:57.5
3423Ondřej ValentaCZE1-20:04.1
3534Peter SchlickenriederGER1-20:08.8
3636Luke BodensteinerUSA1-20:13.0
3722Siarhei DalidovichBLR1-20:36.5
3835Daníel JakobssonISL1-20:43.5
3942Kazunari SasakiJPN1-20:52.1
409Nikolay IvanovKAZ1-20:53.9
4158Urmas VälbeEST1-21:02.5
4221Andrey NevzorovKAZ1-21:14.5
4333John AalbergUSA1-21:45.1
4457Siniša VukonićCRO1-21:57.2
4519Carl SwensonUSA1-22:08.6
4640Giachem GuidonSUI1-22:21.0
4730Michael BinzerDEN1-22:23.1
484Kazutoshi NagahamaJPN1-22:24.9
4917Jürg CapolSUI1-22:59.9
5050Dany BouchardCAN1-23:06.9
5116Ahn Jin-SooKOR1-23:21.4
5239Elemer-György TankoROU1-23:22.6
5354Pavel KorolyovKAZ1-23:25.3
5412Zsolt AntalROU1-23:49.7
5524Stephan KunzLIE1-24:00.0
5641Park Byung-ChulKOR1-24:16.0
573Vasil HorbachouBLR1-24:17.9
5845Slavcho BatinkovBUL1-24:19.4
5926Jaak MaeEST1-24:24.1
6028Dave BelamGBR1-24:28.2
6153Mark GrayAUS1-24:49.9
6220Antonio RačkiCRO1-25:42.4
631Taivo KuusEST1-25:52.3
6410Petar ZografovBUL1-27:18.6
656Marcus NashUSA1-27:18.7
6618Ebbe HartzDEN1-27:43.2
6714Rögnvaldur IngþórssonISL1-27:45.8
6811Nikos AnastasiadisGRE1-30:54.7
697Jānis HermanisLAT1-34:10.5
7056Nikos KalofirisGRE1-36:30.5
718Christos TitasGRE1-36:41.5
DNF61Hervé BallandFRA
DNF51Ričardas PanavasLTU
DQ67Gianfranco PolvaraITA
DNS5Martin PetrásekCZE