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Sprint, Freestyle, Women

Date19 February 2002
LocationSoldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Participants58 from 24 countries
FormatFinal standings based on time achieved in last round competed in.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,480 m
Height Differential: 32 m
Maximum Climb: 14 m
Total Climbing: 50 m

The sprint event was new to the Olympic Program in 2002, having first been contested at the 2001 World Championships. It consisted of approximately a 1,500 metre course, with a qualifying round in which the 16 fastest skiers advanced to match racing. Match racing began with four quarter-finals of four racers each, with the top two races in each heat advancing in each round, to get to a final of four racers. The qualifying round was led by Czech Kateřina Neumannová, the World Cup leader in the event in 2001-02, with Russian Yuliya Chepalova in second. Chepalova had won an Olympic individual medal, the 30 km in 1998, but had now elected to contest the sprint as well. Neumannová surprisingly went out in the quarter-final, while Chepalova advanced to the final, which seemingly offered little competition, as the other finalists had no sprint reputation. Chepalova was expected to win and she did so fairly easily, defeating Germany’s Evi Sachenbacher, who had qualified third, by 1.6 seconds, a big margin in a sprint.

1Yuliya ChepalovaRUS3:13.03 (2)3:14.9 (2 h3)3:18.2 (1 h2)3:10.6 (1 h2)Gold
2Evi SachenbacherGER3:13.81 (3)3:40.2 (1 h4)3:18.5 (2 h2)3:12.2 (2 h2)Silver
3Anita MoenNOR3:14.13 (4)3:15.9 (2 h2)3:23.8 (1 h1)3:12.7 (3 h2)Bronze
4Claudia KünzelGER3:16.41 (9)3:15.1 (1 h1)3:24.5 (2 h1)3:13.3 (4 h2)
5Beckie ScottCAN3:14.62 (5)3:15.8 (1 h2)3:25.4 (4 h1)3:24.9 (1 h1)
6Maj Helen SorkmoNOR3:17.10 (11)3:44.2 (3 h4)3:19.4 (3 h2)3:25.5 (2 h1)
7Andreja MaliSLO3:15.75 (7)3:14.8 (1 h3)3:19.8 (4 h2)3:25.9 (3 h1)
8Gabriella ParuzziITA3:16.11 (8)3:16.2 (2 h1)3:25.3 (3 h1)3:26.1 (4 h1)
9Sara RennerCAN3:18.07 (14)3:42.4 (2 h4)3:20.0 (5 h2)
10Anke ReschwammGER3:17.45 (13)3:15.9 (3 h2)
11Lyubov YegorovaRUS3:18.46 (15)3:16.0 (3 h3)
12Madoka NatsumiJPN3:18.78 (16)3:17.5 (3 h1)
13Kateřina NeumannováCZE3:12.76 (1)3:18.9 (4 h1)
14Elina PienimäkiFIN3:14.79 (6)4:01.5 (4 h4)
15Manuela HenkelGER3:16.89 (10)3:16.3 (4 h3)
16Yelena BurukhinaRUS3:17.26 (12)3:19.3 (4 h2)
17Sabina ValbusaITA3:19.22 (17)
18Kati SundqvistFIN3:19.23 (18)
19Hilde Gjermundshaug PedersenNOR3:19.79 (19)
20Nina GavrylyukRUS3:20.02 (20)
21Vibeke SkofterudNOR3:20.21 (21)
22Magda GenuinITA3:20.28 (22)
23Kaisa VarisFIN3:20.52 (23)
24Viktoryia LopatinaBLR3:20.59 (24)
25Kristina ŠmigunEST3:20.94 (25)
26Karin MoroderITA3:21.92 (26)
27Andrea HuberSUI3:22.18 (27)
28Lina AnderssonSWE3:22.65 (28)
29Iryna TereliaUKR3:23.47 (29)
30Jaime FortierCAN3:23.98 (30)
31Milaine ThériaultCAN3:24.41 (31)
32Nataša LačenSLO3:24.90 (32)
33Anna DahlbergSWE3:25.32 (33)
34Teja GregorinSLO3:25.64 (34)
35Elin EkSWE3:25.93 (35)
36Riitta-Liisa LassilaFIN3:27.16 (36)
37Anna-Carin OlofssonSWE3:28.07 (37)
38Tessa BenoitUSA3:28.35 (38)
39Nobuko FukudaJPN3:28.38 (39)
40Hou YuxiaCHN3:28.71 (40)
41Vita YakymchukUKR3:28.94 (41)
42Helena BalatkováCZE3:29.23 (42)
43Ilona BublováCZE3:29.35 (43)
44Kikkan RandallUSA3:30.27 (44)
45Natallia Sviridova-KalinovskayaBLR3:31.83 (45)
46Aelin PetersonUSA3:34.05 (46)
47Tomomi OtakaJPN3:34.14 (47)
=48Kristina JoderUSA3:34.18 (=48)
=48Irina TerentjevaLTU3:34.18 (=48)
50Luan ZhengrongCHN3:35.21 (50)
51Nataliya IsachenkoKAZ3:39.09 (51)
52Lee Chae-WonKOR3:41.06 (52)
53Darya StarostinaKAZ3:41.69 (53)
54Zsófia GottschallHUN3:42.98 (54)
55Elena GorohovaMDA3:43.82 (55)
56Kelime AydınTUR4:00.50 (56)
57Katerina BalkabaGRE4:06.99 (57)
58Margarita NikolyanARM4:13.55 (58)

Qualifying Round (19 February 2002 — 9:00)

Top 16 finishers advance to quarter-finals.

110Kateřina NeumannováCZE3:12.76Q
213Yuliya ChepalovaRUS3:13.03Q
32Evi SachenbacherGER3:13.81Q
416Anita MoenNOR3:14.13Q
56Beckie ScottCAN3:14.62Q
619Elina PienimäkiFIN3:14.79Q
718Andreja MaliSLO3:15.75Q
84Gabriella ParuzziITA3:16.11Q
93Claudia KünzelGER3:16.41Q
107Manuela HenkelGER3:16.89Q
119Maj Helen SorkmoNOR3:17.10Q
1227Yelena BurukhinaRUS3:17.26Q
1323Anke ReschwammGER3:17.45Q
1426Sara RennerCAN3:18.07Q
155Lyubov YegorovaRUS3:18.46Q
1630Madoka NatsumiJPN3:18.78Q
1721Sabina ValbusaITA3:19.22
1815Kati SundqvistFIN3:19.23
1920Hilde Gjermundshaug PedersenNOR3:19.79
201Nina GavrylyukRUS3:20.02
2112Vibeke SkofterudNOR3:20.21
228Magda GenuinITA3:20.28
2325Kaisa VarisFIN3:20.52
2435Viktoryia LopatinaBLR3:20.59
2514Kristina ŠmigunEST3:20.94
2611Karin MoroderITA3:21.92
2724Andrea HuberSUI3:22.18
2817Lina AnderssonSWE3:22.65
2932Iryna TereliaUKR3:23.47
3051Jaime FortierCAN3:23.98
3129Milaine ThériaultCAN3:24.41
3233Nataša LačenSLO3:24.90
3322Anna DahlbergSWE3:25.32
3431Teja GregorinSLO3:25.64
3534Elin EkSWE3:25.93
3628Riitta-Liisa LassilaFIN3:27.16
3744Anna-Carin OlofssonSWE3:28.07
3839Tessa BenoitUSA3:28.35
3938Nobuko FukudaJPN3:28.38
4049Hou YuxiaCHN3:28.71
4140Vita YakymchukUKR3:28.94
4236Helena BalatkováCZE3:29.23
4353Ilona BublováCZE3:29.35
4441Kikkan RandallUSA3:30.27
4543Natallia Sviridova-KalinovskayaBLR3:31.83
4642Aelin PetersonUSA3:34.05
4747Tomomi OtakaJPN3:34.14
=4845Kristina JoderUSA3:34.18
=4848Irina TerentjevaLTU3:34.18
5046Luan ZhengrongCHN3:35.21
5137Nataliya IsachenkoKAZ3:39.09
5252Lee Chae-WonKOR3:41.06
5355Darya StarostinaKAZ3:41.69
5450Zsófia GottschallHUN3:42.98
5556Elena GorohovaMDA3:43.82
5658Kelime AydınTUR4:00.50
5757Katerina BalkabaGRE4:06.99
5854Margarita NikolyanARM4:13.55

Quarter-Finals (19 February 2002 — 12:30)

Top 2 finishers in each heat advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (12:30)

19Claudia KünzelGER3:15.1Q
28Gabriella ParuzziITA3:16.2Q
316Madoka NatsumiJPN3:17.5
41Kateřina NeumannováCZE3:18.9

Heat 2 (12:35)

15Beckie ScottCAN3:15.8Q
24Anita MoenNOR3:15.9Q
313Anke ReschwammGER3:15.9
412Yelena BurukhinaRUS3:19.3

Heat 3 (12:40)

17Andreja MaliSLO3:14.8Q
22Yuliya ChepalovaRUS3:14.9Q
315Lyubov YegorovaRUS3:16.0
410Manuela HenkelGER3:16.3

Heat 4 (12:45)

13Evi SachenbacherGER3:40.2Q
214Sara RennerCAN3:42.4Q
311Maj Helen SorkmoNOR3:44.2ADV1
46Elina PienimäkiFIN4:01.5

Semi-Finals (19 February 2002 — 13:20)

Top 2 finishers in each heat advance to final. Next two finishers advance to B final.

Heat 1 (13:20)

14Anita MoenNOR3:23.8Q
29Claudia KünzelGER3:24.5Q
38Gabriella ParuzziITA3:25.3QB
45Beckie ScottCAN3:25.4QB

Heat 2 (13:25)

12Yuliya ChepalovaRUS3:18.2Q
23Evi SachenbacherGER3:18.5Q
311Maj Helen SorkmoNOR3:19.4QB
47Andreja MaliSLO3:19.8QB
514Sara RennerCAN3:20.0

Final Round (19 February 2002 — 13:57)

B Final (13:50)

15Beckie ScottCAN3:24.9
211Maj Helen SorkmoNOR3:25.5
37Andreja MaliSLO3:25.9
48Gabriella ParuzziITA3:26.1

Final (13:57)

12Yuliya ChepalovaRUS3:10.6
23Evi SachenbacherGER3:12.2
34Anita MoenNOR3:12.7
49Claudia KünzelGER3:13.3