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Welterweight (≤67 kilograms), Men

Date26 July – 8 August 1992
LocationPabellón Club Joventut, Badalona
Participants30 from 30 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

In 1991 Cuba’s Juan Hernández Sierra won gold medals at the Pan American Games and the World Championships and came to Barcelona as the favorite in this class. He had an easy time getting to the final, where he met Ireland’s Michael Carruth, bronze medalist at the 1989 Worlds. Carruth had fought as a lightweight at the 1988 Olympics, but did not win a medal and was not considered a major challenger in Barcelona. He made it to the final after upsetting Germany’s Andreas Otto, 1989 World runner-up, in the quarter-finals. All Ireland watched, as they love boxing, and no Irish athlete had won Olympic gold in any sport since Ronnie Delany in the 1956 1,500 metres in track & field athletics.

The final was close with Carruth leading 4-3 after the first round. Despite three penalty points in round two, Carruth remained tied, 8-8, heading into the final round. But Hernández flagged in the final round and Carruth had his, and Ireland’s, gold medal, 13-10. Carruth was an Irish soldier and was promoted to sergeant on his return to Eire. He served out his military service and turned professional in 1994, fighting through 2000 with a career record of 18-3. He had two world title fights, in 1997 and 2000, but lost them both. The final was a major upset as Hernández would become one of the greatest amateur fighters of the 1990s. He won the World Championships again in 1993, 1995, and 1999, and repeated his Pan American gold in 1995. In 1996 he returned to the Olympics, but it was not to be as he again lost in the final, this time to Russian Oleg Saitov.

1Michael CarruthIRLGold
2Juan Hernández SierraCUBSilver
=3Aníbal AcevedoPURBronze
=3Arkhom ChenglaiTHABronze
=5Andreas OttoGER
=5Vitalijus KarpačiauskasLTU
=5Francisc VaștagROU
=5Sören AntmanSWE
=9Maselino TuifaoSAM
=9Mario RomeroNCA
=9Pepe ReillyUSA
=9Nick OdoreKEN
=9Stefan ScrigginsAUS
=9Adrian DodsonGBR
=9César RamosDOM
=9Jeon Jin-CheolKOR
=17Andrew LewisGUY
=17Shah KhyberPAK
=17Víctor BauteESP
=17Andrey PestryayevEUN
=17Yusef KhateriIRI
=17José de la CruzVEN
=17Harry SimonNAM
=17Francisco MonizANG
=17Masashi KawakamiJPN
=17Tajudeen SabituNGR
=17Giovanni PretoriusRSA
=17Wiesław MałyszkoPOL
=17Abdellah TaouaneMAR
=17Saïd Ben NajemFRA

Round One

Date26 July 1992
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #126 JulMichael CarruthIRL
Match #226 JulMaselino TuifaoSAM
Match #326 JulAndreas OttoGERDecisionAndrew LewisGUY
Match #426 JulMario RomeroNCADecisionShah KhyberPAK
Match #526 JulPepe ReillyUSAReferee stops contestVíctor BauteESP
Match #626 JulVitalijus KarpačiauskasLTUDecisionAndrey PestryayevEUN
Match #726 JulArkhom ChenglaiTHADecisionYusef KhateriIRI
Match #826 JulNick OdoreKENReferee stops contest (head blow)José de la CruzVEN
Match #926 JulAníbal AcevedoPURDecisionHarry SimonNAM
Match #1026 JulStefan ScrigginsAUSDecisionFrancisco MonizANG
Match #1126 JulAdrian DodsonGBRReferee stops contest (head blow)Masashi KawakamiJPN
Match #1226 JulFrancisc VaștagROUDecisionTajudeen SabituNGR
Match #1326 JulSören AntmanSWEReferee stops contestGiovanni PretoriusRSA
Match #1426 JulCésar RamosDOMDecisionWiesław MałyszkoPOL
Match #1526 JulJeon Jin-CheolKORDecisionAbdellah TaouaneMAR
Match #1626 JulJuan Hernández SierraCUBDecisionSaïd Ben NajemFRA

Round Two

Date1 August 1992
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #101 AugMichael CarruthIRLDecisionMaselino TuifaoSAM
Match #201 AugAndreas OttoGERReferee stops contest (head blow)Mario RomeroNCA
Match #301 AugVitalijus KarpačiauskasLTUDecisionPepe ReillyUSA
Match #401 AugArkhom ChenglaiTHADecisionNick OdoreKEN
Match #501 AugAníbal AcevedoPURDecisionStefan ScrigginsAUS
Match #601 AugFrancisc VaștagROUDecisionAdrian DodsonGBR
Match #701 AugSören AntmanSWEReferee stops contestCésar RamosDOM
Match #801 AugJuan Hernández SierraCUBReferee stops contestJeon Jin-CheolKOR


Date3 August 1992
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #103 AugMichael CarruthIRLDecisionAndreas OttoGER
Match #203 AugArkhom ChenglaiTHADecisionVitalijus KarpačiauskasLTU
Match #303 AugAníbal AcevedoPURDecisionFrancisc VaștagROU
Match #403 AugJuan Hernández SierraCUBReferee stops contest (head blow)Sören AntmanSWE


Date6 August 1992
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #106 AugMichael CarruthIRLDecisionArkhom ChenglaiTHA
Match #206 AugJuan Hernández SierraCUBDecisionAníbal AcevedoPUR

Final Round

Date8 August 1992
Match 1/208 AugMichael CarruthIRLDecisionJuan Hernández SierraCUB